Knits via Scotland

Knits via Scotland at Loop

We journeyed north last week, introducing you to the best Scandinavia has to offer at Loop. Today we’re staying north, but a little closer to home – Scotland! Loop is full of beautiful yarn, patterns and gifts from this textile history-rich land and we’re so pleased to be sharing them with you in their best autumn colours.

Knits via Scotland at Loop

This is a long-time Loop favourite, Old Maiden Aunt Alpaca/Silk Sport. It comes to Loop from Lilith in West Kilbride, near Glasgow. We love the way the alpaca in this yarn gives it an almost heathery look that really enhances Lilith’s hand-dyed colourways.

Knits via Scotland at Loop

Knits via Scotland at Loop

Above are more gorgeously rich and cosy colourways, this time from Shilasdair, based on the Isle of Skye. Shilasdair’s colours are inspired by the Highland landscape and are often dyed with local plants like Tansy and Meadowsweet – all are from natural sources. We have their Luxury 4 ply and DK weights, which are a blend of cashmere, baby camel, angora and British merino lambswool.

Knits via Scotland at Loop

Now we make our journey into the even more northerly islands of Scotland, starting with Orkney. Above is a selection of vivid colours from Orkney Angora. A 50/50 blend of angora and wool, it has a lovely ‘halo’ of fluff from the angora in addition to being very warm. In a DK weight, it is perfect for a special baby sweater, luxuriously soft handwarmers or a beautiful scarf. See our post devoted to this wonderful yarn for more ideas.

Jamiesons Shetland Spindrift at Loop

Now up to the Shetland Isles where Jamieson’s Spindrift is shipped to us from. This yarn is perfect for traditional Fair Isle and stranded knitting, as in patterns from Shetlands enthusiast, Kate Davies. Perhaps some Peerie Flooers mittens?

Knits via Scotland at Loop

We did say this post is all about Scotland, but we’re going cheat a little to head back to Scandinavia in a way – northwest of the Shetland Isles and back to the Faroe Islands. It is from there that our newest yarn has arrived – the lovely and unusual Navia. The wool is Faroese and we have it in a few different weights. One of our favourites is the colourful Navia Trio, pictured below. There are some lovely patterns we now stock that make use of these yarns. The Navia Chunky in particular is a great option for beginners or quick gifts.

Faroese Navia Yarn at Loop

Climbing back down from those northerly isles, we are back on the mainland with these beautiful wraps, which are machine-knit in Scotland, designed by Hikaru Noguchi.

Hikaru Noguchi at Loop

Hikaru Noguchi at Loop

We also have a wealth of books, like Heirloom Knitting’s Love Darg Shetland Shawls, as well as patterns from Shetland native Gudrun Johnston, also known as the Shetland Trader. Us knitters have a lot to thank Scotland for in terms of our textile heritage, and we’re so pleased to have so many wonderful Scottish products at Loop!


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2 comments on “Knits via Scotland
  1. Nana GoGo says:

    Wonderful selection of yarn and colours from my homeland. You may want to seek out another new book from the Shetlands called ‘The Magic of Shetland Lace Knitting’ by Elizabeth Lovick.It’s fab. x

  2. Tina says:

    What a gorgeous selection of yarn and the colors are mouth watering!!

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