Haberdashery Heaven

Haberdashry at Loop, LondonWhat’s knitting without all the tools and accessories? Useful and beautiful, we have a whole range of new items that are arriving in the shop now and in the next few weeks.

For scissors we have the elegant style of the Copper or Bonsai, a classic look with Brass or Rooster and the absolute cuties with the flower handles!

Our range of Monahan ribbon colours has also been growing.  Each colour of this beautiful hand dyed silk ribbon has it’s own subtle variegation.

Monaham Ribbons and Isager yarns at Loop, London

Monahan Ribbon and swatches for Oleander

As well as decoration for gifts we love it threaded through eyelets of knitting to make a pretty detail. Owner of Loop Susan is planning to pair the ribbons with Isager Highland and Alpaca 1 for the Oleander wrap!

Who better to keep nearby to hold your wraps and swingy cardigans together than this friendly lady! The Ewe Shawl Stick is made from white brass and sits neatly in your knits without snagging any stitches.

Or if you need something a bit more secure, how about a shawl pin such as the new Rounded Metal Clasps or our full colour range of Metallic Shawl pins.

Also coming soon are these stitch markers. We’ve been asked to source ones that are simple, snag free and beautiful – and we think these are the answer! The nickel ones come in a range of sizes and styles, while the coloured ones are painted metal which gives them a nice solid weight.

Handmade Butterfly Gauge

Handmade Butterfly Gauge

And we can never say no to a pretty needle gauge! These will be fluttering into the shop in a few weeks.

Project Bag, Nickel Stitch markers and Eucalan

Pine Forest Bag, Nickel Stitch markers and Eucalan

Once you’ve selected all your haberdashery accoutrements, a little project bag keeps everything in one place. New in is the Pine Forest design, complete with tiny mushrooms! We’re also finding these mini bottles of Eucalan particularly handy to bring along during summer travels.

We’ve also received more of our handmade project bags by Mjseje Chafter, with Lovebirds of every colour!

Stitchmarkers and Flower Scissors at Loop, Londn

As always, if you would like to be notified when an item comes back into stock please email us shop(at)loopknitting.com

To celebrate the arrival of all this new haberdashery, we’re having a giveaway! You lovely blog readers could either win a pair of Flower Power scissors or a box of Nickel Stitch markers. So to be in with a chance with winning, comment below letting us know which one you’re swooning over and we’ll choose the winners at random to be announced on the blog next week. Make sure to get your comments in before midnight Wednesday 6th July. Good Luck!

One final thing is to announce the winner of our last giveaway, which was a skein of the fabulous new Brooklyn Tweed Plains. And the winner is … Ghazal who chose the colour Scarab! Congratulations! We’ll be in touch to let you know how to claim your prize.

Happy Knitting and Crocheting!

Screen shot 2016-06-09 at 21.22.12

P.S. If you haven’t yet, now is the time to vote for us in the British Knitting Awards 2016! Please show your support by clicking on the image above to vote for Loop to win best knitting shop in the South East. Thank you – and thank you to all of you who have voted already!

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73 comments on “Haberdashery Heaven
  1. Sarah says:

    Ooh, I love the stitch markers (though especially the coloured ones!).

  2. Morag Duller says:

    Has to be the flower power scissors.

  3. Chiara says:

    I’m not sure, I like both

  4. Irina says:

    Those lovebird bags are so beautiful! Scissors or markers? I have to say scissors, that flower detail is so good!

  5. Frauke says:

    oh, the flower power scissors are so lovely. They would be perfect to cut the beautiful ribbons :-)

  6. Karin Malmberg says:

    I’d love the nickel stitch markers!

  7. Ita says:

    The scissors would be great, I’m ashamed to admit I’m currently using kitchen or nail scissors for my crafts :D

  8. Nicola says:

    It’s weird to be swooning over plain stitch markers, but they’re really hitting the spot for me.

  9. Maureen says:

    Ooh I love the stitch markers. They are very needed here

  10. Monica Gomez says:

    I love those scissors they are so cute!

  11. Libbi Johnson says:

    The stitch markers are lovely! And I need to get in and peruse shawl pins

  12. Jill says:

    Soooo many lovely things ….. I especially love the Merino Ewe Shawl Stick! And the Flower Power scissors of course!

  13. Jo Brown says:

    i love the flower power scissors!

  14. Flower Power scissors!

  15. JANET HORNE says:

    Oooh love the flower power scissors. As a teenager of the flower power era using them would allow me to reminisce of those heady days!

  16. Lynn says:

    Stitch markers! I never seem to have enough!

  17. Michele says:

    Groovy flower power scissors for me please! Ah I remember the days… ankhs, Biba, green lipstick, platform shoes, velvet hot pants from Mr. Freedom…bliss.

  18. Carol says:

    They are both beautiful but stitch markers for me!

  19. Kelly Mains-Sheard says:

    What goegeous bits and pieces! Love them both but the scissors woud make me smile every time I used them!

  20. Lesley Brankin says:

    It has to be the fun flower power scissors as my choice

  21. Heidi says:

    My #1 is the flower power scissors

  22. Carole Kendall says:

    I haven’t used ribbon embroidery for many years. The colours of Monahan ribbon are very inspiring. They would look wonderful on some aged ecru linen.

  23. Shirlie says:

    I would choose the flower scissors. My partner keeps using mine and making them blunt.

  24. Daniela says:

    Those gorgeous stitch markers are my favourite. I love that they’re weighty too.. Sounds like they’d be a joy to use!

  25. Debbie Scudder says:

    Stitch Markers are my choice! I have been eyeing them….

  26. Joanne says:

    I would be very happy with either. They are both lovely! Thanks for the chance to win!

  27. It’s the nickle stitch markers which has my heart beat quickening… (my sweetie boyfriend already bought me a beautiful pair of your Sajou hare scissors a few years ago for valentines…..yep, he’s a keeper!)

  28. Denise says:

    I just love unique boxes and I’m forever losing my stitch markers … so I would love to win that beautiful box of stitch markers

  29. tracy mchugh says:

    how to choose…those scissors are pretty adorable! but who can’t use more stitch markers? the neon markers are particularly happy :)

  30. Vanessa B. says:

    The Flower Power scissors would be my choice. Beautiful to use not just with knitting projects but also my tapestry and cross stitch. Thank you.

  31. Linda M says:

    Flower Power, please.

  32. Wei-Lin says:

    Love the stitch markers. They are beautifully simple. Also I have no idea where all my stitch markers disappear to.

  33. RENE WALKIN says:

    Lovely goodies-my personal favourite are the copper scissors!

  34. Haberdashery departments are as tempting as candy shops. Those colorful stitch markers would be a wonderful addition to my existing collection.

    Best wishes from New York!

  35. Laura says:

    The flower power scissors are seriously cute

  36. Sue says:

    Oh, which to choose…I think the flower power scissors just clinch my vote!

  37. Andre says:

    For me has to be the flower power scissors, aren’t they wonderful!!

  38. Jane says:

    I would love the nickel stitch markers!

  39. Paula says:

    Flower Power, no question!

  40. kelley wong says:

    Leaning towards the Flower Power, but I’d love to know where you got that great display hanger for the ribbons!

    Thank you!

  41. barbara stupp says:

    scissors please!

  42. jules says:

    I lost my favourite pair of scissors recently, so a replacement pair would be wonderful. Hoping to come and visit you in the flesh soon.

  43. Felicity says:

    Flower Power scissors please – really cute.

  44. Julie M says:

    I love the stitch markers, they look like larger versions of the pretty pins you sometimes get that hold price tags on new clothes.


  45. francesca says:

    Everything is fan! Love those flower scissors to bits…. now I’m off to vote:)

  46. Linda Rumsey says:

    The scissors please – I can never find mine when I need them!

  47. Nia says:

    The Ewe shawl stick looks like a fab way to secure a shawl, without ruining it. I also love the Pine Forest project bag. It makes me think of Moomin designs, which are my absolute favourite!

  48. Beverley says:

    So difficult to choose from the treasure trove displayed but I have a passion for stitch markers and would love the coloured ones or the tub they are in!
    Thank you

  49. Sue Robinson says:

    Absolutely spoilt for choice but having to choose, love the bonsai scissors.
    Cheers, Sue.

  50. francesca says:

    Everything is fab! Love those flower scissors to bits…. now I’m off to vote:)

  51. Gale COSCHI says:

    The scissors look so festive on this Canada Day!!

  52. Catherine says:

    Love love love the flower power scissors!

  53. Jocelyn Poole says:

    The scissors please they look like an exotic bird with a long beak.

  54. Stacey barbetta says:

    Ohhh the nickel stitch markers look great !

  55. Fran says:

    Oh I love those flower scissors!

  56. Fiona says:

    I’ve already been eyeing up the Bonsai scissors, they look perfect enough to take on the move.

  57. Sally Simons says:

    I would love to own a pair of Flower Power scissors. They would quite possibly start a scissor collecting passion!

  58. Margaret Simpson says:

    The scissors – I can still remember the ones I was given when I was 8 years old. There’s something about having a special pair of your own scissors. The rooster ones are cute and a useful size. Stitch markers are pretty too.

  59. Jules says:

    Those scissors are just so lovely. I’m with Sally Simons, so collectible.

  60. Sarah says:

    Ooh the stitch markers look lovely. They’d have to be my choice.

  61. Lisa Peacock says:

    Oh it has to be the scissors! Love all things botanical just now.

  62. Julia Hawkins says:

    The stitch markers are F A B U L O U S

  63. Fiona McQueen says:

    Oooh has to be the flower power scissors as need a wee sharp pair for the steeking class I am going to next month

  64. Elise Noel says:

    Love the flower power scissors. Hope to come and visit your shop soon. Love the Piccadilly shawl and your yarns.

  65. Inês says:

    Those stitch markers are a thing of beauty!

  66. Sara says:

    The scissors! I am obsessed with lovely little scissors – in fact, I think that sorting out a bag at the start of a new project and finding the perfect scissors to go in it might be my favourite part of knitting! (or one of them, anyway…

  67. Meg says:

    Stitch markers would be great! Thanks Loop x

  68. Anna James says:

    I love the project bags – they’re gorgeous!

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