Introducing Arbor by Brooklyn Tweed

As a proud European Flagship store for Brooklyn Tweed, Loop is very excited to introduce you to a new member of the yarn family. Say hello to Arbor!


All 30 colours of Arbor! Image courtesy of Brooklyn Tweed

All 30 colours of Arbor! Image courtesy of Brooklyn Tweed


Arbor in Gale, Tincture, Driftwood, Degas & Hammock

Arbor begins its life as purebred Targhee sheep roaming Montana and South Dakota, before being sent to the historic Jagger Brothers mill in Maine. Here it’s combed to Brooklyn Tweed’s very first worsted spun yarn, and spun into a 3-ply DK weight.


Soft on skin and nice to nature!


Arbor in Potion, Alizarin, Tincture

After spinning, Arbor gets sent about 20 miles up the road to the Saco River Dyehouse, the only organically certified yarn dyeing operation in the United States, where it gets its treatment into 30 harmonious colours, both vibrant and earthy, that are not only stunning on their own, but so lovely next to one another that they make perfect partners in striping projects.

The end result is a strong and beautiful workhorse of a yarn that produces crisp stitch definition and loves cables and texture work. Because of its worsted spun composition, Arbor adds more weight and drape to garments than its woollen spun siblings.

Hirombe Hat, Terra Shawl, Guersey Wrap, High Pines Cowl & Foundry Scarf

Accompanying the release of Arbor is of course a whole host of new accessories patterns, all stunningly textured to show the yarn off to its maximum potential. Come winter we can expect another release of patterns for Arbor, this time in garment designs.


Arbor in Treehouse, Rainier, Degas, Tincture, Alizarin & Cobbler

To celebrate this gorgeous new release we are giving away 2 whole skeins of Arbor in either Treehouse, Rainier, Degas, Tincture, Alizarin or Cobbler. To enter, simply repost our photo on Instagram with the hashtag #LoopLovesArbor or use the hashtag in a post of your own. And to double your chance of winning, leave a comment below and let us know what you think of Arbor, and enter before midnight Wednesday 26th October. This giveaway has now ended.

See you next week, yarn friends. Happy knitting!

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80 comments on “Introducing Arbor by Brooklyn Tweed
  1. Véronique says:

    Awwww it will so hard to decide what to knit and what colour to choose. The yarn looks perfect for accessories.. What a treat..must go to loop asap!!

  2. Yarngiraffe says:

    Targhee is one of my favorite breeds to spin, so I am looking forward to giving Arbor a squeeze! The colors are amazing too. I think it’ll be awesome for colorwork!!

  3. Chantal says:

    Awwww what a beautiful addition to their gorgeous array of yarns. I hope some of this loveliness finds its way here Down under. So many delightful colour choices.

  4. Naomi says:

    Arbor- great name and looks wonderful. If it comes from Brooklyn Tweed it is sure to be amazing.

  5. Anne says:

    Ï’m a french knitting girl and I like so much this beautiful yarn

  6. Jessamy says:

    I’m literally drooling over these photos. All the colors are lovely but I’m ready to obsess over Degas and Tincture in particular.

  7. Carrie says:

    So eager to try Brooklyn Tweed’s worsted-spun yarn! Hope I am chosen to receive the 2 skeins

  8. Iida says:

    That red looks amazing!! Can’t wait to try this!

  9. Yoonjae says:

    The hue of colors in which arbor comes out is glorious. Always excited about brooklyn tweed yarn! I think that arbor sound likes it will be crisp for cables and looks that it will makes cooozy knitwear

  10. Julie says:

    Wonderful colours and what a great provenance for the yarn too.

  11. Mopo says:

    Beautiful…warm yarn! I love it!

  12. Julie says:

    Stunning Autumn colours, adore it

  13. Marte says:

    Love the colours!

  14. Shanthi says:

    Brooklyn Tweed is on my to-try list and Arbor looks amazing.

  15. Amy says:

    They all look so beautiful! And soft!

  16. Ailsa says:

    What a beautiful wool! I need some of this for a pair of cabled Inglis mitts :)

  17. Anne says:

    I have a visit to Loop booked for November. I can’t wait to get my hands on this yarn! Brooklyn Tweed have pulled it out of the bag once again

  18. Sanna says:

    It looks so beautiful. Those colors are perfect.

  19. Anita says:

    Scrummy yarn, just looking at the photos makes me want to knit with all of them!

  20. Janice says:

    Ok ……you got me! A couple of skeins of this would surely make me drop all my current projects to start a new one. I think I need to test this theory

  21. Tina says:

    I need to knit something in the “tincture” — gorgeous color!

  22. Beverley says:

    I have just started to knit with Brooklyn Tweed Loft and have fallen in love with the wool. I love the fact the new DK is worsted spun and would be so pleased if I could try two skeins while searching for a larger project. The colours are scrumptious!

  23. Tree house is lovely. Would love to win.

  24. Sara says:

    they are all beautiful! Treehouse, Rainier, Degas, Tincture, Alizarin or Cobbler

  25. High Pines Cowl in Treehouse – they were made for each other!

  26. Andrea says:

    Love these colors. I haven’t yet used Brooklyn Tweed’s yarns, I can’t wait to try them

  27. Linda Rumsey says:

    Stunning colours for Autumn – I’d love to try this yarn!

  28. Debra Jonckheere says:

    I love that it’s worsted spun and the colors are so fabulously earthy! Can’t wait to knit with it. Another Brooklyn Tweed winner.

  29. Adriana says:

    This yarn looks amazing! I don’t even think I can decide on a colour!

  30. Tabitha says:

    The richness and depth of colors is amazing. Can’t wait to try this gorgeous yarn.

  31. Kim says:

    Those colors look lovely! I’ve never knitted with wool of the sheep breed, so I would love to try it!

  32. Sue says:

    What gorgeous colours, great for accessories for the coming colder season! Red…..hmmmmm!

  33. CherylJ says:

    The colors are gorgeous and that stitch definition

  34. Jules says:

    I have recently read Clara Parkes review of this yarn so I am happy to here you are stocking this yarn. I feel there may be a shopping trip in the not too distant.

  35. Laura says:

    Love the look of Cobbler!
    Hat or cowl would be great in this colour. Not tried Brooklyn Tweed yet, but definitely on my list.

  36. Denise says:

    I never knew the story of Brooklyn Tweed – thanks for that! I like things that are kind to the earth and those colors are a must purchase!

  37. Regina says:

    The colors are absolutely beautiful! Can’t wait to try it.

  38. Carole C says:

    I love the autumnal ‘ Tincture’ shade ….’Degas’ would be very pretty for a spring /summer shawl ….all the colours are quite lovely.

  39. Julie M says:

    Stunning colours – I could look at them all day (drooling!) before ever starting to make anything!

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  40. Andrea says:

    Mmm.. looking very yummy! I would really struggle choosing between Tincture and Cobbler. Perhaps both! I can already envision a gorgeous cowl – soft and cosy.

  41. wendyd says:

    Wow! What a beautiful range of colours and yarn that just asks to be squished….
    Some wonderful inspiration for the knits for twin baby boys I’m currently enjoying!

  42. Linda M says:

    I love all the Brooklyn Tweed yarns and would to try this one. Especially in colorways Tincture and Potion.

  43. Pearl says:

    All the colours are amazing. Looks like the yarn is similar to quince and co maybe ?!

  44. Kathryn Hoyle says:

    I can’t wait to try this beautiful yarn.

  45. Neza says:

    All the colors! So hard to choose! ♥♥♥

  46. Vanessa B. says:

    Alizarin is stunning but having said that, any of the colours would be beautiful to knit with. I’d love to be wearing theTerra Shawl this Winter.

  47. Hannele says:

    This yarn looks truly lovely!

  48. Andre says:

    It looks stunning, colours to die for. I love Degas but they are all gorgeous. Fingers and toes crossed x

  49. Sue Robinson says:

    Just fabulous colours. Love them all. I would choose Tincture and stripe it with another colour.

  50. Carole says:

    Beautiful – I can see something in cables using Alizarin for the festive season!

  51. Jacinta says:

    What gorgeous colours for accessories to brighten up those dull winter days!

  52. Saila says:

    I’d love to knit a shawl or wrap using this yarn, it looks deliciously squishy and soft!

  53. Asli says:

    Really love the colors! It looks so bouncy too

  54. Stina says:

    Gorgeous colours! I can think of a million things to knit with this wool.

  55. Tracey says:

    Arbor looks like it would be lovely to knit with especially with winter on it’s way. Love the accessories – especially Foundry!

  56. Daisy Gaeta says:

    The yarn looks soo beautiful and soft! It’s heavenly. I’m loving the colors too!

  57. This yarn looks beautiful. It is certainly getting my imagination going!! The things you could make!

  58. Marta says:

    I absolutely love the colour range! Some of the colours are really unusual which is brilliant. My favourite is definitely Tincture! xx

  59. asteride says:

    Love Wreath and Treehouse! Great for a marvelous hat!

  60. Giorgia says:

    Great shades for fall. Tincture and Wreath are my favorite.

  61. Esther says:

    Brooklyn is my favorite brand of the world! these skeins are very desirable!

  62. Gea says:

    This colors make me thing about a cozy sweater, a nice hat, a shawl and mittens!

  63. Kim says:

    This yarn sounds amazing. I think it will be my go to DK yarn from the brooklyn tweed collection. Loving the 30 colours as well and Tincture is just divine!

  64. Lindsey says:

    Arbor comes in the BEST colors! Seriously the perfect hues.

  65. Therese says:

    Arbor looks so gorgeously squishy and soft, can’t wait to actually get it in my hands

  66. Karen says:

    Love this yarn…cobbler would be my chosen shade!

  67. Julia davies says:

    Oh my gosh, so much hard work goes in to create these gorgeous yarns x

  68. Sara says:

    OMG!this yarn looks gorgeous!! Can’t wait to see it closer!

  69. Amber says:

    Such dreamy colours! Would treat myself to new a new hat and snood if I were to win this gorgeous giveaway

  70. Sylvie Brunelle says:

    So many beautiful coloursWould love to win one of them as there is no yarn store where I live in the middle of the Caribbean sea It would be perfect to celebrate Autumn on my little island with Tincture,my favorite!

  71. Lauren says:

    In love with all the colours, finding it difficult to choose my fave! x

  72. Sachi says:

    Love the colours! Looks gorgeous to knit!!

  73. Isabel says:

    It looks gorgeous! I would love to try it, a brioche project sounds good for it

  74. Sonja Loyd says:

    What gorgeous colors.I could make a beginners shawl with Arbor. Lovely

  75. Think I’ve missed the contest but just in case(!) thought I’d let you know that I love this yarn. It would have to be the vibrant red shade for me, absolutely love it.

  76. Alejandra says:

    So lovely colours that my hands itch and I have to try this yarn ASAP.

    I entered the giveaway, so who knows! Fingers crossed!

  77. Jane says:

    Oh what a treat this would be! I would love to squish this gorgeous yarn. (& then turn it into something lovely!)

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