Introducing Woolfolk Tov… and a giveaway!

No matter your age, we still all knit in large like our mothers and grandmothers did. It’s a tradition that has seen a proud resurgence in the last decade, and it’s a tradition with a very large amount of history. As true as this is for us, it’s true for Kristin Ford, the founder behind Woolfolk, whose grandmother taught her to knit at the age of 5.


Woolfolk Tov, clockwise from top


Spring Bloom Mitts in Tov by Woolfolk, with plenty to spare!


Image courtesy of Woolfolk

The collection includes everything from big and cosy sweaters to accessories and echoes of Scandinavian simplicity. The design details are prominent yet refined, bold and subtle at the same time.


Los Sweater by Woolfolk


Reb jumper. Image courtesy of Woolfolk

A large part of knitting is still its history and its tradition. But these days it’s just as much about innovation and modernity. The Woolfolk collection for Autumn/Winter 2016 is full of modern designs while still being a beautiful reminder of past traditions.

Woolfolk at Loop London

Drys Wrap by Woolfolk FW16


Torv Scarf by Woolfolk FW16

Accompanying the release of Woolfolk’s AW16 collection is a brand new yarn, and what a yarn it is! Loop is very proud to stock Tov, a gorgeous 100% Ultimate Merino yarn, cashmere soft and spun in 12 delicate plies. We love this so much because it has the feel of springy cashmere yet the durability of Merino.


Tov in T1 Pale Grey and T4 Curry/Yellow Ochre


Tov in T2 Medium Grey, T0 Natural and T1 Pale Grey


Tov in T2 Light Grey, T6 Teal Blue and T4 Curry/Yellow Ochre

If you’re as excited as we are about the new Woolfolk yarn, you’ll be excited to hear we are giving away one skein of Tov to one lucky winner! One skein is enough to make our gorgeous Spring Bloom Mitts, a pattern which is free on our blog and an all round perfect gift for the holiday season.


Spring Bloom Mitts in Tov, T1 Pale Grey

And as if a brand new yarn and a gorgeous new collection weren’t enough, Woolfolk are also treating us to a special collection of patterns designed for Tov, with even more of that signature Danish minimalism. We will of course be stocking even these patterns as soon as they arrive, any day now.

Vidje Cardigan in Tov by Woolfolk

Vidje Cardigan in Tov by Woolfolk. (Image courtesy by Woolfolk)

Enter by reposting our photo on Instagram, or simply use the hashtag #LoopLovesTov in a post of your own. And to double your chance of winning, post a comment below telling us what you would make with a skein of Tov.

Finally, a quick update on the Mabel baby cardigan post from a couple of weeks back. We promised you a tutorial video on the featured Cluster Stitch, which you’ll now find as a short video in the post.

See you next week, yarn friends!

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58 comments on “Introducing Woolfolk Tov… and a giveaway!
  1. Eluse says:

    I would make a hat or the mitts that are featured in this post

  2. Debby ware says:

    I too would like to discover how wonderful this yarn is! Hope I win and get a chance to fall in love like you all did

    • Virginia says:

      I would be tempted to knit a big, cozy hat with one skein of Tov in Teal Blue. I’m sure it would be warm and lovely!

  3. Stina says:

    What lovely looking wool! I think a pair f mittens would be fab.

  4. Irina says:

    It is so beautiful! I would probably make the most luxurious bed socks out of a skein of Woolfolk or your beautiful hand warmers! Can’t wait for all the patterns from the collection to be released!

  5. Kaat neesen says:

    I would order more skeins to make the Drys or Torv scarve. I love both designs.
    Hope I get lucky this time.

  6. Julie says:

    Gorgeous wool in great colours. And what beautiful sheep!

  7. Andre says:

    Soft and squishy is what I like. I think I may make an exotic Tea Cosy for my beloved teapot, with embellished flowers in that gorgeous colourway yellow ochre x

  8. Mopo says:

    Fluffly, fluffy sheeps: I love them! Of course I’ll knit a warm hat or cowl with that skein :)

  9. Libbi Johnson says:

    I am absolutely in love with the Drys wrap!! I want to knit that!

  10. Carolyn says:

    Such a beautiful warm yarn – perfect for knitting a gorgeous Christmas present for someone special! I would probably make the Spring Bloom Mitts, as they showcase the yarn so well.

  11. Isobel Weston says:

    I would love to knit the mittens

  12. Inês G. says:

    A pair of mittens would look great in this yarn!

  13. Jules says:

    Love the sheep photo and a mittens would be just what I need right now. Thank you again for a great giveaway.

  14. Shanthi says:

    Drys and Reb are both gorgeous – would love to knit both!

  15. Nia says:

    Wow, that teal looks yummy!

  16. Kate says:

    A pair of mittens would be marvellous, the Spring Bloom mitts pattern looks great.

  17. Andrea says:

    Mmm.. I just love the Yellow Ochre shade! I really seem to go for earthy yellows and browns these days. I would probably make a cowl with one skein. If I had more skeins I could make a cosy shawl. The wool looks beautifully squishy and soft.

  18. Joanne Forman says:

    I would love to win a skein of Tov. I am using my stash to knit hats and mitts for family and friends for Christmas this year and I know exactly who I would knit a pair of Spring Bloom Mitts for, although I think it would be very difficult to part company with them.

  19. Tina says:

    It’s getting to be the fingerless glove season here in Vermont, and I’d love to sport this pair and to knit with this yarn for the first time. I’m prepared to fall in love with it!

  20. It would have to be my wrist sleeves – in THAT grey!

  21. Monica Gomez says:

    I will love to make a warm cowl out of it it looks so squishy

  22. Yvonne says:

    A lovely warm hat!

  23. asteride says:

    How lovely! I would make a Tamarugo hat!

  24. Renée says:

    I actually dreamt of knitting a sweater in Tov last night. Specifically in T6 teal blue. I really shouldn’t have fondled that yarn at Loop last night. I blame Emma (with affection). It is one of the most beautiful yarns I have ever felt.

  25. Alison says:

    Everything. I would make everything. I would buy MORE and make everything! So lovely and warm and squishy (I can tell from HERE!)

  26. Lesley Bambridge says:

    I would love to make the mitts. They are beautiful! I am participating on a Ravelry kal next week for mitts : )

  27. Gemma Rice says:

    Oh how gorgeous! I’d make a woolly hat with cat ears for myself for this winter! (I’m @thetalesofgem on Ig). Xx

  28. Michele says:

    I would make a “Spring rabbit” from Rabbit Hole Knits in the light grey and scour my stash for a suitable yarn for a fluffy bobtail to make a cuddly friend for my latest great nephew Baptistery.

  29. Beverley S says:

    With one skein I would knit sumptuous socks but would have to buy more to knit the wrap to complete a warm, cosy set to lounge around in

  30. Carole C says:

    A cowl or wrist warmers using the Curry/yellow ochre shade …it’s gorgeous !

  31. Sandy graves says:

    I think I’d make a lovely warm hat for the cold winter days that are coming . Love reading your blog and I’ll be in London next March and plan to visit your store. Can’t wait

  32. Wei-Lin says:

    I’d love to be to knit a beautiful wrap or shawl. I can’t wait to come in to squish it

  33. Monika Boothroyd says:

    I would love to make the mittens, they would keep me warm when I walk my Golden Retriever Amy in the months to come and incidentally I was also 5 years old when my grandma sat me down next to her on a stool and taught me to knit – that was 55 years ago.

  34. Anne Symons says:

    I would just love to see and feel this wool and then decide what to Knit!

  35. TrishKnits says:

    Woolfolk yarns are pure heaven! I’d love to make Rachel Atkinson’s Spring Bloom Mitts or Olga Buraya-Kefelian’s MØNT cable medallion armwarmers with Tov. Thanks for an awesome giveaway.

  36. Sally Simons says:

    The mitts look appealing in Teal blue of Tov’s.

  37. Stephanie says:

    This yarn looks amazing! I stumbled onto this giveaway after purchasing a hat pattern from Alicia Plummer. Her pattern recommends using this yarn. I would make her hat if I won a beautiful skein of Tov!

  38. Kari HB says:

    Ooh, tis the season for warm lovely wool. The greys are always my favorites, any will do.

  39. Julie M says:

    Gorgeous yarn – I love the colours – blues, greys and yellows. My favourite colours are yellow ochre and teal blue. I would make a hat.

  40. Melissa W says:

    I’d love a hat knitted using Tov. The thick and warm merino would keep the winter cold away.

  41. Denise McDonald says:

    I’ve ogled Woolfolks yarn for ages and would love to win a skein to try out the yarn making those cute mittens!

  42. Angela says:

    Count me in please.

  43. Mary Ann Cushman says:

    I think it would be perfect for Amy Christoffers’ Stonecutters Cardigan in grey (light, medium, or dark) or teal. The natural and teal might be perfect for Erica Knits’ Karusellen hat. I hope I can visit Loop again in person next year!

  44. cath cinnamon says:

    I’d like to make a curried hat hot hot hot

  45. Tracey says:

    I am in love with Alicia Plummer’s new hat pattern Bridgton made with Tov. This is exactly what I would cast on if I had this yarn.

  46. Vanessa B. says:

    I’d love to knit the beautiful Spring Bloom Mitts in Curry/Yellow Ochre. They would brighten the darkest of Winter days aswell as being so cosy and warm.

  47. Angie Ross says:

    I would love a luxuriously squishy cowl knit from this yarn; would be just perfect for Autumn !

  48. Sue says:

    I would knit a cosy hat, it looks such soft yarn

  49. Samantha says:

    This yarn looks amazing and all the colors are FAB! I would make the fingerless mittens. The Drys wrap is gorgeous too!

  50. Nikisha Shoulders says:

    i would love to knit a cowl

  51. Jacinta says:

    I think a cowl would be fabulous, so cosy for the winter.

  52. Katelyn M says:

    This is beautiful yarn I really love the teal gray and gold group. I would love to make a cowl for this winter. Thank you for the chance to win!!!

  53. Anna says:

    I would first make the beautiful spring bloom mitts. As a skater, I’m always in need of more mitts. Then I would get 3 more skeins and make a shawl!

  54. Clare says:

    Beautiful wool. I would love to knit a winter hat with it.

  55. Nicole Acuna says:

    I would make a gorgeous cabled cowl!

  56. Melissa F says:

    I would make the mitts with this beautiful yarn.

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