Stunning Scissors!

Stunning Scissors!

As knitters, we certainly never get tired of talking about all the gorgeous yarns and their possibilities. But let’s take a moment and give due to an essential haberdashery friend, and one we could never live without.

Rooster scissors big and small, Antique Style and Antique style Bird scissors by Yozo, and Flower Power scissors in gold.
Scissors at Loop London
So many lovely scissors!

Here at Loop, we are always on the hunt for gorgeous accessories, no matter how small, to give joy to every single moment of your crafting. And what haberdashery accessory could be more indispensable than the scissors? We have sourced some of the best (and prettiest!) scissors from all around the world, suiting every budget and starting at just £6. Here’s a round-up of what’s currently in the store.

Sajou Scissors at Loop London
Sajou scissors in Veined Ivory Style, Hare, Eiffel Tower and Red Onyx Style
Sajou scissors in Red Onyx Style with Jade Sapphire pure cashmere, Monahan Bumble Bee Ribbon and Jonquilles necklace by Sophie Digard

Hand crafted in France, the scissors by Sajou are nothing short of masterpieces. The highest level of skill, dedication and quality goes in to every pair, something you can see for yourself on the number that marks the inside of each blade, which tells you that these two blades have been perfectly fitted to each other to form a pair.

Made by skilled craftsmen, often from long traditions of scissor making, it’s worth pointing out that it takes a dozen people to make each pair. As haberdashery gifts goes, these scissors are definitely for life – not just for Christmas.

And what’s more, we will be getting the complete box of Sajou Darning/Embroidery Threads back into stock in the next couple of weeks.

Flower Power scissors in Silver, Primitive and Gold, Daisy scissors in Black
Flower Power scissors in Silver, Primitive and Gold, Daisy scissors in Black. Backdrop is Ronces Embroidered Merino Scarf by Sophie Digard

In stylish black with ornate petal handles, the Daisy scissors are petite yet very manoeuvrable and with a very sharp point, ideal for precision work as well as your every day snipping! And a Loop favourite, the dainty Flower Power scissors are only a mere 7cm long and come in black, silver or gold finishes.

Rooster Scissors at Loop London
Rooster scissors

Our adorable Rooster Scissors are back in stock! Shown here in Old Brass, and also available in a gold finish.

Copper Vintage Style scissors, Brass scissors and Bonsai scissors
bonsai scissors at-loop-london-2
Bonsai scissors Monahan Bumble Bee Ribbons and Jade Sapphire pure cashmere in Bing Bing Red

Another favourite of ours are the Bonsai scissors. Traditionally used to trim Bonsai trees, these scissors offer a rustic touch.

We often get asked by visitors from overseas if they can bring their gorgeous new scissors back home on the plane with them, so here’s a couple of pieces of advice for you all. The general guidelines set by the British government are that small scissors with a blade (from the fulcrum) no longer than 6 cm are allowed in your carry-on luggage, but as it’s down to the security at the airport you’re flying from, it’s always a good idea to contact the airport to find out what their rules are.

Clover Yarn Cutter Pendant and foldable Bryson Snip-its Scissors

If you’re a frequent flyer and prefer to travel on the safe side, why not go with one of our brilliant fail-safe options, the Clover Yarn Cutter Pendant and Bryson Snip-its foldable scissors, both of which fall perfectly in line with flying safety guidelines.

With this many gorgeous choices for your haberdashery collection, let’s face it, “how many scissors do you need?” is not a relevant question.

∞ ∞ ∞

Time to announce the winner of last week’s Tov giveaway. It seems you’re all just as smitten with the new member of Woolfolk as we are, thank you to everyone who entered! This week’s winner is Yvonne – congratulations!

Until next week, yarn friends, happy knitting!

9 Comments on “Stunning Scissors!

  1. One can never have enough scissors and, in looking at all the variations here, I obviously NEED many more! They are all mini-masterpieces and I’ll be adding some to my Xmas list.

  2. Unless something has changed since my last flight to/from Gatwick/USA, in April 2016, those Clover necklaces are not allowed even on US domestic flights, so I can’t imagine bringing them in on international. The scissors that fold, however, are my mainstay and live in every knitting bag I own!

  3. Hello, I was visiting the shop when you were photographing the scissors in the back window. Fun to see the post on the blog now! Thanks for your help with the Wollmeise skeins. I had Sajou scissors on my shopping list, but opted to skip the scissors and get more yarn instead. (Lux Adorna Fun Size bundle in British — the perfect choice to commemorate a fantastic week in London.) I have a pair of Slip n Snips that have a forever home in my notions bag – I like how they don’t poke anything. Plus I have a treasured pair of Sheffield steel embroidery scissors, a gift from a dear friend from Sheffield. Oh, and the Sophie Digard embroidery is STUNNING.

    -Rebecca (PEARtastic on Ravelry)

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