Brown Eyed Susan Prize Giveaway

This week on the blog, we celebrate the release of our most popular pattern from Juju’s Loops ~ Brown Eyed Susan and share some Uncommon Thread love with a prize giveaway.

We have a Pom Pom trunk show in store and some more EYF news to share, so read on!

Brown Eyed Susan

Brown Eyed Susan was the cover knit and most popular pattern from our book Juju’s Loops. We auctioned off the last copy of Juju’s Loops at the beginning of the new year. There are no more books left! 

Brown Eyed Susan at Loop London

Our popular Brown Eyed Susan shawl pattern from Juju’s Loops

However, we’ve published a few of the patterns as individuals, such as the Cedar Shake Mitts, and the Oak Knot Hat.  Now, Brown Eyed Susan will join them as a printed pattern and a PDF download.

Brown Eyed Susan at Loop London

Brown Eyed Susan in Uncommon Thread BFL Singles

Brown-Eyed Susan is a crescent-shaped shawl with petal pleats at the bottom edge. It can be knit in one solid colour, striped with a matching or contrast colour petal pleat border, or given a “brown eye” by knitting the first 23 rows in a solid colour.

Brown eyed Susan Shawl and Uncommon Thread BFL Singles at Loop London

Brown eyed Susan Shawl and Uncommon Thread BFL Singles

Our newest sample should really be called “Green Eyed Susan”. It’s knit in Uncommon Thread BFL SinglesFjord and Avocat (two of the five new colours from Uncommon Thread). This large sized sample took 134g of Fjord and 56g of Avocat, but a smaller version can be made from under 100g of each!

Brown eyed Susan Shawl and Uncommon Thread BFL Singles at Loop London

Brown Eyed Susan comes in two sizes: We’ve made the larger version above. You can see our project details on Ravelry here.

Pom Pom Trunk Show

Pom Pom Trunk Show at Loop London

The new Spring issue of Pom Pom Quarterly is in the shop now! Pom Pom have been kind enough to lend us their samples for a trunk show. Come in to the shop, check them out or try them on! The trunk show will be in Loop from today (February 23rd) until Sunday March 11th.

PP spring 2018 at Loop London

We love the cover sweater, Durumi designed by Isabell Kraemer, which uses the gorgeous Daruma Genmou DK. It’s very soft and lofty. Perfect for a cool spring day!

Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2018

We’ll bring a range of our most recent patterns to Edinburgh. We know many of you love to cast on while you’re visiting Edinburgh, and need a printed pattern to get on with. You can expect to see Brown Eyed Susan, Pinwheel Mitts and some special kits we have planned.

Edinburgh Yarn Festival badge

We love Uncommon Thread BFL Singles. The wool is from Bluefaced Leicester sheep, native to UK, and the dyeing is done by Ce Persiano in her Sussex studio. Naturally the BFL will accompany us To EYF!

Ce will be our guest of honour, on our stand (E5), on Friday and Saturday each day from 2:00-3:00. Please come and meet her!

Prize Giveaway

Last week, we celebrated our road trip to Edinburgh with a prize giveaway of a bundle of Mette Mehlsen Plant Dyed Wool on Instagram!

Mette Mehlsen Giveaway at Loop London

Mette Mehlsen Plant Dyed Wool Giveaway Bundle

We randomly chose a winner from Instagram. The winner is Amanda Price! Congratulations, We’ll contact you for your shipping address and get those out to you!

Brown eyed Susan Shawl and Uncommon Thread BFL Singles at Loop London

Brown eyed Susan Shawl and Uncommon Thread BFL Singles

This week (and every week before EYF) we have another prize giveaway! In celebration of our new version of Brown Eyed Susan and Five New Colours of Uncommon Thread, we’re offering a copy of the pattern and a skein each of Uncommon Thread, BFL Singles in Fjord and Avocat  ~ enough to make the smaller size of Brown Eyed Susan.

There are two ways to win! You can do both, if you want to double your chances!

  1. Follow us on Instagram and either repost our image, or use an image of your own, but be sure to tag it with #LoopEYF18Gift in a post of your own.
  2. Leave a comment here.

Good luck!











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153 comments on “Brown Eyed Susan Prize Giveaway
  1. Anna-Mari Raunio says:

    Lovely giveaway!

  2. Valeria Faber says:

    Gosh! Those colors are amazing!

  3. Lucinda Robinson says:

    Just the most gorgeous shawl and colourway fingers double crossed for me to win!☺

  4. Judith Hawley says:

    What a perfect way to welcome in the Spring!

  5. Charlotte says:

    Such a lovely pattern, beautiful colours

  6. asteride says:

    Wonderful colors! The pattern is beautiful too!

  7. Susie Burdett says:

    What a gorgeous shawl, it looks so cosy. I think I prefer the green colourway, but maybe that’s because my thoughts have turned to spring!!

  8. Simone Bærentzen says:

    This yarn is gorgeous! And Fjord is my favorite Uncommon Thread colourway :)

  9. Linda Jones says:

    Beautiful!! Such rich deep colours.

  10. Christine says:

    Two of my favourite colours and a pattern that has been on my to do list for ages what more could one wish for!

  11. Kerstin Leni Voigt says:

    Lovely pattern and colors! Thank you so much for doing the giveaway :)

  12. Siobhan Keegan says:

    A gorgous pattern with fabulous wool, those colours are made to be together!

  13. Raelene says:

    Wow, just wow! Wish I was talented enough to knit this!

  14. Marie says:

    As beautiful as the first

  15. Mirja says:

    What scrumptious yarn and perfect pattern match!

  16. Julie says:

    Such a winning combination ❤️ I love Ce’s yarns so much

  17. Linda Rumsey says:

    Beautiful colour combination!

  18. Elaine says:

    I love the zingy colours!

  19. Andrea says:

    I cannot wait till you release Cinnamon Girl as a PDF, too! I really like the original colours of Brown Eyed Susan – I am all into browns and pinks and other warm colours. The shawl looks just gorgeous styled with those old-fashioned linen dresses and tunics. I love it!

  20. Tambi Dalman says:

    I have knit with The Uncommon Thread yarn in the past and it is so lovely. I have not used the singles before but it would be wonderful to win and give them a try

  21. Nia says:

    Oh my days, the shawl and yarn are stunning!!

  22. Robin Holden says:

    A very
    The Hi beautiful and generous giveaway

  23. Robin Holden says:

    Should have said “ a very beautiful and generous give away “

  24. Anne says:

    My favorite yarn!

  25. Lucy Cumberland says:

    Beautiful shawl! Thank you for the giveaway.

  26. Anne White says:

    Green is my favourite colour and combined with the yellow its beautiful. I do hope i win, its such a lovely prize.

  27. Beverly Hetherington says:

    Such a beautiful shawl and equally beautiful yarn to make it in.

  28. Such a beautiful pattern and springlike yarn…

    • Julie Bulpitt says:

      A beautiful all year round accessory for any wardrobe, really versatile for both day and evening wear. Absolutely stunning!

  29. Jane Abraham says:

    Just fabulous. Love the citrus blend of colours. Loop you never fail to tempt me into new projects even though I have sooo many already that I need to finish first!!

  30. Greta Eisenhauer says:

    Beautiful, what more can I say.

  31. Karen Bowlby says:

    Miss this shop!!!

  32. Anjela says:

    Love thise colours together, and such a pretty shawl!

  33. Philippa Swann says:

    Glorious colour combination!

  34. Naomi Bowie says:

    Would really love to win this- just right for Spring!

  35. Gale COSCHI says:

    I have adored that pattern since I first saw it and the colours you have now made it in are stunning!

  36. Sue Robinson says:

    Because green is my favourite colour I think your colour choice is prefect for a perfect pattern.

  37. Victoria says:

    Such a lovely spring shawl!

  38. Susan Hobkirk says:

    Beautiful pattern and gorgeous colours!

  39. Vivienne says:

    I love the green version…beautiful!

  40. Susan Jones says:

    Lovely colors… fantastic pattern!

  41. Jillian Hunt says:

    Wow what gorgeous colours love the pattern too

  42. Lin says:

    What a beautiful give away

  43. Debbie says:

    Beautiful pattern and

  44. Uylond says:

    All so lovely!!!!
    Looks like a breath of Spring :)

  45. Stina says:

    I love that yellow! Great combo of colours.

  46. Yvonne Ann says:

    How absolutely stunning ! Its beyond beautiful . Please put me in the draw .

  47. deb says:

    Positively divine and my favourite colours!

  48. Ruth says:

    These are my favourite colours!!!

  49. Dawn says:

    I think I need some of this gorgeous yarn!

  50. ailsa busby says:

    beautiful yarn for a beautiful shawl!

  51. Ingrid Hopson says:

    A lovely versatile pattern and gorgeous yarn, I really like the colours you have chosen.

  52. Kyle Smith says:

    Must plan on trekking to EYF next year! I lovvve the avocat colorway!

  53. Priscilla Rule says:

    Great pattern and colour combination with beautiful yarn. Gorgeous

  54. Priscilla Rule says:

    So yes of course I would love to win

  55. Sabine Pusch says:

    I love this pattern. One of my all-time favourites

  56. Karen Tait says:

    Fab giveaway as always

  57. S Hine says:

    Loved this pattern since first published – encouraging me to get going on a shawl. A win would be fab!

  58. Elaine kemp says:

    Those colours are just fabulous and dreamy I wouldn’t have put them together like you have but it just makes you want to cast on straight away!! Exciting!!

  59. Kelly Mains-Sheard says:

    Stunning pattern! Stunning yarn!!

  60. Stephanie Ricks says:

    Love Uncommon Thread. Love Brown Eyed Susan. Me!

  61. Jeanne Albertucci says:

    I have loved this pattern since it came out. And love the color selection!

  62. Claudia says:

    Such a lovely pattern and colour combination.

  63. Gale Organist says:

    I have made two Brown Eyed Susan’s so far and would love to make a third!

  64. Sue Johnston says:

    Great combination! I’ve had this pattern in my queue for ages, and really rate Uncommon thread yarn. Excellent xx

  65. Cassie says:

    Beautiful colours :)

  66. Helen Boardman says:

    What a pretty shawl and the green colour way looks just like the thin glaze of colour that the fields around me are wearing just now – Spring MUST Be coming

  67. Karen wilks says:

    Gorgeous colour combination

  68. Beth Trotter says:

    Pick meeeeee
    I love the colours and this shawl is already on my to do list (I have the Juju’s loops book).
    I’m not a speedy knitter so it would be nice to have one to wear this year
    B x

  69. Cynthia Escalante says:

    Wonderful!! After making your Piccadilly in Uncommon Thread I’d LOVE to make the Brown Eyed Susan! I love it!!

  70. Heather says:

    Wow, gorgeous choice of colours

  71. Eileen Humphries says:

    Gorgeous shawl, love the new colour way!!

  72. SYLVIA JORDAN says:

    Beautiful combo…pattern and gorgeous yarn.

  73. Mandy Smith says:

    A fabulous combo . I’ll keep my fingers crossed although it makes knitting tricky .

  74. Sandra Lindsay says:

    Matching the colours of the loch and trees outside with a wee breeze, perfect day for this beautiful shawl.

  75. Adriana Salgado says:

    Those greens are beautiful!!!

  76. Denise McDonald says:

    What a beautiful pattern and yarn! Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity.

  77. Dmsmith says:

    Such a lovely pattern! Fingers crossed!

  78. Evie Jones says:

    Those colours are so pretty!
    I’d love to get to EYF….but it’s always the weekend of my hubby’s birthday! Sigh!

  79. Valorie Harlow says:

    I love the green color way

  80. Jane Penrose says:

    A lovely shawl. The colors are wonderful together and the yarn itself looks delicious.

  81. Ruth Price says:

    Can’t wait to get back to London and visit my favorite yarn store!

  82. jam says:

    Grabby hands!

  83. Would love to win this lovely giveaway prize

  84. Liisa says:

    Gorgeous zingy colours for Spring!

  85. Sally says:

    The two colours go well together!

  86. Stacey says:

    Such beautiful colours !

  87. nicolette wasling says:

    Stunning design in lovely shades.

  88. Donna Cutler says:

    Beautiful colors and pattern. It would be my Spring shawl for sure!

  89. Christina Nunn says:

    Those colours definitely say Spring. I’d love to win such fabulous looking yarn!

  90. Marion Steitz says:

    Das Tuch ist so wunderschön, die Farben ein Traum. Ich wäre Happy wenn es mir zufliegen würde.

  91. TrishKnits says:

    That yarn looks fabulous and those colours are stunning! Thanks for another awesome giveaway. <3

  92. Jane Stewart says:

    Beautiful shawl pattern & a fantastic choice of yarn colours.

  93. Kari HB says:

    This is a beautiful pattern from a beautiful book! I love pretty much every pattern contained and have knit several lovelies from it. Brown Eyed Susan is a favorite and so great in that we have options for color, size, yarn weight. I’ve completed a small one color, the larger multi is on my list of to do’s :)
    Have a great time in Edinburgh!

  94. Lulu says:

    The yarn is gorgeous and the shawl pattern is lovely! Thanks for the giveaway!

  95. Katherine says:

    Great colors,

  96. Nancy says:

    Love this pattern, especially with the stripes!

  97. Briony says:

    Oh my goodness. This has now bubbled to the top of the big list of projects in waiting. What intense and vibrant shades of yarn….beautiful.

  98. Sian says:

    Beautiful yarn and a beautiful pattern! Thank you for the giveaway.

  99. Donita Wriska says:

    These colors are my favorite as are Uncommon Thread Yarns. What a great giveaway.

  100. Donita says:

    These colors are my favorite as are Uncommon Thread Yarns. What a great giveaway.

  101. Kelly Stanford says:

    This combo is perfect. Would make the perfect shawl

  102. Claire says:

    Those colours just scream ‘SPRING!’ Gorgeous.

  103. Lynn Naylor says:

    OMG! I have knitted lots of shawls and enjoy wearing all of them. They are perfect for wrapping around you during yoga relaxation. This one has to be my next project. Such beautiful colours.

  104. Linda Dossett says:

    What a wonderful shawl.

  105. Couson says:

    I love thèse Colors . I knitted the Brown eyed Susan in pink and

  106. Glenda says:

    I am so happy to have the original book and this pattern has always been on my mind to knit. It is so gorgeous. That Fjord colour is amazing. What a great giveaway. Thanks

  107. Vanessa B says:

    Perfect pattern and beautiful colours. What a wonderful project to greet the Spring.

  108. Kirsten Jakobsen says:

    Would love to try my hands on this beauty!

  109. Jules says:

    Love the original and love this new version. Fabulous as always.

  110. Claire says:

    These colours are just screaming ‘spring!’. Gorgeous.

  111. Ann Caldicott says:

    A gorgeous shawl, love the Green Eye version. We are going into Autumn here in Australia. Would be a lovely knit for our winter.

  112. Margaret Jeffrey says:

    In a word – Stunning!

  113. Laura says:

    Gorgeous yarns, I love the subtle colour variation within the skeins. And the pleated edging on the shawl is really beautiful!

  114. Suzanne Jewison says:

    Such perfect springtime colours, you have my fingers itching for this one!

  115. Margaret says:

    Thanks for the giveaway. I’ve always loved this shawl and would love to win!

  116. Irene Allin says:

    Just beautiful – hope I’m the lucky girl who wins.

  117. Tricia Kidd says:

    Absolutely beautiful!!! I love this!

  118. Becky MacNeill says:


  119. Alicia says:

    I don’t have brown or green eyes but I love the shawl. (I wouldn’t choose to knit in navy blue in any case!)

  120. maria says:

    That looks such a beautiful knit with gorgeous colours :)

  121. Mandy says:

    I love the shawl edging. Great colours.

  122. Susan says:

    Love this! Loop—so much awesome-ness!

  123. Cathy bodini says:

    Great giveaway. I love the new colours

  124. Calypso says:

    IN love with yarn and pattern!

  125. Beate says:

    How I love these colours … This giveaway is so exciting! Thank you.

  126. josiekitten says:

    That is so gorgeous, perfect for the coming spring.

  127. Sue H. says:

    The Brown Eyed Susan shawl looks gorgeous in these inspiring spring-like colours.

  128. Tamara says:

    Thanks for this giveaway! Love the design and love the yarn and colourways!

  129. Beate says:

    How I love those colours … What a exciting giveaway! Thank you.

  130. Sarah says:

    Ooh, lovely! I would never have thought to combine those two greens, but they’re awesome together!

  131. Caroline Smith says:


  132. Zsuzsa Csomor says:

    I ❤️ the new colours too!

  133. Davina Gray says:

    So beautiful! Would love to win these yarns

  134. Kim Johnson says:

    This design is an immediate ‘yes’ for me.
    I go by instinct when choosing patterns and I love this one.
    It’s versatile, clever and so pretty. No wonder it’s the favourite pattern from the book.

  135. Michelle says:

    What a lovely lovely prize this would be too win

  136. Would be so proud if I could knit this! It would be my ambition for 2018.

  137. Jeanette says:

    Very beautiful indeed. Would love to try making one of these.

  138. Katrina paul says:

    Wonderful colours. If only I could knit. Maybe this might be the incentive for me to learn.

  139. Emsfitz says:

    Love it!

  140. Nicole Acuna says:

    This yarn and pattern is stunning! Ty for the chance!

  141. Dee Deadman says:

    I am inspired to try knitting a shawl, lovely colour combination too

  142. Catherine says:

    Would love to win this!

  143. Alison Thomson says:

    Those colours make me smile! Lovely giveaway, thank you for the opportunity, x

  144. sonia Fargue says:

    The colour combination and the pattern work beautifully together! A perfect springtime flavor.

  145. Georgia Green says:

    Please enter me in the Brown (Green) Eyed Susan Giveaway … I am already entered via Instagram and would like a second chance. Thanks!

  146. Suzanne Jewison says:

    I am an avid crocheter, but would definitely be persuaded to revert back to knitting for brown eyed Susan!

  147. RuthAnn says:

    I made the shawl in the original, but would love to make it again in this lovely color combination!

  148. Simone says:

    Lovely vibrant colours.

  149. souba says:

    Bonjour à tous !Je suis bien contente que Juju soit rentrée chez elle ! On est tellement mieux chez soi. Heureusement que c’était hier car aujourd’hui il neige !! Vous avez pris une bonne décision. Je vous souhaite bon courage pour la suite. Je vous embrasse et surtout Juju.

  150. Brigitte says:

    Gorgeous – I would like to win…
    Love and peace

  151. Naomi Blackmore says:

    So beautiful!

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