On The Road To Edinburgh and Furls Hooks

As you may know, at Loop, we’re big fans of great tools! We have a beauty for you this week!

We also have another prize giveaway in anticipation of our trip to Edinburgh Yarn Festival in March.

We’ll preview some of the treats we plan on taking, and show you what’s new in the shop this week.

Every week before EYF, we will have a prize giveaway, so keep reading our blog for a chance to win!

Furls Streamlined Crochet Hooks

Furls Rosewood Streamlines at Loop London

Man is a tool-using animal. Without tools he is nothing, with tools he is all. ~ Thomas Carlyle

Carlyle must have known how strongly we all feel about our haberdashery! We are pleased to announce the arrival of the new range of Streamline Furls crochet hooks to our shop.

Camwood Streamline Furls Crochet Hook at Loop London

Camwood Streamline Furls Crochet Hook

Streamlines come in 3 smooth woods – Camwood (blonde), Rosewood (red), and Ebony (black).

Rosewood Furls Crochet Hook at Loop London

Rosewood Furls Crochet Hook

Furls have a signature teardrop body shape to fit into the MCP joint of the human hand while distributing hand tension through the wooden body of the hook. This gives the greatest ergonomic comfort.

Ebony Streamline Furls Crochet Hook at Loop London

Ebony Streamline Furls crochet hook

The Streamlines have increased both the overall body length and the working shaft length for the longest Furl hook ever; a full 17.5cm/7″ in length.

FURLS Crochet Hooks at Loop London

The tip of the Streamlines are less rounded than other Furls for better stitch penetration.

Furls hooks have the beauty and craftsmanship of  hand carved and polished wooden hooks, but at an affordable price.

New In The Shop

Some of you have probably heard about Anna Maltz’s new book, Marlisle: A New Direction In Knitting. It’s created quite a buzz. Two colours magically become three by using yarn held double.

Ess shawl with daughter of shepherd wool at Loop London

Ess shawl from Anna Maltz’s Marlilsle Book made with Daughter of a Shepherd Wool

We have a nice stack of books in stock. She uses Daughter of A Shepherd Wool to make the Ess shawl, which we also have.

Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2018

Edinburgh Yarn Festival badge

We’re bringing plenty of Haberdashery treats to EYF. We won’t have the Furls crochet hooks on our stand, but we will have Ainslee Made Olive Crochet Hooks and the Lykke Needles and Hook sets that we showed you last week.

Ainslee Crochet Hooks at Loop London

Ainslee Crochet Hooks

We’ll have Cohana tape measures, Melissa Wastney embroidered pouches, ribbons, brooches, our Loop swatch gauge, Loop Woodland bags and our beautiful Pop Pink Bags and our new Block Print Project Bags!

Come and see us at EYF! We’ll have lots of treats on our stand.

Prize Giveaway

Last week, we celebrated our road trip to Edinburgh with a a prize giveaway for a set of LYKKE dpns on Instagram!

LYKKE DPNs at Loop London

The randomly drawn ( we use a number generator for this), lucky winner is the.knitting.nana on Instagram! Congratulations!

This week we’re giving away a prize bundle of Mette Mehlsen Plant Dyed Wool!

Mette Mehlsen Giveaway at Loop London

Mette Mehlsen Plant Dyed Wool Giveaway Bundle

To win, follow our Instagram feed and repost our Mehlsen picture with the hashtag LoopEYF18Gift !

Good luck!



















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2 comments on “On The Road To Edinburgh and Furls Hooks
  1. Lee says:

    Wish I used Instagram. Oh well.


    my problem with FURLS is finally solved thanks to Nikki and especially Lorene from Furls crochet that I thank sincerely.
    My purchase was refunded and a nice hook is offered to me. I will be able to test it with pleasure now.
    Thank you all for your encouragement, which gave me the strength to express myself wherever I could.

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