Twirl ~ A Very Special Yarn

Now that Edinburgh Yarn Festival is over, we can rest and catch-up on some other yarny business. We have a very special new yarn in stock, that we are dying to tell you about ~ Twirl!

Thank you to everyone who visited us in Edinburgh, we had a great time! Later in this post, we’ll announce the final winner of our “On the Road to Edinburgh” Prize Giveaways, a Blink Kit!

Ditto twirl yarn at Loop London

Ditto twirl yarn

We’ve been eager to get Twirl into our shop for some time! This is a really special yarn. All the fibres are gathered from animals raised by Mary Pettis-Sarley on her California ranch.

Sheep on the Twirl Ranch Loop London

Sheep on the Twirl Ranch

Mary raises sheep: California Variegated Mutant (CVM), Romney, Blue Faced Leicester (BFL), Wensleydale, Shetland and other cross breeds.

Angora Goats on the Twirl Ranch Loop London

Angora Goats on the Twirl Ranch

She also keeps white, red, brown and grey goats, as well as Alpacas.

Alpacas on Twirl Ranch Loop London

Alpacas on the Twirl ranch

She raises her animals to graze on the land, and they in turn produce incredible fibres that she washes, and blends together. These go to her local wool mill, to be spun into gorgeous balls of wool, mohair and alpaca blends.

Twirl Natural colours at Loop London

Mary utilises the unique characteristics and colours of each animal’s fibres to create yarn with exceptional luster, strength and softness.

The spun yarn is either left in a beautiful range of natural colours…

Twirl Natural colours at Loop London

or dyed with commercial or natural dyes, with the raw ingredients often coming from her own farm.

Indigo on the Twirl Farm

Indigo on the Twirl Farm

We carry Mary’s Ditto base, which is two strands of Twirl Petals plied together. The gauge varies from 16 to 24 sts per 10cm with 180 to 200 yards per 50g cake, depending on Mary’s fibre combination.

Naturally dyed Marigold and Buddy Twirl at Loop London

We love this combination of naturally dyed Marigold and with undyed Buddy

We have three varieties of Twirl Ditto: Undyed in a natural range of six colours, Lily Too; hand-dyed with natural dyes and six more saturated colours of hand-dyed.

Twirl Yarn at Loop London

Twirl Yarn

Twirl Undyed yarns are named after the animal who contributed the most colour and character to each yarn: Audrey, Brussel Sprout, Buddy, Lollipop, Meatloaf and Urubamba!

Twirl Natural colours at Loop London

Twirl Natural colours at Loop London

You can read more about each blend and the animal on the label.

Twirl Buddy Label at Loop London

Twirl Buddy Label

All of Mary’s coloured yarns are hand-dyed on her Audrey fibre base, a blend of Audrey, a red angora goat orphan from the hard winter of 2016, and her lamb, baby alpaca and kid mohair playmates.

Twirl Ditto Natural Dyes at Loop London

Twirl Ditto Hand-dyed yarns

The Twirl Lily Too yarns, made with natural dyes use six different groups of dyestuffs: Brazilwood for pinks and oranges, Cochineal for vibrant reds and pinks, Logwood for violets, Madder+Logwood for lilacs, Marigolds for yellows and Umphalotus+Sukumo for soft greens. Umphalotus is a dye made from mushrooms and Sukumo is an Indigo paste made from Indigo that Mary has grown on her ranch.

Mary either grows or gathers most of her plant dyes from around her own ranch. She then collects seawater which she uses as a natural fixative.

Twirl Ditto Lily Too  in Brazilwood colours

Each dyestuff group creates a range of shades. We show the range of shades, in each colour way, on our website. If it is important to you which ones you receive, either leave a note in your online order or phone the shop to specify.

Twirl Ditto at Loop London

Twirl Ditto Hand-dye

Finally, there is a range of six, more vibrant hand-dyed Twirl colours that are made with acid dyes. These are great if you are looking for less subtlety in your yarn.

We hope you love this special yarn as much as we do and look forward to seeing what you create with it!

Winner Of Our Blink Kit

Thank you to everyone who played along with our Prize giveaway for the Blink Kit. We’ll be releasing the pattern and making more kits available very soon.

We had a lot of fun with these giveaways and hope to do some more soon.

Our final prize winner is “aprairiemermaid” on Instagram. Congratulations! We’ll be in touch to get your mailing address and find our which kit colour you would like.

Ragnahild Vaaland in Blink at Loop London

Ragnahild Vaaland in Blink

We are delighted to announce that we’ll be have a Blink Knit-Along, starting near the beginning of April. We’ll give you more details, once the pattern has been released.

Blink KAL at Loop London

















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5 comments on “Twirl ~ A Very Special Yarn
  1. Andre says:

    I received my Twirl package yesterday and they are beautiful. Now have to decide what to make with them…thank you x

  2. I enjoied in this report from Edinburgh and about the nice reportage about the Lady from California ranch. The wool and colors are amazing. Regards. I’m looking to join the next Knit along.
    Regards Loredana.

  3. Barbara Provis says:

    I love reading about yiur new discoveries in yarn and how they started. This yarn looks very special

  4. Denise says:

    What an amazing animal caretaker and dyer Mary is! Was so amazed by this article.

  5. Michelle Wilman says:

    How incredibly special these yarns are!

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