The Sintra Cardigan

Sintra is the latest collaboration between Fiona Alice (designer of our free Mabel baby cardigan) and Loop. We’re delighted to add Sintra to our exclusive Loop patterns range. We love an easy to wear cardigan!

Sintra Cardigan at Loop London

Sintra Cardigan in Light Grey/08 Genmou

Fiona traveled in Portugal last year, when she began designing Sintra. As she traveled, the stitches on her needles mimicked the surfaces of stone walls and cobblestone streets that stretch across Portugal.Sintra Cardigan at Loop London
Named after the scenic town, Sintra is a highly textured, yet light weight cardigan, made in Genmou DK.
Genmou at Loop London

Genmou neutrals

Genmou means raw wool in Japanese. Daruma’s Genmou is a soft, lightly spun wool with a second merino thread spun around the main merino fibres, creating a yarn with loft and texture.Sintra Cardigan at Loop London

Combine the texture of the wool with Fiona’s contrasting textured stitches and you get a cardigan with lots of interest! The collar and body/sleeves have unique textured stitches, giving just enough variety to attract attention, without being too busy.

Sintra Cardigan at Loop London

Sintra is worked back and forth in rows, starting with the neckband, before picking up stitches and working downwards for the back yoke and sleeves, increasing along the raglan lines. Stitches are then put on hold for the sleeves, and picked up for the fronts. This allows flattering shaping to occur at the shoulders.

Sintra Cardigan at Loop London

The body then continues downwards incorporating short rows as you go, before casting off at the hem. The sleeves are finally picked up and worked downwards in the round. The contrasting stitch patterns create an asymmetrical shape to give a slightly longer back hemline.

Genmou at Loop London

Genmou colours 5, 6 & 7

This pattern takes between 7-13 balls of yarn, depending on size. We stock 20 colours of Genmou; choose a neutral or a favourite to wear-with everything!

You can find the printed pattern here or the PDF download here.


Sintra KAL at Loop London

We’re hosting a knit-along for Sintra, starting September 23. You can find the Ravelry forum of that here. We hope you’ll join us, we love seeing everyone’s progress on a new pattern. If you have any questions about the sizing, yarn or gauge, you can post on the forum anytime.


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