We have another wonderful short film from our Meet the Maker series, in collaboration with film maker Richard Jung, to show you today! Julie Arkell has been a long-time friend of Susan, owner of Loop, and of the shop. She has taught several classes a year for many years, and we also sell her beautiful handmade pieces in our London and online shop. Read on for beautiful insights into Julie’s work!

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Lucky us! Not only do we get a spacious, light and delightful new shop but we get to open it with an exhibition of Julie Arkell’s papier-mache dolls. Julie’s creatures are perking up our windows for the next month! Julie is a friend of Loop. Not in the virtual Facebook sense, but in the Pops-in-to-say “Hi” way. Julie gives workshops at Loop and you can buy any of her exhibition pieces. If you can’t get down to see the exhibition, I’ve put together a little slide show of her work. Click on the first thumbnail to see it enlarged and …

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