Scandi Knits!

Scandi Knits at Loop!

Last night at Loop we had the pleasure of welcoming Eline Oftedal, talented author of Knit Nordic, for a little show and tell. Accompanying her was a cameraman from the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation! We sure gave him a lot to take in as it was one of our busiest knit nights in a long time! We were so inspired by Eline, and the wonders of Scandinavian knitting in general, that we decided to devote today’s blog post to the quite large library of Scandinavian knitting resources at Loop, and some of our favourite Scandi yarns!

Knit Nordic author Eline Oftedal at Loop!

Here’s Eline demonstrating some of her stranded knitting technique at the shop last night. Eline was kind enough to share some of her inspiration behind the book, including bringing a traditional technique to modern audiences. In the photo, she’s knitting an iPhone cover!

Knit Nordic author Eline Oftedal at Loop!

And here is the cameraman from Norwegian television getting a close-up of some stitching.

We love how Eline’s book encompasses both modern styling and traditional techniques. As knitters, we have a rich textile history behind us, which can be an unending source of inspiration. At Loop, we especially love traditional Scandinavian techniques, like the beautiful colourwork sweaters the region is known for. We have a wealth of books at Loop that draw on these traditions.

Scandi Knits at Loop!

Norwegian Knitting Designs – a wonderful resource of charted designs and more.

Scandi Knits at Loop!

Setesdal Sweaters – a celebration of the beloved “lice” pattern, reminiscent of snow falling.

Scandi Knits at Loop!

Selbuvotter: Biography of a Knitting Tradition – includes 30 patterns for the traditional “star” patterned gloves and mittens.

Then there are books which bridge the gap between traditional and modern, mindfully creating new designs while paying homage to those who paved the way, like Eline’s book does.

Scandi Knits at Loop!

Invisible Threads in Knitting is a lovely book which discusses the family histories, culture, memories and folk tradition that can be found in knitted objects. We love how the image below conjures up all these motifs.

Scandi Knits at Loop!

Scandi Knits at Loop!

Scandi Knits at Loop!

Northern Knits by Lucinda Guy celebrates the knitting traditions from places with long, dark winters, while creating new designs for us to knit.

Scandi Knits at Loop!

One of our favourite ever Scandinavian knitting books is Norwegian Knitting Designs. Talk about some stunning colourwork! And of course we love the juxtaposition of tradition, modern aesthetic and humour found in Arne & Carlos’ Christmas BallsScandi Knits at Loop

Then, on the more modern end of the spectrum, we love pretty much everything Helga Isager, of Denmark, designs.

Scandi Knits at Loop!

Of course, it’s not just our knitting library that boasts the best of Scandinavia. We also stock Isager’s beautiful Tvinni and Tvinni Tweed, spun in Denmark.

Isager Tvinni in 39s - Peach with Grey

Isager Tvinni in 39s – Peach with Grey

Then there’s a staff favourite, BC Garn, also from Denmark. Shown below is their Semilla Grosso. It’s a lovely, plump, chunky yarn.

BC Garn Semilla Grosso at LoopAnd finally there’s the newest addition to the Loop lineup, Navia wool wash, all the way from the Danish-influenced Faro Islands (where one of our favourite shawl-knitting styles originates!). It is beautifully juniper-scented and contains pure organic lanolin to replace the natural oils lost during washing. It is based on renewable vegetable raw materials, which are biodegradable and not toxic for the environment. We’ll soon be adding Navia yarns to the Loop roster too!

Navia Wool Wash from the Faro Islands at Loop!

We’ve loved re-visiting all the wonderful Scandinavian products and knitting traditions that Eline’s visit reminded us of. Many thanks to her and her cameraman for visiting our bustling knit night!

Knit Night at Loop!

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  1. Tina says:

    What a wonderful post and such gorgeous, inspiring photos! I really want to learn stranded color work :)

  2. Katya S says:

    Lovely post & lovely blog!!

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