The Uncommon Thread – Lush Worsted

There is nothing more exciting that the arrival of a new yarn, and we knew we would not be disappointed with The Uncommon Thread’s Lush Worsted. Regular readers and patrons of Loop will know our love for Ce Persiano’s quality yarns with intense shades, and new yarn Lush Worsted lives up to the luxury that its name suggests. The richness of the shades, the sumptuous softness of the fibre and the plush texture of the finished knit creates a yarn which is quickly becoming a new favourite.

This competition is now closed – Congradulation to our winner Anne Mackenzie!
Make sure to read to the end of the post to find out how to enter our competition to win not one, but TWO skeins in the colour of your choice!

The Uncommon Thread, Lush Worsted - Rainbow Pyramid!!

If you like your yarns soft, then you’ll fall in love with this delight of smooth superwash merino blended with a little bit of cashmere for luxury and a touch of nylon for durability. Lush Worsted is smooth, plied and springy, perfect for next to the skin garments and accessories to keep you toasty.

Ce Persiano by Alun Callender
Ce Persiano in her studio by Alun Callender

Ce Persiano, the dyer responsible for The Uncommon Thread, is based in Brighton, where the shades of the sky and sea and the colourful community inspire. Ce has been busy dyeing, as well as finding the time to knit with Lush Worsted, and told us how she “loves the amount of twist and bounce and how soft it feels. I’ve knitted a Zumthor hat, which I gave to my partner, an Abalone cardigan, which I gave to a friend and a Cold Breath jumper, which I kept all to myself.”

We also stock her suitably named Tough Sock, so you can ensure your knits coordinate from head to toe.

Cross Your Heart Capelet in Smudge and Capsicum
Cross Your Heart Capelet in Smudge and Capsicum

Our lovely Loopette, and linguist extrodinaire Emma, knitted up this cute capelet and can confirm just how gorgeous the yarn is to work with. She used two skeins of Smudge and one skein of the golden Capsicum for contrast.

We think that the versatility of the grey would be the perfect compliment to many of the bright shades of Lush Worsted. These jelly bean worthy colours would give the perfect pop of colour to liven up any project!

L-R Envy, Capsicum, Citrus, Les Fleurs
L-R Envy, Capsicum, Citrus, Les Fleurs

There is also an exciting array of blues, from deep navy to beautiful turquoises and aquamarines.

CW from Top L -
CW from Top L – Robin’s Egg, Leaden, Naval Officer, Seascape, Chrome

And we only want to see you knitting with these purple skeins!

L-R Into Dust, Lila, Ripe Plum
L-R Into Dust, Lila, Ripe Plum 

Or what about some fresh spring greens and a classic ochre?

L-R Golden Praline, Envy, Zitouni
L-R Golden Praline, Envy, Zitouni

One skein of Lush Worsted is perfect for a hat, and what better way to showcase the velvet intensity of ‘Lust’ with the cables of Brooklyn Tweed’s Irving.

Irving by Brooklyn Tweed. Lust in The Uncommon Thread, Lush Worsted
Irving by Brooklyn Tweed. The Uncommon Thread, Lush Worsted in Lust

Or a simple design, such as Brig by Brooklyn Tweed, to show off the subtle variations of shades like Peat.

The Uncommon Thread, Lush Worsted. Brig by Brooklyn Tweed.
Brig by Brooklyn Tweed. The Uncommon Thread, Lush Worsted (L-R) Peat and Zitouni

And everyone needs a pair (or two) of fingerless mitts to pop on.

Ferryboat Mitts by Churchmouse, and Lush Worsted in L Golden Praline and R Naval Officer
Ferryboat Mitts by Churchmouse, and Lush Worsted in L Golden Praline and R Naval Officer

If all these colours have inspired you, and you can’t wait to try knitting with this gem then you can enter our competition to win two skeins of Lush Worsted in the colour of your choice!

To enter, leave a comment telling us what epitomises ‘lush’ to you? Let us know what shade you would choose too, and then all you have to do is keep your fingers crossed. This competition will close at midnight on Wednesday 16th April and we will announce the winner on the blog next Friday – Good Luck!

This competition is now closed, but make sure you keep your eye out for more giveaways in the future!

The Uncommon Thread, Lush Worsted.

113 Comments on “The Uncommon Thread – Lush Worsted

  1. Lush Worsted is luscious. Lush for me is whatever makes you feel comfy and cosseted. The colours are all lush but Lust does it for me, please.

    • Lush to me epitomises luxury, short for luscious and another word for delicious and comforting with glamour thrown in! I like les flours and would make some long fingerless gloves with this shade.

  2. I have fallen in love with Naval Officer……….oh, my goodness- gorgeous, unadulterated extravagance is my version of Lush

  3. When I think of Lush I think of a big bright tree at springtime full of flowers and blooms! These greens and pinks and reds make me want to climb a tree of yarn and wrap myself up in the leaves :-)

  4. Lush is like the taste of a peach that’s in it’s half hour. You want to pick it right now.
    Capiscum and Plum, please.

  5. Intoxicating, inviting, inspiring – Lush Worsted: yarn as unique as what you choose to create!

    My choice of colours would be “Golden Praline” and “Seascape” – warm sun and soft sea inspired by my visit to the South Coast of England(West Wittering)yesterday on a glowing spring morning!

  6. Lush is the taste of a ripe peach. The colors and texture of this yarn envelope the senses like the peach. To feel the heat of Lust or the cool of Chrome, my choice would be the warmth of the soil beneath a rolling field, wrapped up in Lush Peat.

  7. Lush is the feeling you get when you squeeze beautiful yarn and know you have to have it!
    I’d choose Capsicum and Chrome.

  8. Colour is my lush. Deep, rich, tonal colour or perhaps a zingy green to herald spring. Even the neutrals, I love them all. When they are combined with wool they are the ultimate lush for this Knitter with a capital K.

    At the moment I am obsessed with grey so Smudge would be my choice.

  9. For me Spring is the lushest time of all, the feeling of new grass through your fingers and the beautiful colours of spring bulbs. But best of all, this is the time where all our lushest woollies bloom forward without having to be hidden under winter coats.
    I would choose Lila as it reminds me of Spring crocuses, plus it is my favourite colour!

  10. Lush is like wearing a flirty caress next to the skin. I’d like to make a lace cowl that would be like lips softly nipping at my neck, touching, tickling, teasing. Lush is lovely to knit up, and a joy to wear. Lust and Debauchery, please.

  11. The word ‘Lush’ to me means something so beautiful you can’t imagine not seeing it again. I’d certain pick either Lust or Seascape but to be honest it’s hard to pick between your great palette choices! X

  12. It looks like lovely yarn and lush for me is green plants round a dew pond on a misty summers morning…

    Envy is the colour I’d go for please.

  13. L – is for luxuriant fibre
    U – is for unctuously soft
    S – is for sensuously soft
    H – is for heavenly colours

    THe whole – LUSH – is for something that I can’t wait to try!

    If i am lucky enough to win then I would love 2 skeins of Naval Officer.

    I feel a pair of fingerless mitts with a long lacy cuff and a matching hat would be lush-ous!!

  14. When I think lush I think bright jewel tones, soft cashmere, and a giant chocolate soufflé. But maybe I’m just hungry. I love Naval Officer!

  15. So many colours it’s difficult to choose only 2 but I especially love the beautiful combo of Smudge and Capsicum. Lush is the softest, squidgy, springy yarn. Have a good weekend.

  16. Lush describes the first signs of spring, with luscious colours and freshness. It makes you feel alive!

    I would pick Robins Egg.

  17. Lush is the soft squishiness of a luxuries yarn, that you love when you wind the yarn, then knit and then wear near your skin for the ultimate comfort and warmth. Lush is the yarn that keeps on giving pleasure after pleasure.
    These all look gorgeous but Envy and Lila have the edge for me. Gorgeous!

  18. To me lush means a knitted garment full of softness and cosiness that I want to wear over and over again.

    And I would choose Golden Praline and Peat and every other colour ….

  19. I think this yarn will be perfect for two hats ! The blues (robin’s egg!) and the browns (bois!) looks fabulous ! Can feel the softness on my head already!

  20. Lush is when ‘it hits the spot’, like when you eat a big juicy hamburger (but we’re not eating yarn really!).
    It makes your heart go boom, boom, boom, and faster too every second!

    Leaden and Peat are absolutely…Lush! :D

    • As a Welsh girl living in Swansea, lush is a word in everyday vocabulary! We use it to describe it from everything from good food to cute babies to lovely yarn! As a Welsh speaker we often use the word in Welsh conversation – welshified of course to ‘lysh’ ;-)

      I like ‘Seascape’

    • As a Welsh girl living in Swansea, lush is a word in everyday vocabulary! We use it to describe everything from good food to cute babies to lovely yarn! As a Welsh speaker we often use the word in Welsh conversation – welshified of course to ‘lysh’ ;-)

      I like ‘Seascape’

  21. Lush is a decadent treat kind of yarn, squishy and soft that you can’t stop touching.

    Leaden and Smudge are just glorious!

  22. Lush to me is a room vibrant with the green of plants and flowers, a sunlit afternoon napping with plush duvet or taking a walk on a crisp cold day, covered in layers and layers of wool. And I really like Capsicum. :)

  23. Lush is softness, luxuriousness, squishiness, and plenty of it – and to me almost always means yarn!

    Leaden is so gorgeous.

  24. Lush to me is soft, sexy and glamorous. I like the seascape and chrome. The link on the blog to this yarn isn’t working though.

  25. Lush is the fullness of the leaves of tropical plats :D
    my favorite colors…all of them, but choosing Citrus and Seascape. Thanks for the game :D

  26. Well, honestly Lush resembles “loska”, wet snow, a bit softer, maybe. but the yarn is luxurious, anyway.
    Peat and Capsicum could be great together.

  27. To me lush means blissful, luxurious, cosy, smooth, comforting and satisfying. Like a bar of rich dark chocolate or warm sunset in shades of orange. Like a tight heartfelt hug by the man I love. Or like knitting a simple yet devastatingly beautiful shawl with the most luscious cashmere in mouth-watering and soul-uplifting shades. ‘Lush’ is the meaning, the journey and the destination. It is to be right here and right now.
    I would choose 2 skeins in Golden Praline – the shade that manifests abundance and warmth.

  28. Lush to me is a night in with my girlfriends crafting with wine, nibbles and a good gossip – there’s nothing better. If I won I’d love golden praline it’s gorgeous.

  29. ‘Lush’ to me means ‘luxurious, soft, sensual, sumptuous,rich, comfy’- I would knit fingerless gloves to look after my hands, and the colour would be ‘Lust’….thank you for producing such gorgeous yarns

  30. when i hear lush in a yarn connection, i am thinking something with a nice bounce and at the same time a lovely sheen to it. this yarn really fits the bill. i’d love to get my hands on a couple of skeins in leaden.

  31. Lush to me is pure indulgence and citrus would be my indulgent choice. Delushious (try it in a scottish accent!) colour range.

    • Congratulations Anne! You are the winner of two skeins of the wonderful shade of Citrus! We’ll be in touch with details of how to claim your prize.
      Loop xx

  32. Lush to me means something soft and squidgy that I want to feel in real life! I would definitely choose Leaden as it is the MOST lush shade for me :)

  33. Lush – and no one has yet mentioned green…green grass in spring, green leaves, fresh with that bright colour that fades as the year goes past – hills, fields, meadows – maybe with a hint of rain or dew – that’s lush (but that said, in the wool, I’d go for ripe plum!)

  34. For me, Lush is the epitome of luxury–soft, soothing, and cozy. I love all of the colors, but my favorites would have to be Lila and Naval Officer.

  35. Into dust and ripe plum for me please!
    I would use it to make the brown-eyed Susan shawl from juju’/s loops book.
    I love everything in that book.
    Best wishes

  36. Pure sensuous pleasure; burying my face into soft, bouncy yarn and inhaling a faint muskiness. Feasting my eyes on rich vibrant colours, imagining what will be…..that is lush!

  37. I would love capsicum and citrus. Lush, is tropical, zingy, relaxed, sunshiny, vibrant, happy and soft. A perfect way to describe Ce’s new yarns. Gorgeous. Lush!

  38. To me, lush means full of life, verdant and healthy. I would love naval officer and robins egg, so gorgeous!

  39. Lush to me means decadent and indulgent – just like the yarn ! I would choose Lila, my daughters favourite purple.

  40. Lush means dreamy and soft to me! The colours are all gorgeous, but if I had to choose it would be Lust and Chrome.

  41. My garden, epitomises lush, with its abundance of colour, fragrance and texture. You choose, as I adore all TUT colourways.

  42. I see a LOT of yarn daily and I think that any yarn that is described as Lush just has to be the most decadent, exquisite version of liquid luxury ever. Lush means an over-the-top application of something sinfully tempting! Of course, Ce’s work has never disappointed me and I know without even touching it that she wouldn’t name a yarn Lush unless it truly was. I would have a terrible time picking colors but if I had to choose right now I would want a hank of Leaden and one of Tea Smoked!

  43. Lush is a cozy, soft, cuddly and “want to wrap myself in it” feeling – love the whole sense of Lush! Naval Officer is my favorite, but what a difficult choice – I love all of the beautiful colors.

  44. Arresting colours, delicious shading and textures to treasure. Robins egg and naval officer – irresistible.

  45. For me, Springtime is the perfect time to experience lush – it’s all the flowers blooming, glorious fresh produce, and longer days in the sun. And what better way, than to knit something Lush in Robin’s Egg and Leaden.

    Thank you for putting together this contest – I love reading everyone’s idea of Lush.

  46. Lush to me is a springtime meadow with the grass so bright and so thick it’s like walking through snowdrifts. My colors would be peat and citrus. Thanks for the generous giveaway. :-)

  47. Lush looks so attractive that I really want to discorve the colours and the softness. My favourite is mermaid.

  48. ‘Lush’ as “Stacy” from ‘Gavin & Stacy’would say is the only way to describe this yarn! Favourite programme and yummy yarn to knit with, my idea of heaven.

  49. Woohoo! I am enamored with Uncommon Thread yarns. They’re just lovely :)

    Lush to me is a rich fullness, whether it be full of color, full of fragrance, full of flavor. I would probably choose Les Fleurs as my color.

  50. “Lush” as in luxuriant colorful fields of wild flowers and vegetable gardens. I have been admiring Uncommon Thread Yarns on Ravelry for quite sometime. A cowl in Cobble would be lush. What a wonderful giveaway.
    Thank you.

  51. A lush yarn to me, is that yarn you reach out to because the colour makes your mouth water, and then you don’t want to let it go because it’s so beautifully soft. A lush yarn has the perfect combination of colour and texture, which you want to knit into something that will sit next to your skin. I Like the colour “Peat”.

  52. For me, lush is something soft, cuddly and with that little touch of ‘something’ extra that you can just wrap around you to keep the nasties at bay. As for colours, I choose Leaden – it looks so pretty

  53. Lush is the expression of a great knitting experience, beautiful to work with and lovely to look at. All the sense involved! Waking up and walking in my blooming spring garden is also Lush! I am lusting after the color Naval Officer.

  54. Lush has depth and comfort and longevity. It pushes all my buttons and ticks all my boxes. Texture and colour combined is a match made in heaven. Seascape is for me. I live by the seaside and this is the colour of sea and sky combined for me. Divine.

  55. Lush means lying in toasty bed with a springy mattress and a soft soft cosy duvet over the top. Bliss!
    I am loving seascape

  56. Lush means…Sunday morning cuddles with my children, real coffee and knitting, sun shining and birds singing.
    I am drawn to Lila and Lust….luscious.

  57. Lush – gorgeous rich colour and cosy softness against my skin: a lovely shawl, perhaps. I’d choose Ripe Plum – but they all look fabulous!

  58. Lush to me is the feel of dark chocolate in my mouth when I am relaxing after work and Naval Officer looks just like that

  59. Lush is something fresh, bright and light. Something I accociate with spring and sweet nice smells… Envy is the equivalent of lush to me but I think I would go for one of the yellows or blues ( sorry impossible to choose. ;)

  60. Hmm, to me lush means something that exceeds merely necessary, but at the same time that little luxury something that is so necessary. My great grandmother who was an over-the-top, live life at full-speed plus sort of lady always recommended not overbuying and only buying the best that would last forever and be cherished. I think she understood lush perfectly. I have fallen hard for Into Dust, a lovely swoonable color if ever there was one. Thank you for show casing this delicious yarn.

  61. Lush is armfuls of colour – like the last photo in this post. I love the greens, greys and blues in this collection – I think Naval Office is my favourite.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  62. Dear Susan, Juju and all other lovely girls, please let me win Smudge, Citrus, Envy, Robbins Egg, Leaden, Chrome Naval Officer or “les fleurs”. Lush to Paris please. I love the yarn. Happy week-end from a graphic designer.

  63. Lush is the lush green grass that the new born lambs are running around on the fields by me. Loving the robins egg colour way..

  64. To me, ‘lush’ is always a noun rather than an adjective – maybe I have read too many pre-war novels where the seducer is described as ‘a lush’, conjuring up images of illicit affairs and dangerous relationships! Robins Egg and Capsicum are beautiful – but it’s so hard to choose as they are all so gorgeous.

  65. Lush to me is something I want to sink into. I own a cashmere goat pelt that is the epitome if lush, you just want yo run your hands through it, rub your face on it, wrap your body in it!

    I am loving seascape.

  66. Lush, to me, is deep, squishy spring grass, perfect for sinking one’s toes into after a long old winter. Bliss. I’d have to go for Dartmoor, to evoke that feeling all year round.

  67. Lush to me would be some greenery outside- woodlands, fields etc. The green shades definitely would be my choice- I think Envy looks perfect!

  68. Please may I win two and buy one? I am dreaming of a second Firewood Shawl from the Camp Issue of Pom Pom, knit in Orion, Naval Officer, and Chrome, and renamed Driftwood. I will wear it to beach comb along the Pacific Ocean, just a few blocks from my home, in the lush rainforest of the Canadian West Coast.

  69. Lush would touch the soul and make one feel spoiled and giddy with the delight and possibility it could be one’s own.

  70. Lush is the prose of Portuguese novelist Eca de Queiroz. I would choose Ripe Plum and Smudge, but all the colours are beautiful!

  71. Lush is my gorgeous balcony in spring: a explosion of differnt shade of green, pink and red. Like Envy, Ripe and Les fleurs

  72. Lush is luxuriant, so for me this means rich, exotic, silky yarns.

    I love the blues, especially Leaden and Naval Officer.

  73. Lush is the feeling of smooth grasses and leaves touching your bare legs as you pass through the garden.
    And my favorite colour is a different kind: charred.

  74. 6 years of ag means lush reminds me of pastures ;) Zitouni and Golden Praline fit that image quite well

  75. Lush: decadent like a frothy chocolate mocha, sprinkled with shards of dark chocolate, sipped slowly with my feet dipping into the crystal blue waters of a warm sea on a balmy day…sand smooth under my skin…ok I’ll stop now, Robins Egg would be my choice.

  76. What Lush is:

    Reds that flush
    Blues that are posh
    Greens that are fresh
    Greys that smell of ash

    I want Peat in my stash. Thanks. Must dash!

  77. One of the lushest things I can think of is the spring grass after the rain. Full and juicy and I always want to just lay on it and enjoy the silence… or actually lots of little birds singing their hearts out.
    For the colors Naval officer and Capsicum for me please. But it was very, very difficult to choose :)

  78. Lush is being able to put your toes in the sea on a sunny day + eating pistachio ice cream

    I think Into Dust is a beautiful shade.

  79. This yarn is gorgeous. Lush is luxury.
    My favorite colors are golden praline and naval officer
    Thanks for the competition girls !

  80. Lush to me is walking in Epping Forest in the Spring, when everything is just ready to burst and the colours are just so vibrant!
    I would pick either Robin’s egg or seascape!

  81. Lush for me is all the bright new greens of spring against a cloudless sky. But my favourite colour of Lush yarn is Tea Smoked!

  82. Lush has an irradescence and squish like no other…ohhhh is how i feel when i touch it!!!

    manuscript or tea smoked x

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