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The textile history of a country is as rich and varied as the garments and fabric produced. It is always fascinating to discover the traditional crafts and costumes that are part of everyday life and to be inspired by the skill. In the shop we have books and yarns from all around the world and now we have the textile history of Muhu Island, Estonia to show you.

Muhu Island. Loop, London.

You may recall our excitement when the incredible Designs and Patterns From Muhu Island first made an appearance. It is an amazing tome of textile information – with charts and techniques for knitting, crochet and embroidery all with a sumptuous zing of pinks and oranges.

Now we have the Muhu Birds Booklet, which is a compliment to the larger book, but with a distinctly ornithological theme. A collection of folk style designs, it contains knitting and embroidery charts of birds, all featuring the intense pink, known in Estonia as ‘muhuroosa’ (Muhu pink). A way to introduce Muhu style to your knitting and an addition to the libraries of fairisle and colour fans alike.

Muhu Island. Loop, London.

The designs are perfect to incorporate with existing patterns. A border on the cuff would brighten a pair of simple socks and who could resist a little bird perched on your jumper as a delicate motif?  Our St. Pierre darning threads would be perfect to embroider a bird on the back of some cosy mittens. Or even combine all the designs and repeat within the different bands of colour for a fairisle vest.

Muhu Island and Lang Jawoll. Loop, London.
Lang Jawoll Sock Yarn
L- R 001 White, 094 Natural Cream, 043 Butter, 150 Ochre, 184 Zingy Pink, 159 Toucan, 060 Postbox, 0084 Burgundy

If you are thinking of adding some colour to a sock pattern, why not browse the many shades of Lang Jawoll Sock Yarn? A sturdy sock yarn combining the warmth and softness of pure wool with a reliable percentage of nylon for strength – Loop is such a fan we made sure to have all 65 colours! This also includes the new additions to the range for 2014, which are perfect for matching together for a pair of stripy Toe Up Socks.

New Lang Jawoll Sock Yarn Colours. Loop, London.
New Lang Jawoll Sock Yarn Colours!
L-R 150 Ochre, 379 Turquoise, 235 French Blue, 119 Pansy, 248 Dusty Pink, 264 Dark Dusty Pink, 226 Oyster.

Another yarn with a rainbow of possibility to choose from is Jamieson’s Shetland Spindrift. From gloves and hats to garments, this is the fair isle enthusiast’s favourite. It can be used to evoke tones as subtle as a heathered moor, or indeed something brighter if you wish to stay with a Muhu island theme.

Jamiesons Spindrift. Loop, London.
Jamieson’s Spindrift
CW from Top – 585 Plum, 188 Sherbet, 462 Ginger, 470 Pumpkin, 587 Madder, 595 Maroon

Many of you have already treated your self to the booklet and started putting a bird on your knits, so more have been ordered and are on their way! Remember if you want to know when any item is back in stock, just let our team of lovely Loopettes know via email or telephone.

Happy Knitting!

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