Wildflower Headband

Wildflower Headband

Wildflower Headband. Free Pattern from Loop, London. www.loopknitlounge.com

We are welcoming warmer days at Loop and that means some summer projects (and also yarns!) to suit the season. When the new Wildflower from Knit Collage arrived we knew it would be perfect for a quick and light project, so without further ado we introduce our latest free pattern – the Wildflower Headband.

Plus we are giving one lucky winner the chance to win a skein of the beautiful Knit Collage yarn that is used in this pattern! Read to the end of the post to find out how to enter!

(This competition is now closed, Hurrah for Sue Wills who chose the Scarlet Begonia!)

With a pretty twist detail and simple ties at the back to keep your headband in place, it is perfect for keeping your hair off your face when enjoying windy days at the beach. You can chose the buttercup yellow shade of ‘Golden Rod’ shown in the photo above, or the spicy warm red of ‘Scarlet Begonia’. The beautiful colours of this hand printed fabric yarn by Knit Collage bring some sunshine to every day!

Knit Collage WildFlower. Loop, London. www.loopknitlounge.com

Knit Collage, run by Amy Small, focuses on beautiful hand spun yarns. Taking inspiration from her travels, the colours and textures become unique yarns that create special skeins. You may remember our post about Knit Collage and their Gypsy Garden and Rolling Stone yarn – plus there is a free pattern for that yarn too, so why not have a read after?

Wildflower Headband. Loop, London. www.loopknitlounge.com

Wildflower, Knit Collage’s new Spring 2014 addition, is handspun from lightweight cotton voile fabric. Sourced from an area of Jaipur, India, the beautiful floral design is block printed onto fabric using traditional techniques and then cut into strips and spun round a core of a single strand of yarn. This gives Wildflower a little more structure and stitch definition than what you may have experienced with some ribbon yarns.

Wildflower, Knit Collage in Golden Rod. Loop, London. www.loopknitlounge.com

Why not use Wildflower in other ribbon yarn patterns like the Mac and Me Fabric Trimmed Blanket? The chunky texture of the soft cotton is lovely for little fingers to grab hold of.

Mac and Me- Fabric Trimmed Baby Blanket. Loop, London. www.loopknitlounge.com

One skein is enough to make one headband with a little bit left over. We can see the left overs being used to wrap presents, threaded through the yarn over eyelets of a shawl or wrap and crocheted into little embellishments for other projects. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

This giveaway is now closed, but keep your eye out for more in the future! You would like a chance of winning one of these gorgeous skeins, just comment below letting us know whether you would prefer ‘Scarlet Begonia’ or ‘Golden Rod’. The competion will close at midnight on Wednesday 16th July. Good Luck!

So enjoy the sunshine and Happy Knitting!


Main Band: 6 x 47cm (2¼ x 18½in)
Ties: 20cm (8in) long – alter the length of the ties to adjust the fit

Yarn: Knit Collage
Wild Flower (Super bulky weight; 100% Cotton Printed Fabric, approx. 32-36 metres / 35-40 yards per 100g skein)

Shade: Golden Rod x 1 skein

7mm (UK 2/US 10½-11) knitting needles
7mm (UK 2/US 10½-11) crochet hook (optional for ties)
Cable needle or double-pointed needle in a similar size to working needle
Tapestry needle

12 sts and 12 rows to 10cm (4in) over stocking stitch on 7mm needles

Note: Exact tension is not crucial for this project. You are aiming for a dense fabric, but not too stiff.


cm : Centimetres
in : Inch(es)
k : 
RS : Right side
st(s) : Stitch(es)
St st : Stocking stitch (US: Stockinette); Knit on RS rows, Purl on WS rows
WS : Wrong Side

For neat edges down the side of the band and twist section, slip the first stitch of every row as follows: RS knit rows; Slip knitwise with yarn in back. WS purl rows; Slip purlwise with yarn in front.

For the ties, you can either leave long cast on and cast off tails (approx. 30cm/12in) or work a single crochet chain afterwards. If making a crochet tie you only need to leave a cast on/off tail long enough for weaving in.

Please read all pattern notes before starting!

Main Band
Cast on 8 sts.
Starting with a RS knit row, work St st for 20cm (8in) ending with a WS row.

Centre Twist
Next row (RS): K4, slip next 4 sts to cable needle and leave to rest.
Continue on the 4 sts on the knitting needle, starting with a WS purl row, work 5 rows in St st ending with a WS row. Break yarn leaving a tail for weaving in later and place these sts onto the cable needle.

With RS facing, slip the 4 unworked sts back to knitting needle. Starting with a RS knit row, work 6 rows in St st ending with a WS row. Turn work so RS is facing.

Next row (RS): K4, bring the cable needle holding the other set of 4 sts over and in front of the working needle (so the two strips cross over) and knit the 4 sts from the cable needle. 8 sts back on working needle

Staring with a WS purl row, work St st for 20cm (8in) ending with a WS row.

Cast off leaving a long tail for the ties.

Multiple choice time…

You can either use the cast on and cast off tails as they are or add one more tie at each end to give a total of 4 or add thicker crochet ties as follows:
Using the crochet hook, work single chain to make 2 or 4 separate 20cm (8in) lengths. Attach them to each corner of the main band using the tapestry needle.

Weave in all loose ends and gently steam block.


Thank you to:

Sophie Scott for the design, Rachel Atkinson for the tech edit and Juju Vail for the images.

Wildflower Headband is a free pattern. All images and text are copyright of Loop Knitting Ltd. It is for personal and non-profit use only. This means you can knit it for yourself, as a gift or for charity. You may not sell a garment made from this pattern. You may not reproduce this for sale. Please ask if you wish to translate it or use to teach a class. 

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104 Comments on “Wildflower Headband

  1. Ooh, how lovely! I can so see my step-mum wearing one of these. She has the most gorgeous curly hair. Scarlet Begonia please. :-)

  2. Very cool, and something fun for summer. Yellow being my favorite color, that is what I would choose. Going to see if I can find some around here either way. Thanks for the pattern.

  3. What a fabulous yarn would love to knit a headband, I have just started playing tennis again after a short absence of 30years or so. It would be perfect for keeping my hair out of my eyes, Golden Rod for me please.

  4. I don’t always like the look of headbands, but this was really nice. Especially the combination if this pattern and the golden rod colour way.

  5. Ooh, the gorgeous Scarlet Begonia please! Perfect for lazing in the park and my Caribbean weeks by the sea :-) how lovely!

  6. What a wonderful idea for using fabric as yarn and a great pattern – Scarlet Begonia for me if I am lucky enough to win the yarn, thank you!

  7. Gorgeous. That would look wonderful on my daughter. Would be a lovely Summer project for me. Both colours pretty but think Scarlet Begonia has the edge.

  8. Totally fab yarn! The headband would look great worn with a vintage-style tea dress! I’d love the Golden Rod, please.

  9. What lovely yarn, is there a possibility of any more colours in the future?
    Either colour would be gladly received…….

  10. I love the depth and softness of Scarlet Begonia; the uplifting yellow of Golden Rod – with its beautiful scattering of vibrant complementary colours – is my ultimate choice, for wearing in Sri Lanka (near Jaipur!) on summer visits.

  11. What a delightful pattern for a really pretty yarn. Just what I need to make to keep my unruly mop in order!
    Both colours are beautiful but prefer the Scarlet Begonia for my hair colour… but happy with either!

  12. What a fabulous yarn idea. Takes me back to Rajasthan immediately and makes me think of all sorts of creative projects.

  13. Oh….I love the idea of combining fabric into knitting!! I am a quilter and a knitter! What a fun project! I have very curly hair that this would be perfect for! I love the scarlet begonia color!

  14. Currently on hols in windy Provence and could really do with the beautiful headband now! I would choose to make my first one in Scarlet Begonia. All my girls would like one too so I’m going to get busy when I get back home. Merci beaucoup you lovely Loopies!

  15. I’m another quilter and knitter, so this yarn just thrills me! Gorgeous, gorgeous! I think I’d go for Golden Rod. What a super pattern! Thank you!

  16. Love it – golden rod for me! – lovely for the summer, i saw this when i was in Loop & asked what i cold make, didn’t buy any as no patterns. Love the hair band

  17. I love them both but I think I’d go for the scarlet begonia and I’d knit a headband for my beautiful 3 year old daughter. The red would look great with her blonde her. And I’d keep her hair out of her face!

  18. I would love the golden rod design as my nanny used to have plants named this all along the side of her front garden path..all looks fantastic, can’t wait to get some.

  19. would love golden rod design as my nanny used to have plants named this all down on side if her front garden path. all colours will be fab though.

  20. Knit Collage is always so creative with their beautiful and unique yarns! I would love either colour but I think the Scarlet Begonia has stolen my heart!

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