Big Bad Wool Weepaca

Big Bad Wool Weepaca at Loop. Loop, London.

We told you to get ready for an Autumn of new yarns and here is our latest arrival – Big Bad Wool Weepaca! Everything you could want from a baby yarn – super soft, yummy colours and the most wonderful patterns to make treasured items for precious babes.

Big Bad Wool Weepaca. Loop, London

Developed by Donna Higgins, a yarn shop owner and co-owner of pattern distribution company Deep South Fibres, she felt there was a missing element in her baby yarn section. So she created Big Bad Wool and the gorgeous yarn Weepaca, a blend of superwash merino and alpaca.  Big Bad Wool Weepaca. CW from top left - Leaf, Butter, Raw White, Blue Eyes, Lilac, Pink Noses. Loop, London. www.loopknitlounge.comLoop stocks all 23 colours from the softest pastel shades to retro brights. With such a cohesive palette, the colour combinations are endless.

Big Bad Wool Weepaca. CW from top left- Leaf, Mustard, Charcoal , Coral, Girly Girl, Teal. Loop, London

CW from top left- Leaf, Mustard, Charcoal , Coral, Girly Girl, Teal

And they are shown off beautifully in the blanket patterns such as the Colour Wheel Blanket  with a rainbow spiral.

Color Wheel Blanket. Big Bad Wool

Colour Wheel Blanket with Big Bad Wool Weepaca. Loop, London

Colour Wheel Blanket. Crochet. Big Bad Wool. Loop, London

Or the fantastically retro 70 Sunday Blanket 

70 Sunday Blanket. Big Bad Wool Weepaca. Loop, London.

Weepaca lends itself so well to blankets as the yarn is so light yet warm. If you’re not sure on colour combinations then the Mini Purl Blanket means you can just choose your favourite and knit to your hearts content!

Mini Purl Blanket with Big Bad Wool Weepaca. CW from top Coral, Pink Noses, Girly Girl, Koi, Dream Cycle. Loop, London.

CW from top Coral, Pink Noses, Girly Girl, Koi, Dream Cycle

L-R Bleach White, Minty, Fried Egg, Blue Eyes, Sample blanket Pink Noses

L-R Bleach White, Minty, Fried Egg, Blue Eyes, Sample blanket Pink Noses

Big Bad Wool also have garments in their selection of patterns. Wee Cardie is ideal for a gift when you don’t know the sex of a baby as its is designed for a boy or a girl. Just change up the button band after knitting the simple raglan cardigan.

Wee Cardie in Big Bad Wool Weepaca. Loop, London.

Wee Cardie and Big Bad Wool Weepaca . CW from top Teal, Minty, Water, Ashes, Blue Eyes. Loop, London.

CW from top Teal, Minty, Water, Ashes, Blue Eyes

Also, you can’t get much more cuter than the Knotted Cable Cap! It only takes one skein (or just two for the larger sizes) and we love the little nubbin tie on the top to finish.

Knotted Cable Hat in Big Bad Wool Weepaca 'Raw White'. Loop, London.

Many samples of these beautiful patterns have been loaned to us from Donna and are currently residing in our window as part our our new window display. Not only does it show off the colours of those blankets, it is somewhat mirroring this spring like weather we have been having recently for our Autumn!Big Bad Wool Weepaca At Loop! Window. Loop, London.

Big Bad Wool Weepaca -Loop, London.

We are giving you lovely readers the chance to win a skein in the colour of your choice – enough to knit the Knotted Cable hat or to start a new project…

All you need to do is comment below letting us know which colour you would choose – you can view all the colours online here. For extra entries you can share our Big Bad Wool Weepaca photo from our Instagram account ‘LoopLondonLoves’! Make sure you let us know that you did in a separate comment.

This competition will close at midnight GMT on Wednesday 8th October.

Good luck and Happy Knitting and Crocheting!

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126 comments on “Big Bad Wool Weepaca
  1. I love all the colours. But for me the ‘mustard’ really jumps out. I’m going through a mustard phase at the moment. Maybe it’s all down the autumn colours as the leaves turn yellow in fall. I’d love the try this yarn out for a pair of fingerless mitts :)

  2. What an amazing range of colours. I would love a skein of fried egg and I would use it to add a crochet edging to a plain blanket.

  3. Love Minty – but then Dreamcycle is equally dreamy… hmmm! …& then there’s Koi… Oh I love ’em all!

  4. Charlotte Powell says:

    Ohh I love Tree Frog! I’d use it to crochet a soft edge of the balaclava I’m making myself to stop my nose falling off in winter.

  5. Paula says:

    Those colours!! Wow. Better than sweeties any day. I really love the water colour, so bright and chirpy and I’d crochet it into a little snood to keep my whippet warm on these chillier autumnal days… X

  6. Jam says:

    Tree Frog– green is my go to for baby knits, nicely gender-neutral, but still kind of soft and cheerful.

  7. Fiona K says:

    All the colours are gorgeous but I think “Water” is my favourite ❤️

  8. Ines says:

    Beutiful colours! and what a great colour wheel blanket!If I have to choose one, I’ll go for Coral, but the are gorgeous together!

  9. Janine Bowers Wild says:

    I would love a skein of Blue Eyes to make a hat for my little girl. It’s gorgeous!

  10. Lucie Meagher says:

    I think I would go for ‘Stop’ as something a little festive!

  11. mrs robinson says:

    Such sweet colours and lovely names! I love the delicate pink noses…

  12. Susan says:

    Ooh the choice is almost too hard! Think it would have to be plum.

  13. Christine says:

    I’ve never done cables before but I think a skein of Mustard would inspire me to try that hat!!

  14. Ellen Andresen says:

    Plum! For a hat :-)

  15. Sue says:

    such a fab range…but Blue Eyes for me,little hat and booties for a friend’s newborn!

  16. I would definitely go with the Minty colour – so unusual and would be a lovely colour for a scarf with a big winter coat..nearly went for Girly Girl but thought I would stay away from pink for once!! ;)

    FC x

  17. Vicky says:

    Water is so cute and bright. Would be great for a little person’s hat.

  18. Sophie says:

    I would use the raw white and butter for a lovely garter stitch stripey baby cardie

  19. Andrea says:

    Difficult to choose – they are so beautiful – the pastel shades as well as the darker ones. I’d love Girly Girl for myself! However, as I have two boys, I would choose a lovely neutral colour for them – so Linen it is, please!

  20. Dorothy says:

    Gorgeous! Definitely a drop of ‘Water’ to quench my thirst to make one of those adorable wee hats!

  21. Helen says:

    I love koi. Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.

  22. Alison B says:

    Just one? Really? Blue Eyes. No, Minty. Final decision … Teal before I change my mind again!

  23. Joanna Hamilton says:

    Love the bright fushia Girly Girl pink! Would crochet a vivid pink rose corsage to brighten up my coat on those dark Autumn and Winter days!

  24. Susaie Blake says:

    I could choose the colours just for the names … Pink Noses, Butter, Girlygirl, Fried Egg!- but I think my favourite colour would have to be Leaf, a lovely soft green.

  25. André says:

    It would have to be Dreamcycle for me as I’m really liking that colour at the moment along with any peachy cream.

  26. Sali Morris says:

    Water would be perfect to make a hat for my baby boy for winter, although all the colours are gorgeous.

  27. Melanie Atkinson says:

    I like blue eyes, and pink noses, but I’m not certain if its just the colours or the way the names go together!

  28. Deb says:

    Definitely Blue Eyes – its lovely

  29. Layla says:

    The Teal has caught my eye- it’s beautiful. I feel some mittens coming on!

  30. Anne Marie says:

    This yarn looks amazing. I love Girly Girl!

  31. Deesha says:

    What lovely yarn. I love Coral.

  32. Linda Rumsey says:

    Beautiful colours – I think a hat in Minty would look great with my winter coat!

  33. Marta says:

    These colours are all so fresh – love them! I would choose mustard if I had to pick just one :)

  34. Giulia Pezzi says:

    Charcoal for me… Pretty please! :) thank you for hosting this great giveaway!

  35. Fiona says:

    They are all such beautiful colours but fried egg is a cracker.

  36. Mrs Mary Volkering says:

    My favourite is Dreamcycle, such an apt name for a dreamy shade of yarn!

  37. Sylvia Jordan says:

    I love the soft pink nose colour. But I wnt them all. Ha! Gorgeous colourways.

    Thanks and hope I win!

  38. Merry Fenton says:

    I’d pick tree frog since my friend’s daughter is not finding out the sex of her baby this time so I need to knit generic colors.
    wahoomerryf on Ravelry

  39. Jan Nairn says:

    My son and his partner are having their first baby I’d whip up the knotted cable cap in Bleach White for them x

  40. Jacinta says:

    Ooooh lovely yarn, I think the mustard would make a gorgeous hat to brighten up a winters day:-)

  41. Di says:

    What a beautiful range of colours….I would chose Tree Frog, one because I love the name and two because I love green….it would make a perfect little baby hat….with a little knot on top.

  42. ana julio says:

    Plum! I love it!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  43. Amy says:

    Ooh the coral is such a beautiful colour!

  44. Anett says:

    What lovely colours. I would choose Ashes.

  45. Jane Simants says:

    “Minty” is just calling out to be knitted into an ice-cream baby hat!

  46. Joanne says:

    So beautiful, I think “Ashes” would make such a chic little coat for a wee man about town.

  47. claudia horner says:

    Leaf is calling me, with the idea that although I’d knit a warm cozy hat, I would so be thinking forward to spring, dreaming of warmer days!

  48. I would like to knit in Girly Girl please because my brother’s youngest daughter is expecting a girl and my brother currently has five grandsons but no grand daughters!

  49. It would have to be Water I think.

  50. Lyndsey says:

    Would love a skein of Stop, perfect for the bubba I’m currently incubating

  51. Glenda says:

    Wow even the photos look super soft! It has yo be Girly Girl fir me please.

  52. monika bauer-boothroyd says:

    I would love a skin of “leaf” as I have just heard that I will become a granny for the first time in spring and from now on I will knit in every free minute until March!!

  53. Laura says:

    Looks lovely and soft. I’d choose Lilac

  54. OMG I would love a skein of Minty!!! I’ve been on such a mint kick lately :P

  55. Alison says:

    Lovely colours. For me it would have to be teal I think ….

  56. Andrea B says:

    They are all beautiful colors. I’d have to go with my favorite – water

  57. Sally Simons says:

    Girly Girl, as the name suggests, the colour is totally feminine but at the same time would pack a punch as a knotted cable hat on top of my head!

  58. Janet Friel says:

    Pink noses – my favourite colour and name!

  59. Brenda Johnson says:

    Tree Frog “hops” out for me. Hope I’m lucky!

  60. Ann dewey says:

    All look lovely, but minty is my favourite, wish I could feel them

  61. Cerstin says:

    I love Minty! It’s just my colour of the year…. Even my bike is called Minty :)

  62. Diane W says:

    Coral. Im a yarn snob. I will be checking this all out….beware!

  63. Deborah Myers says:

    Hi, these colors have such a glow. They must absorb dye wonderfully. Well here is my pick- “Coral”. Thanks for the chance to win a skein, it looks nummy.

    Fondly, Deb from MN

  64. It has to be fired egg for me. Although all the colours are gorgeous!

  65. Deborah Myers says:

    I just posted Loop Knit Lounge on these new fibers to your store. I pinned the first picture on this webpage.

    Deb from MN

    • Deborah Myers says:

      “Coral” is my color of choice. This is attached to the note on the first picture pinned to Pinterest.

      Deb from MN

  66. Deborah Myers says:

    Hi again, you can tell how excite I am about this new yarn. I also pinned the second picture on this page, I love “Coral” in this new line.

    Deb from MN

  67. Deborah Myers says:

    I hope this is the last comment I will make. I pinned a third picture, the last on this page, to Pinterest. “Coral” is my choice. Thanks for putting up with my mistakes in writing. I actually pinned the 1st, 2nd and last pics on this page as well as making a comment on how I feel about this new yarn!
    Thanks for offer of a free skein to a lucky winner!

    Fondly, Deb from MN

  68. Lee Ann says:

    They’re all lovely but I especially like girly girl and blue eyes – thanks for the give away :)

  69. Rebecca smith says:

    These colours are beautiful. I would choose coral as that’s my favourite colour and I’d make something for my daughter Ronnie.

  70. Helen says:

    Love all the sherbet colours but coral would be my fist choice for autumn pull on hat for my grand-daughter.

  71. Sandie says:

    I’d pick Ashed to make the little hat for my baby due in Feb! A perfect neutral baby shade!

  72. Nina says:

    All my friends are expecting boys… So I’d probably go with Tree Frog :-) This yarn looks so soft and amazing!

  73. Christell says:

    I love the coral and would use it in an autumn snuggle blanket for the sofa!

  74. lucy king says:

    I love Mustard -would be great for a hat for my little boy so I can spot him easily amongst the autumn leaves!

  75. Sharon says:

    Love the Teal!
    And at least 6 others!
    Wonderful-looking yarn, can’t wait to work with it.

  76. Michelle says:

    Hmm. Teal? Charcoal? Love them all but I think probably Tree Frog is my absolute favourite. So nice to see such a choice!

  77. Ruth says:

    I’d pick girly girl for my nearly 2 year old not very girly girl who had just asked for a new hat!

  78. Anna Rheingans says:

    I’d definitely go for Teal – it’s the name of my favourite childrens’ TV character, from ‘Abney and Teal’. I’d make a lovely cosy hat out of it!

  79. Annelie Storbjörk says:

    I fell in love with Koi!

  80. Helen Duke says:

    I love all the colours but especially like the Teal! Xx

  81. Michelle says:

    Definitely Koi please

  82. Sue says:

    the teal leapt out at me straight away as I love this colour – I would love to make a baby jacket in 2 or 3 colours, blue eyes and charcoal would be so delicious

  83. Gale says:

    You display their palette to such effect! I would choose Leaf!!

  84. Fiona says:

    Would have to be Coral to knit up a baby hat and booties for a friend’s baby due this winter!

  85. Kelly Mains-Sheard says:

    What stunning colours! Difficult to choose but I think Blue-eyes would be my choice. Thanks for the giveaway!

  86. Johanna says:

    I would love to make the knotted cable hat in teal for my nephew :)

  87. Karin says:

    oh, butter butter butter

  88. Vilma says:

    So many beautiful colours! But I think my favourite is Koi.

  89. Sara D says:

    All of the colors are lovely! I would choose the raw white shade. Thank you for sharing the yarn and pattern ideas.

  90. beverley says:

    I would love girly girl! I’m in the mood to knit something pink! :)

  91. Birgit says:

    Leaf – such a soft green, perfect for a baby hat

  92. marcia says:

    I love the coral color as it would be so beautiful on my granddaughter!

  93. Rosie says:

    Utterly seduced by the subtle, yet confident, leaf; would be luscious for some lacy wristwarmers.

  94. Rhian says:

    Love the ‘wee cardie’ pattern and I would love to knit it in ‘water’ which is my favourite shade!

  95. Jules says:

    I love the colours and the crochet blankets but Coral would be my favourite.

  96. Heidi says:

    Fab colours and hard to choose but plum is a beauty.

  97. Alice Weir says:

    I would choose Blue Eyes to make a cabled hat for my friend in San Francisco who is expecting a baby in January.

  98. Sarah Taylor says:

    The vibrant yellow is my first choice but unfortunately I would want to adopt them all! :-)

  99. Donna says:

    All lovely, I will take one of each! I think I would like a ‘fried egg’ please!x

  100. Dot Folwell says:

    What gorgeous colours! They would all be a pleasure to work with, but I like Minty best!

  101. brenda says:

    I usually use blues or purples but that nice dark emerald green looks so rich, that’ll be my choice

  102. Dot Folwell says:

    What gorgeous colours! They would all be a pleasure to work with, but my favourite is Minty.

  103. Marga says:

    I love all colors but my fav has to be “Stop” it is like a ripple raspberry ice cream color ….fantastic …and the blend! Merino and Alpaca my two best friends :) CONGRATULATIONS!

  104. Victoria says:

    I love the teal colour. Would be perfect to match a hat for my newborn with her teal coloured pram! :)

  105. Sarah says:

    Mmm, I love Stop – perfect for a Christmassy hat for a new little one!

  106. Sandie says:

    I’d have to pick Ashes…something neutral for my baby due in February!

  107. pukemoana says:

    It’s a toss up between Blue Eyes and Charcoal. Blue Eyes is gorgeous, but then Charcoal also is lovely *and* it makes other colours pop eg Water, Mustard . . .

  108. Deborah Myers says:

    I wrote a comment on Facebook to let them know of this new line for you. I hope this helps you out with the promising new line. ‘Coral’ for me!

    Fondly, Deb from MN

  109. Deborah Myers says:

    I hope you are anxious as I am. Today, I had a response to the picture (first one above) saying that this is a nice burst of color for babies. I have never gone so far as I have for this yarn, It excites me and will definitely want to knit with this yarn.

    Deb from MN

  110. Chiara says:

    TEal for a fantastic hat!

  111. Liz says:

    Tree frog for me – it will go with my new coat!

  112. to vrange says:

    I love green, so Tree frog would be my choice :)

  113. Susan says:

    For my lovely friend who is having her first baby. She is feeling very
    overwhelmed so I think I would knit a Mini Purl Blanket in Minty to calm her jitters

  114. Angela says:

    Looks wonderfully soft. I love the colourcombination of the purl blanket…If I have to choose one colour I go for “coral”.

  115. Tammy says:

    They look like my favorite sherbet colors!

  116. Amy Wilson says:

    Canoe or ashes!

  117. Anne G says:

    I would choose Water – turquoise is a favourite, and Water is such a bright, encouraging colour for a little one.

  118. Anne MacKenzie says:

    This yarn looks so soft and snuggly, I’m sure its a dream to work with. I would choose pink noses to knit hat and bootees for tops and toes(es)

  119. Catherine says:

    Dreamcycle is the perfect shade for neutral baby knits. Ideal for gifts for those friends who decide to wait until birth to discover if it’s a boy or a girl!

  120. Kate says:

    What amazing colours! Minty just tops the list for me.

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