Wintermute by Mairlynd for Loop


Wintermute by Mairlynd Copyright of Loop London

As our homes and streets are starting to be decorated with festive sparkles and pretty lights, make sure you’re wrapped up in something equally special! Our latest pattern Wintermute, designed exclusively for Loop by talented designer Melanie Berg uses Kismet Refuge, a sumptuous blend of baby camel and silk. Beautifully soft and cosy, Wintermute is the perfect accessory bringing a touch of glamour to any outfit.

Kismet Refuge Blush, Rhubarb, Lady Slipper. Copyright of Loop, London


Wintermute by Mairlynd for Loop,London. Back-2. Copyright Loop, London

Wintermute is a top down semi-circluar shawl, where the stocking stitch crescent really shows off the subtle hand dyed variation of Refuge. Plus, there is no need to pick up stitches! Just work the boarder with its pretty cable detail straight onto the live stitches once you’ve knit the body. A delicate yarn over edging adds, as Melanie describes it, a ‘whisper of lace‘ to finish.

Wintermute for Loop, London. By Mairlynd in Kismet Refuge Copyright of Loop London

Kismet Fibre Works, based in Virgina USA, is a collaboration between Angie LeNoir and Stephanie Stotts. Together, they create the most divine colours and make sure to source their fibers from a local company. Their aim is to “honor the entire life of our yarn: from field, to fiber, to you the artisan.”

Kismet Refuge. L-R Lady Slipper, Juniper, Limoncello. Copyright of Loop, London

L-R Lady Slipper, Juniper, Limoncello

Refuge is a luxury blend of half silk and half baby camel that results in the most deliciously drapey and soft yarn. If you haven’t tried knitting with this blend you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how delightful camel is as a fibre!

Plus, the silk content of this base takes the dye beautifully, giving a real depth of colour to these rich shades.Kismet Refuge. L-R  Juniper, Country Road, Limoncello. Copyright of Loop, LondonOur sample takes two skeins of the shade Lady Slipper, a dusty pink with almost gold highlights.

Kismet Refuge - Lady Slipper. Copyright of Loop, London

Lady Slipper

Kismet Refuge - Michigan Cherry Copyright of Loop, London

Michigan Cherry

Wintermute looks stunning as a solid colour, but with our capsule selection of colours it’s so easy to chose two for a fun striped version.Stripey Wintermute in Kismet Refuge Rhubarb and Blush. Loop, London.

We’ve already started our second shawl, all you need is one skein of each shade to make the stripes! Wintermute can either be purchased via the Loop online shop as a printed copy, or as a PDF download from Ravelry.

Kismet Refuge. L-R  Rhubarb and Blush. Copyright of Loop, London

L-R Rhubarb and Blush

Kismet Refuge.L-R Loop London, Larks Song. Copyright of Loop, London

L-R Loop London, Larks Song

Kismet Refuge. L-R  So Fresh and Juniper. Copyright of Loop, London

L-R So Fresh and Juniper

Kismet Refuge. L-R  Amanita and Fog. Copyright of Loop, London

L-R Amanita and Fog

Many thanks to Melanie Berg for her beautiful pattern, to Kristin Perers for the gorgeous photography, Susan Cropper for the styling and Rachel Atkinson for her expert technical editing. 

We’re so excited about the release of this beautiful new pattern, we’re giving you lovely readers a chance to win a copy! All you need to do is comment below letting us know which colour you would chose if you were to knit Wintermute -remember you can see all the shades on our online shop here. Make sure you comment by midnight GMT on 26th November and we’ll announce the winner next week.

This competition is now closed, congratulations to Tracey!

Good luck and Happy Knitting and Crocheting!

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70 comments on “Wintermute by Mairlynd for Loop
  1. fanfangad says:

    I should knit it in fog

  2. Jules says:

    A gorgeous shawl, I would knit it in Blue Ridge Banjo, with a name like that who wouldn’t!

  3. Maria Sandstrom says:

    Beautiful shawl! I bet it would look fantastic Michigan cherry so that’s what I’d choose.

  4. Stephanie says:

    Stunning yarn!

    Is that second shawl Dani Sunshine’s Vintage Bouquet by any chance? I’ve knitted up three of those, each with a mixture of silk based yarn together with a Madelinetosh Sock. I’ve been thinking of knitting up another. It really is a fantastic pattern.

  5. Stephanie says:

    Is that second shawl you are knitting up Dani Sunshine’s Vintage Bouquet by any chance? If so it’s a fantastic pattern!

    • Loop says:

      A lovely pattern too, but it is in fact a stripy version of Wintermute! We loved the solid colour version but wanted to try some stripes for the main stocking section :)

  6. Stephanie says:

    Beautiful. I would use Michigan Cherry.

  7. Lauren says:

    I would knit that beautiful shawl in Michigan Cherry!! I am presently snowed in, in Michigan, and could use the Cherry color to brighten my cabin fever.
    Michigan cherries bring a smile to everyone and I could really use one now!

  8. I would use Blue Ridge Banjo throughout.

  9. Vicky says:

    Oooh, isn’t that a lovely pattern. I’ve never wanted to knit a shawl before. I would knit it in fog or loop London. I love grey.

  10. velia says:

    Loved the Rhubarb, looking for a distributor here in the US.

  11. I would love to use the special Loop London shade, perhaps with rhubarb or maybe Limoncello … or .. it is so hard to choose.

  12. Sarah says:

    OH MY WORD, I would have to get my hands on that Rhubarb! Too gorgeous!

  13. PoppyTwist says:

    Fog! It would be beautiful in Fog.

  14. Amy says:

    So beautiful, I would knit in Blue Ridge Banjo (great name!)

  15. Emmanuelle says:

    Beautiful and very romantic. I love this gorgeous shawl

  16. Nathalie Van Damme says:

    I would knit it in Rhubarb and Blue Ridge Banjo. I love pink and blue.

  17. Liz says:

    I would use fog; a lovely colour for a lovely shawl.

  18. Deborah Keep says:

    All the colours are stunning but I woukd knit it in Fog

  19. Marie says:

    The version ‘Loop London, Larks Song’ will be really beautiful! This shawl is wonderful!

  20. Andre says:

    Beautiful shawl, would love to knit it in Larks Song or Loop London, two beautiful colourways to match the simplicity of the shawl.

  21. Fiona Brennan says:

    Michigan cherry and fog to snuggle up in with my newborn.

  22. Pipi says:

    I so love the beautiful patterns that u develope only being partially sighted I have great difficulty following them. Charts especially are impossible for me. Please could u include some simplified ones as I am sure I can’t be the one out there with this problem tks

  23. mrs robinson says:

    Maybe beginning to allow myself to feel festive… so Michigan Cherry!

  24. Lisa jacobs says:

    Beautiful shawl…Michigan cherry for sure. So in your face! It would cheer me up just to look at it let alone drape it round me.

  25. Laura says:

    I think I would *have* to knit it in Wink! :)

  26. Ali says:

    I’d pick Michigan Cherry as it reminds me of my visits to Michigan in the summer!

  27. Diana Currey says:

    Concord is the perfect colour to make myself a meditation shawl. What joy!

  28. Jane Simants says:

    Rich and seductive Concord!

  29. Donna says:

    So, so pretty. I would choose lovely Concord.

  30. Filomena says:

    My favorite is the Amanita and Fog combo!
    Beautiful pattern and yarn!

  31. Fernanda Dias says:

    Blush is the one. So beautiful, so romantic.
    Ande the pattern…lovely

    Thank you

  32. Helen Chong says:

    Lovely pattern! I’d knit with blush!!!

  33. Linda Rumsey says:

    Michigan Cherry would be my colour choice, to bring some colour to grey Autumn days!

  34. claudiapetra says:

    Such a beautiful pattern! I would knit it in london loop or fog because I love grey.

  35. Helene says:

    This is a beautiful pattern and I would love to knit it in Ladyslipper !

  36. Maria says:

    I would knit this gorgeous shawl in Loop London :)

  37. Violetta says:

    I love Amanita. So lovely shawl!

  38. Libbi says:

    Lady slipper is so lovely and flattering.

  39. claudia horner says:

    Oooh,Juniper is calling my name!

  40. Corina says:

    Michigan Cherry! For sure! I wanna be a lady in red, so there you go!

  41. Sue Robinson says:

    I would use Loop London. What a cosy and beautiful shawl!

  42. Anna James says:

    Luscious Michigan Cherry for sure – it looks absolutely divine!

  43. RENE WALKIN says:

    I would choose Amanita-that juicy melon colour makes me salivate with longing!

  44. Olöf Olafsdottir says:

    I would knit it in Ladyslipper

  45. Sandra Hugie says:

    So many beautiful yarn colors. I think I would knit the shawl in concord, but rhubarb is a close second. Thanks for posting!

  46. Claire Steele says:

    My choice would be Rhubarb, with Amamanita as a second choice, thank you

  47. Brenda says:

    Michigan cherry would make you stand out in a crowd – what a striking colour!

  48. Tracey says:

    Loop London would be a great colour and reminder of my first visit to London with my husband this past February. I very much enjoyed dropping by the shop while my husband enjoyed looking around Camden Passage. I’ve been looking forward to this pattern being released.

  49. D Scott says:

    This is THE shawl pattern I have longed for! It would be lovely in Blush ( a summer evening shawl) or Rhubarb ( warm against winter skies)

  50. Shay says:

    I’d knit it in Fizze’s Fix, though Concord is a close second!

  51. Ann dewey says:

    Juniper! Love it

  52. Monica says:

    How gorgeous I will love to make it in Loop London and Wink

  53. Cornflower says:

    I’d choose Juniper or Fog, I think.

  54. Mit Lahiri says:

    Amanita and fog for me I think.

  55. Lynne says:

    Ah, if I were to knit Wintermute, I would choose the color Loop London. The calm shades in Loop London are evocative of “winter” and “mute” and “refuge” to me, though every color is glorious.

    Wintermute looks to be a classic design ~ well done, Melanie.

    Refuge looks to be a classic luxury fiber ~ well done, Stephanie and Angie.

    Thanks, Loop, for this opportunity!

  56. Annette says:

    For a one color version I’d use Michigan Cherry, for the two color shawl Blue Ridge Banjo and Fizze’s Fix

  57. Ann says:

    It’s got to be Lark’s Song – would look fab with my little black Christmas party dress….and keep me cosy too!

  58. Diane Pyle says:

    Michigan Cherry makes my heart sing!

  59. Deborah Myers says:

    A splendid shawl pattern! I would pick the Kismet Refuge yarn in the colors,”Fiizze’s Fix” and “Rhubard” in stripes. What a great combination.

  60. Marianne says:

    Michigan Cherry !!!! yumm…………

  61. Susan ThelanderBell says:

    I would do it in Lady slipper, it sounds like a race horse and I am sure the shawl would be a lovely accessory with a race outfit. Might have a win and then buy more yarn!!

  62. Shannon says:

    What a beautiful pattern! I would choose Michigan Cherry because I grew up on the Canadian side of the Michigan border. Brings back fond memories!

  63. Karen says:

    Michigan Cherry would make a beautiful shawl!

  64. Wanda Coy says:

    I really like the look of the striped shawl so I think I would go with lark song and rhubarb

  65. Maria says:

    I would love to knit this in Concord. What a gorgeous purple!

  66. sally says:

    I like Wink as it has lovely subtle colour changes in it, and I love the name!

  67. Hannah says:

    Oh goodness, I think I’d have to go for Lady’s Slipper – it’s gorgeous!

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