Loop’s 10th Anniversary Plans – with Uncommon Thread and Juju Vail

Exclusive Colourways for Loop. Loop, London. www.loopknitlounge.comYou may have noticed the hints we’ve been dropping on Instagram and here on the blog too about our 10th Anniversary celebrations – we’re so excited to share what we have planned! The big reveal won’t be until September, but over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing exclusive sneak peeks from Loop’s new book. 

A collaboration between Loop and several talented dyers and designers has resulted in the most beautiful bespoke colourways and special patterns. Each week on the blog this summer we’ll have interviews with those involved in the project and behind the scenes clues as to what you can expect, all leading up to the big reveal of our new book!

To start with we have Ce Persiano, the architect behind the beautiful shades of The Uncommon Thread. Susan loves the selection of greys from Uncommon Thread but there is also a special place in her heart for the speckled colourways like Confetti and Spumoni – so this yarn is the magic combination of both! An equally magic name has been given to this colour ‘Turbillion’ – normally a star with an erratic flight which creates a spiralling glitter effect.

Uncommon Thread Lush Worsted in 'Turbillion' - Bespoke colour for Loop!
Uncommon Thread Lush Worsted in ‘Turbillion’ – Bespoke colour for Loop!

Tell us a little more about the inspiration and process behind developing your Loop colour way?

When Susan got in touch about developing a yarn for Loop’s birthday, I immediately thought of celebrations and what better way to celebrate than with fireworks? So they were the inspiration for the colourway. A night sky with a lot of colours bursting through.
The Uncommon Thread, Lush Worsted -Top (L-R) Cumulus, Confetti, Nimbostratus, Bottom- Charred, Peat, Plata, Toast.
The Uncommon Thread, Lush Worsted -Top (L-R) Cumulus, Confetti, Nimbostratus, Bottom- Charred, Peat, Plata, Toast.
Loop also carries your Tough Sock, BFL Sport/Light DK and the Lush Worsted (which is the base that has been chosen for this custom colourway) what is  special about these blends?
Tough Sock, as the name implies, is great for socks, but also anything that will get a lot of wear. It’s still very soft and would work great for baby knits and sweaters, for example. BFL Light DK is my dream sweater yarn and is a base exclusive to Loop. I have quite a few in it already and there will be many more. It’s soft, warm and strong and does not pill easily (plus Loop carries lots of colours!). Lush Worsted is by far the softest of them all. Imagine an indulgent shawl around your shoulders! Because of the cashmere content it’s also the warmest. I would recommend working this yarn at a slightly tighter gauge to increase durability.
Lush Worsted was used by Rachel Atkinson for the free pattern Spring Bloom Mitts (avaliable on the Loop Blog!)
Spring Bloom Mitts - Photocopyright of Rachel Atkinson
Spring Bloom Mitts – Photo copyright of Rachel Atkinson

What can you imagine being knit in this new colour?

All sorts of things! I’m already musing on making socks and a sweater in it, but I hope everyone agrees that the colourway is versatile enough for anything you might dream of making.
If you could choose a yarn from Loop (excluding your own!) what would you go for?
Oh that’s such a hard question! There is so much in there that I covet! I often buy Madelinetosh when I go in as I love Amy’s colours. But I think there are quite a few new things since I’ve been in last and I’m looking forward to checking out Jill Draper and Pigeonroof Studios. And I quite fancy the Temaricious threads too!

The Uncommon Thread Sport/Light DK is a favourite for our cute cabled baby cardigan Mignon

As we near our 10th Anniversary, do you have any memories or stories of Loop that you’d like to share?
When Loop opened I had not long been knitting. I made the trip to London specially to check it out. It was so overwhelming! I had never been anywhere like it before. So many colours and textures! I also remember fondling a skein of Pluckyfluff, a hand spinner I had long admired. It wasn’t a yarn that Loop stocked, but just the fact you had it in amazed me no end and I knew I was onto a good thing. It took me ages to choose anything and it was love at first sight!

Thanks Ce for taking the time to answer our questions and for the new addition to The Uncommon Thread palate – this shade will be in the Tough Sock and BFL too come September!

All the bespoke colours have been developed with new complimentary patterns for the book. Juju Vail – expert Loopette, hostess of our Knit Nights and all round knit guru – has used the Lush Worsted for an adult size ‘Sprinkle’. Sprinkle originally featured in Loop’s last publication Juju’s Loops and ever since we’ve been asked for an adult sized version – and soon the wait will be over.

Sprinkle from Juju's Loops. Yoke - KPM 2341, 1 skein, Main- KPPPM p718 , 2 skeins
Sprinkle from Juju’s Loops. Yoke – KPM 2341, 1 skein, Main- KPPPM p718 , 2 skeins

Tell us a little bit more about your ideas and design process for the original Sprinkle.

I love chevron stitches because they are a versatile basis for making interesting variation of a design. The texture of the fabric is interesting in its own right and then changing colours can give you so many striped designs.

How have you adapted the design for adults?

I wanted something simple and easy to wear for an adult. I kept the idea of having a contrasting yoke and the texture of the chevron stitch but made the silhouette more adult and flattering. I added pockets. All garments should have pockets!

How does The Uncommon Thread work with this design and what do you like about knitting with it?

What a beautiful yarn! One of my Loop favourites! It has great loft and her colours are the best!

What other yarns would you suggest for this yarn?

I am currently making a version in Quince & Co. Owl. It is a slightly thicker yarn so I am making the medium size for a large figure. I am striping the 5 sections of the yoke with three different colours. Lots of different ways to play with colour in this simple sweater. I don’t think this will be my last. I’m planning another one in Berroco Ultra Alpaca.

Any special memories about Loop?

10 years ago I struck up a conversation with a knitter on a local bus. She told me a knitting shop was opening in Islington. I was so excited. London was bereft of good yarn stores back then. When it opened, I went in and introduced myself to Susan. Customers had already asked her if she knew Juju. I think all the local people who knew me thought that all people who knit, know each other.

Thanks Juju!

We’ll be bringing you more exciting book previews over the summer, so stay tuned!

Happy Knitting and Crocheting!

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5 Comments on “Loop’s 10th Anniversary Plans – with Uncommon Thread and Juju Vail

  1. Looking forward to this book and special yarns! Ce encouraged me to visit Loop when I was making plans to visit London. Now, it’s got a permanent spot for my London trips!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Almost four years ago, when I retired, I went to London – from Mexico – hoping to live a dream… to walk into Loop Knitting Shop as if I did it every day! It was certainly a highlight of my trip to London. You can’t imagine the emotion felt when I found Rowan’s Kidsilk Haze, bought it, and made up a lovely sweater. Your shop is well known in Mexico. I will be back to visit you, but don’t know just when. You have such a lovely, wonderful shop, with some of the finest yarns I have ever seen. Happy Celebration! Cynthia Escalante

  3. When I turned 50,which was 5 years ago, I went on my first ever overseas trip and I came to London to visit a friend who lived with me in Australia for 1 year while she touring. I love to knit and in one of my books there was a story about Loop so I wrote to my friend and asked if she lived near your shop. It turned out that I only had to make a train trip with a change from Surrey to Islington. My friend bought me to your shop which was the old one and I fell in love with it. It was one of my favorite things to do during my trip. I took so many photos to prove to my friends I had visited. We don’t have many shops like that in Australia because of our climate. I have since done mail order and I subscribe to your newsletter. I am now saving to come to your new shop.

    • Thank you so much for your lovely message Susan. The new book brings you a little part of Loop to your side of the world – and we hope you can visit soon!

      Loop x

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