Brooklyn Tweed Quarry

Brooklyn Tweed Quarry, Skein is Sulphur, Swatch is Serpentine.
Brooklyn Tweed Quarry, Skein is Sulphur, Swatch is Serpentine.

Introducing the third member of Brooklyn Tweed’s woolly family, the rustic and textured Quarry. Taking inspiration from roving style yarns, Quarry is a chunky aran weight, but also light with a lofty feel. We’re thinking cosy jumpers and thick scarves with bold stitch details  – it’s a yarn that was made for Autumn!

Quarry is formed from three strands of softly woolen-spun yarn (the same style that we know and love used for Loft and Shelter) which are then gently spun together. This technique creates a yarn that looks like a hand spun single ply, but with more sturdiness and stitch definition.

Brooklyn Tweed Quarry, colour 'Serpentine'. Loop, London.

Jared Flood, the founder and creative director of Brooklyn Tweed, wanted to take the properties from the Targhee-Columbia wool used for Shelter and Loft for a heavier weight version, “I loved the character of the fleece and thought that it would be fun experimenting with an unspun version that would allow the intrinsic qualities of the wool to shine”

“The result is a yarn that looks like a roving-style “singles” but maintains some desirable qualities from a 3-ply yarn construction: a round structure (Quarry really loves cables and brioche) as well as more tensile strength than a single-ply roving yarn. It’s still quite softly spun of course, but has a built-in structure that makes it behave more interestingly on the needles than other non-plied prototypes we tested.”

Brooklyn Tweed Quarry, Swatch is Serpentine. Loop, London.

Due to the nature of the yarns construction and therefore low twist, you may find that the yarn can twirl in the space between your needles and the ball. To counteract this, just run your fingers gently along the working yarn towards the ball and smooth any coils that may start to interrupt your knitting.The finished fabric will be well balanced without bias and will bloom to a softer fabric after blocking.

Brooklyn Tweed Quarry in Hematite. Loop, London.

With a capsule collection of ten colours, each shade features the characteristic fleck and tweed that this company are known for.

Brooklyn Tweed Quarry (L-R) Alabaster, Flint and Gypsum
Brooklyn Tweed Quarry (L-R) Alabaster, Flint and Gypsum

These heathered tones have been named after a mineral or gemstone calling to mind not only the depth of natural colour, but also the yarns name ‘Quarry‘.

Brooklyn Tweed Quarry (L-R) Geode, Moonstone and Slate.
Brooklyn Tweed Quarry (L-R) Geode, Moonstone and Slate.

Brooklyn Tweed has already rounded up several talented designers for their Fall 2015 Collection to show what Quarry can do. These patterns will be with us a printed copies in the next few weeks and in the meantime are available as PDF’s on Ravelry

As always, we can’t wait to see what you make – Happy Knitting and Crocheting!

Brooklyn Tweed Quarry, in Serpentine. Loop, London.


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