Woolfolk Hygge

Woolfolk Hygge. 11 Navy, 03 Sky Grey, 13 Dirty Sea Foam

Woolfolk Hygge. 11 Navy, 03 Sky Grey, 13 Dirty Sea Foam

A few weeks ago we were all excited to show you the most exquisite merino from Woolfolk, and now they are back again! This time it’s their super bulky weight Hygge that has us dreaming of the chunkiest and softest knits we can imagine.

Woolfolk Hygge. 12 Burgundy, 02 Silver, 13 Dirty Sea Foam

Woolfolk Hygge. 12 Burgundy, 02 Silver, 13 Dirty Sea Foam

Make sure to read to the end of the post to find out how you can win a skein!

Much like Woolfolk‘s aran weight Far, Hygge has a chainette structure, but this time with a smudgey soft stitch definition. A blend of merino, alpaca and a touch of silk gives the ultimate softness that made us fall for Woolfolk in the first place and their modest palette means a range of sophisticated shades.

Woolfolk Hygge

Hygge is a wonderful Danish word that has no direct English equivalent, but roughly translates to the feeling of cosiness. Indeed, you may know the word from our baby jumper pattern of the same name! We think it sums up the warmth and texture of this yarn beautifully.

Woolfolk Hygge (L-R) 12 Burgundy, 08 Darkest Bronze, 13 Dirty Sea Foam.

Woolfolk Hygge (L-R) 12 Burgundy, 08 Darkest Bronze, 13 Dirty Sea Foam.

Woolfolk have worked with designer Olga Buraya-Kefelian (you might know her better as Olgajazzy) to create The Hygge Collection. The lightness of the fibre and Olga’s clever details means garments that are modern and uncluttered, eliminating the heavy shapes that can sometimes result from working with such thick yarn.

Of course, we all know that the thicker the yarn the speedier the knitting! Loopette Sophie cast on the Traef hat in the morning and was ready to go for a stylish Autumn walk in a new hat by lunchtime! Sophie knit the slightly bigger slouchy version and still only used one skein of Hygge.

Woolfolk Hygge at Loop. TRÆF Hat in 13 'Dirty Sea Foam' (Slouchy Version)

Woolfolk Hygge at Loop. TRÆF Hat in 13 ‘Dirty Sea Foam’ (Slouchy Version)

Want to get cosy with a skein of Hygge for yourself? This blog post we are giving you the chance to win a skein of Hygge in the colour of your choice!

Woolfolk Hygge. TRÆF Hat (closeup) in 13 'Dirty Sea Foam' Loop, London www.loopknitlounge.com

Just comment below letting us know which one you could chose (you can view the full range here) Make sure you get your comment posted by midnight Wednesday 4th November and we will announce the winner on next weeks blog.

And speaking of winners, last week we gave you lovely readers the chance to win a skein of Shibui Silk Cloud…and the winner is Giulia who chose Brass ‘such a brilliant shade‘. Congratulations! We’ll be in touch to let you know how to claim your prize.

Shop Keepers Home

Shop Keepers Home

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Shop Keepers Home GiveawayTo celebrate the launch of the book, Caroline has collaborated with the many shops featured in the book for the most amazing giveaway! One person can win the bumper collection of goodies worth over £350! This competition is being held on the Patchwork Harmony blog, so be sure to follow the link to find out how you can enter to win – good luck!

And one final thing, if you haven’t already, you still have time to vote for us in the Time Out Love London Awards.
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Many, many thanks. Susan and all of us at Loop!

Happy Knitting and Crocheting!

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101 comments on “Woolfolk Hygge
  1. Deborah Garretty says:

    It would have to be “sky grey” for me. Lovely steely grey colour perfect for a cosy snood.

  2. It might be unlucky for some but with Halloween just round the corner I’d have to say 13 for me…Dirty Sea Foam. Perfect for a slouchy Traef hat :-)

  3. Pam Barfoot says:

    This wool just jumps out to you and say ‘buy me please’ For me 11 navy would be my choice of colour.

  4. Margaret says:

    I love the dirty seafoam color. Woolfolk yarn is so so soft! I’d love to win a skein of their new Hygge! Thanks

  5. Laurenr says:

    I love the silver, it will go with anything and stand out all on it’s own! Beautiful, soft looking silver!!

  6. Kay says:

    What a gorgeous looking yarn! I’m in a “must have ALL the greys” phase right now, so Sky Grey it would have to be, but all the colours are lovely.

  7. Prue Manson says:

    Sky Grey is my pick. Always interested in new yarns.

  8. Maria Sandström says:

    I’d like the Burgundy color for a cosy hat.

  9. Louise S says:

    This yarn sounds so beautiful and I would love to try it. For me it would be burgundy (perfect for a hat) as I love the richness and depth of the colour.

  10. Sarah K says:

    I love the Dirty Sea Foam colourway. It feels a bit wrong to call it ‘dirty’ through – it’s a sublime colour and looks very squishable!

  11. Melinda La Rosa says:

    Such a beautiful collection of patterns! All the colours are stunning but my favourite is Burgundy.

  12. Ellen T. Andresen says:

    I’d love to try this new yarn in burgundy!

  13. Saskia says:

    Sky grey is perfection :)

  14. Kim says:

    Such gorgeous wool! I’m in love with the Raven colour – dark and mysterious and just perfect for the time of year. :)

  15. Jill Palmer-Kearns says:

    So difficult to choose but sky grey is so beautiful. Have just found you (thankfully) What a wonderful place

  16. Kate Smith says:

    Wow this wool looks delicious! I’d have to go for Deepest Bronze. I’m usually anti brown but that shade is mesmerising x

  17. Katie says:

    I love all the colours, they just go together so well, but if I had to choose I think I’d go for darkest bronze.

  18. Phyllis Kirschenbaum says:

    i just love the Deepest Bronze. The yarn looks very cosy and would love to experience how it feels to knit.

  19. Masami says:

    I would love the silver(02). It would be perfect for a lovely chunky scarf!

  20. Kerry Roberts says:

    Ooooo! I’d like shade 12, Burgundy, as it reminds me of the winter berries I pass on my morning walk x

  21. Kayo Teare says:

    wow lovely new wool ♡ I like all the colours but I choose 08 Darkest Bronze for a cosy hat!! x

  22. Karen says:

    Ooo has to be Silver; just perfect for another cowl!

  23. Helen says:

    my choice would have to be ‘silver’ I would love to make a cozy cowl to survive the imminent frosty mornings.

  24. Marion Beet says:

    I’ve been looking and dithering, but I think in the end the Darkest Bronze has it for me!

  25. Andrea says:

    Burgundy for me, please. A yummy colour full off berries, rich autumnal shades and warmth!

  26. Wei-Lin says:

    Mmmm… Burgundy for me please. Beautiful, wintry and rich colour.

  27. Felicity says:

    I’d love to win a skein in silver: – soft, sophisticated, gorgeous.

  28. Sybille says:

    Raven please. Love the understated almost black. Perfect to go with my new scarf. :D

  29. Graceann says:

    I would have so much fun using the Burgundy for something cuddly, and it would be for ME! It would be a nice change from all the gifts I’ve been knitting lately. :-)

  30. Margene Lehman says:

    Picturing wearing a soft, comfy hat in Dirty Sea Foam while walking my dog on a wintry day.

  31. Kelly says:

    I love the seafoam, and have just the pattern in mind…

  32. Allison says:

    Ooh – such lovely choices! I think I’d have to go with Sky Grey – it looks so versatile!

  33. Lorna Barbour says:

    Darkest Bronze would be my choice.

  34. Monica says:

    To me grey sky is the shade that stands out I love all the grey-blue colours

  35. Sue says:

    I want that yarn on my needles and in my hands! Dirty Sea Foam would be my first choice

  36. Lynn G says:

    I would love a skein of Burgundy. It’s such a rich and warm color. Woolfolk yarns are so luxurious!

  37. Debbie S says:

    Looks luscious! 12 Burgundy is my choice for a color!

  38. Sheila Talbert says:

    re HYGGE, I would love to win any of the colours, there is always a family member who needs a hat

  39. Sue says:

    Definitely Burgundy, a good colour a great number (a dozen…) and it will keep my throat warm when I can’t drink a glass of it!

  40. Louise says:

    I would love burgundy! Such a beautiful rich colour.

  41. Sharon Michelle says:

    I’d love to win the ‘Silver’ shade of hygge, it gets me thinking of twinkling lights & beautiful glass baubles

  42. Beverly Hetherington says:

    It would be a Dirty Sea Foam hat for me to wear as I walk along the winter beach and restore my soul.

  43. Jane says:

    I love ‘burgundy’ as it embodies the word Hugge perfectly – warmth, softness and cosiness. A beautiful cowl would brighten grey days and keep the cold out.

  44. Philippa Swann says:

    ‘Raven’ Hygge please! For the dark days of winter.

  45. Kaeleigh says:

    That navy for sure – what a beautiful ØNSKE sweater it would make!

  46. Kathryn Hoyle says:

    I would have to go for Deepest Bronze – beautiful and a change from my usual greys.

  47. Fiona McQueen says:

    Would have to be the dirty sea foam for a cosy pair of slippers for the cold winter nights

  48. I’d love some burgundy, it would make a lovely snuggly cheerful had for the winter.

  49. Irja Maijala says:

    Raven, that’s my colour :)

  50. Margaret says:

    Silver – because it would brighten up a grey day.

  51. Liz says:

    I’d love the sweater in dirty sea foam. Really beautiful. Shame only one hank in stock.

  52. Carole C says:

    I love the Darkest Bronze shade …perfect autumn into winter colour for me .

  53. Alicia says:

    Burgundy is always beautiful and goes with everything.

  54. Kath says:

    Deepest Bronze would make a cosy hat for autumn

  55. Linda Rumsey says:

    Burgundy for me – such a rich colour!

  56. Jane Jones says:

    I love the Dirty sea foam. I can’t resist those blue green tones

  57. Denise says:

    Dirty sea foam – what a great name for a fun yarn! Thanks for hosting a fun giveaway.

  58. Caroline Barnard says:

    The burgundy for me please xxx
    I love all things purple/burgundy. My bath is sprayed in pelt by farrow and ball and I have cosy soft towels of the same colour!! But looking around my flat and wardrobe I have even more. So maybe too much? Then maybe raven. You choose xx

  59. Jane Dale says:

    I would choose ‘Sky Grey’ because when I see it I can’t decide if it is blue or grey! It changes every time. But seriously they are all gorgeous.

  60. Sarah K says:

    I love the Dirty Sea Foam colourway. Although it feels a bit wrong to call it ‘dirty’ – it is a sublime colour and looks very squishable!

  61. Holly says:

    As I’m making an attempt to have a little less grey in my wardrobe I’d go for dirty seafoam. What a delicious looking yarn!

  62. Nia says:

    I am loving Dirty Sea Foam!!

  63. Marilyn Ferguson says:

    Tempting and seductive Sky Grey is the Hygge shade of my desire.

  64. Melissa says:

    I’d pick Sky Grey – perfect colour with the fall weather!

  65. Jeska Eade says:

    Silver – ooohh shiny! Yes please!

  66. Jules says:

    Dirty Sea Foam for me, love the burgundy cardigan, off to have a look at the Hygge collection on ravelry.

  67. Bordergirl says:

    Lovely Sky Grey for me. Thanks!

  68. Chris says:

    Oh yes please! Sky grey would be cosy!!

  69. Alice says:

    Raven – I love an off-black

  70. Sarah says:

    Ooh yum, Silver cries out cosiness to me!

  71. Sue Robinson says:

    Just love the deep bronze shade.Mmmmmm.

  72. Jacqueline Krafchik says:

    Dirty Sea Foam is just one big scrumptious cuddle!

  73. Katrina says:

    How I wish I could get to your shop! I love all the colours ; any would be perfect.

  74. annette says:

    snuggling up in a hyggelig cowl when the winds turn cold – maybe in navy

  75. Natalie Brown says:

    Deepest Bronze would be my pick! Beautiful rich Jewel colour – would look good for livening up my standard black and grey moody winter wardrobe with a snood!

  76. Charlotte Parfitt says:

    All the colours encapsulate Hygge wonderfully but the Dirty Seafoam has such a great name so it’s got to be that!

  77. Amy says:

    I love the burgundy, but they all look lovely.

  78. Morag milligan says:

    I love to wear navy so “sea foam ” colour way of hygge would be the perfect match

  79. donna says:

    Sky Grey is for me!

  80. patmom says:

    I love Silver! What a great neutral shade for a hat!

  81. Andre says:

    Dirty Sea Foam, what a name, perfect for a hat for beach walking…

  82. Bonnie Peterson says:

    Beautiful! Too hard to choose just one. Dirty sea foam would make a beautiful cowl for our Iowa winter.

  83. pukemoana says:

    sky grey–I love the touch of blue in it

  84. Kayo says:

    Wow lovely new wool ♡ I like all the colours but I’d pick 08 darkest bronze for cosy hat!! x

  85. Olga says:

    Sky grey is my favourite :)

  86. Sally Simons says:

    I would go for Raven and make a slouchy Hygge hat with a Pom Pom on the end!

  87. Annette says:

    a hyggelig cowl in navy would be fab!

  88. Brenda says:

    Burgundy for me. Would knit up while enjoying a glass of the same!

  89. Goodness, how does one choose only one color?! If you are forcing me to choose, I think the Burgundy would make a stunning and snuggly cowl.

  90. 524mlt@gmail.com says:

    It would be dirty seafoam! Beautiful!

  91. Andrea says:

    I would love silver!

  92. Inês G. says:

    Oh, I love the Sky Grey colourway!

  93. Mary Beth says:

    It’s the navy for me. Great color. Clear. Cool.

  94. Amanda says:

    I’d choose silver! But the whole range is so gorgeous…

  95. jen says:

    Raven please !

  96. Sara w says:

    I have two skeins of medium grey coming so id have to go for the navy next. But really I want them all ;)

  97. Eileen says:

    We will all be fighting over that last skein of Dirty Sea Foam! So perhaps I’ll step back and settle for Burgundy. All of the shades are gorgeous….

  98. Gwen Kading says:

    …silver for me, a lovely winter color, so soft like snow flakes

  99. annette says:

    they all look so nice together! but on its own dirty sea foam would suit me best

  100. Marieluise von Hennig says:

    For me, it would be Sky grey as well.

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