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The first issue of Making, ‘Flora’, was released last summer and sold out at Loop many times over, and when the second issue ‘Fauna’ was released in November, it practically flew out the doors. Loop loves independent publishing and Making is one of our favourites; it’s a beautiful publication that we are more than a little smitten with, and we are absolutely thrilled that our Loop exclusive Orkney Angora ‘St Magnus’ in ‘Ghost’ is featured in the Arctic Cowl by Carrie Bostick Hoge. 



The ‘Arctic Cowl’ is a 1 ball perfection of a design, with a lovely feather inspired stitch design, and sure to keep you looking and feeling very cosy.



A delightful 50/50 blend of angora and lambswool, St Magnus is nothing short of sublime. The softness it offers is pure luxury, and the beautifully fuzzy halo doesn’t detract from stitch definition. It’s a perfect cowl yarn; the softest, cosiest fibre to wear next to your neck.

Hawick Cowl

Hawick Cowl

Custom Colours for Loop! CW from Top - Magical Goose, Ghost, London's Dark Evening, Squashed Clementine, Prince Suitcase, Plum Stain

Custom Colours for Loop! CW from Top – Magical Goose, Ghost, London’s Dark Evening, Squashed Clementine, Prince Suitcase, Plum Stain

Ghost is one of 6 exclusive colours that Loop created with Orkney Angora. We have previously used it in another cowl pattern, the Hawick Cowl by our Loop friend Rachel Atkinson, and it’s free right here on the blog! 


Images of Arctic Cowl courtesy of Carrie Bostick Hoge.

We love this pattern and yarn so much we simply have to share our love. So we’re giving away 1 ball of Orkney Angora in our bespoke colour ‘Ghost’ – enough to make the wonderful ‘Arctic Cowl’ in the Fauna issue of Making Magazine! To enter, leave a comment below telling us why would love to win, and for an extra chance to win, follow us on Instagram @LoopLondonLoves and repost our picture using the hashtag #LoopLovesMaking or simply use the hashtag in a post of your own, showing us why you’d love to win. Entries for this giveaway close at midnight (GMT) on Wednesday 1st March. 





Almost time for EYF, yarn friends! We’re bringing Viola, Wollmeise, The Uncommon Thread, and our very special guest the Spincycle gals! We will be on stand H1 and accepting both card and cash payments, and we look forward to seeing you at the fair!


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34 comments on “Loop loves Making
  1. Pamela says:

    I would LOVE to win 1 ball of Orkney Angora in your bespoke colour ‘Ghost’, which is enough to make the wonderful ‘Arctic Cowl’ so that I could make this beautiful cowl for one of my daughters for Christmas 2017. It is very important to start early in the year!

  2. kelli winter says:

    I would love to win so that I could give it to my Mom. She knits constantly, makes her own designs, and loves to try new yarns. I would love to see what she would make with this beautiful yarn!

  3. Andre says:

    I would love to win. What a lovely first project to start off my knitting in the round!

  4. Jannicke Stefansen says:

    I would love to win, I’ve never tried this yarn before and the whole project looks so lovely!

  5. Gale says:

    I would love to knit with Angora, I never have!! I love the Making magazine and can’t wait for issue 3!

  6. Nia says:

    I’d love to win cos that yarn looks so snuggly soft and I love the ‘halo’ effect :)

  7. Leslie says:

    Oooh…aahhh…would love to own some of this so I could make a sweet gift.

  8. Tamara Snell says:

    I would love to win the ball of angora to knit the Arctic cowl! Thank you for the chance! I was recently gifted Making 2, Fauna, after wanting it desperately. I haven’t knitted any of the patterns yet, and it would be wonderful to start with this beautiful cowl ❤️

  9. Angie Ross says:

    The patterns in this magazine are so beautiful; I am grateful for the chance to win this yarn – I can only imagine how wonderfully soft it is, and how breathtakingly beautiful the finished cowl would be….

  10. C Smits says:

    I would love to win this yarn, it is very beautiful and the cowl looks wonderful too, especially in this special colour.

  11. Linda Rumsey says:

    I’d love to win as the yarn and cowl pattern make such a perfect combination.

  12. Beverley says:

    Oh I would love the actual wool used for knitting this cowl.
    I couldn’t resist the pattern and knit it with a friend as a ‘friendship cowl’ from wool the lady sent to me. I enjoyed knitting it so much I would really love to knit another one in the orginsl soft angora

    I loved Making and knit 4 of the Town O’cap hats

  13. Glenda says:

    I would really love to visit Orkney but until I get there I would love to be able to knit with their beautiful Yarn. The Ghost colour is stunning in this pattern

  14. Denise McDonald says:

    What a beautiful looking yarn – it looks like it would be a joy to knit with! I would love to win this beautiful ball of yarn to use to knit a cowl as that looks to be the perfect way to use it. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  15. Stina says:

    It looks like the perfect cowl for this variable spring weather!

  16. I travelled up to Orkney a couple of years ago and bought some other yarn from this lovely company. I would love to knit this cowl in ghost: each stitch would remind me of that magical place.

  17. Britta Stehling says:

    I would love to win the yarn to knit exactly the cowl from the making magazine…..it is so cute. I have never used angora before, because I couldn’t find a yarn, which is definitely not from tortured animals. So I would like to have a try with this one….

  18. Jane says:

    What could be more lovely that that yarn and pattern?

  19. Sarah says:

    It would be very special treat to win such a beautiful yarn. This cowl is a perfect spring garment. Thank you for such a generous offer.

  20. Kari HB says:

    Beautiful match of yarn and pattern. I have both issues of Making and the pages are inspiring, so glad I subscribed. Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. A lovely giveaway… I purchased the dreamy Making from Loop and have been wanting to knit this cowl. The chance to do so with this gorgeous yarn would be such a treat!

  22. Vanessa B says:

    This wool looks so beautiful. The cowl would be a lovely Spring addition to my knitwear collection. A joy to wear.

  23. Sally Simons says:

    The cowl is appealing, using only one ball and the Ghost colour shows off the delicate pattern. I would make a few in different colours!

  24. Vivienne Bell says:

    It is just so pretty!!
    Looking forward to seeing you at EDF. :)

  25. Laura says:

    Ive never knit with angora, so this would be great!

  26. Patricia says:

    I would love to win this yarn, it looks so gorgeous and snuggly. Hope when I m in London to find a making magazine, almost impossible to get in Australia

    • Loop says:

      Hi Patricia,

      We ship everywhere in the world, so you could order it from our website when it’s back in stock. If you’d like to be notified when it’s back, please send us an email to shop@loopknitting.com and we’ll make a note of your details.


  27. Jules says:

    I have had my eye on this cowl since receiving my copy of Fauna, I have similarly had my eye on the yarn as well for ages, it would be a true delight to knit with this special yarn.

  28. Jill Orr-Young says:

    ‘ghost’ reminds me of the beauty of ghost gum in central Australia

  29. Anja says:

    Ever since I saw this yarn I wanted to knit with it – so thank you for a chance to win

  30. Jacinta says:

    I would love to knit the cowl, it would be like a fluffy hug for my neck.

  31. Jan says:

    I love the cowl pattern and the yarn looks a perfect match.

  32. Ali Thomson says:

    Orkney is just full of the happiest memories of family holidays for me. If I win this I will knit up the cowl for my mum’s birthday, then she can be snuggled up with wool and happy memories, couldn’t ask for a better combination than that!

  33. Sarah says:

    I would love to win so I can knit this cowl for my friend who’s just moved to Orkney!

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