Thank you!

Thank you!

A message from Susan:

Last Sunday morning I decided to donate all profits from our London and online shop to the ACLU (the American Civil Liberties Union), an amazing organisation.

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It was a tricky decision as a business, but these are tricky times.

They protect the civil rights that are ingrained in the Constitution for everyone. As an American, looking on to my country from my home of 30 years in the UK, I took the leap and did what I could to raise money in a way that I could never do in my personal life, and to open it up to others to be and feel involved.

ACLU Fundraising at Loop London

I can’t tell you how overwhelmed we were by the response!

We raised £7,386 and were able to donate $9,240 on Monday. Besides the money that was raised, what touched us so much were the beautiful emails, notes that were written in the online orders from all over the globe, phone calls, and what people said to us in the shop. Thanking us for opening a door for them to donate and make a difference, however small or large. Some of you ordered even the smallest thing as a way to be supportive. Even yarn shops in other countries ordered from us, as a way to say thank you. It brought me to tears a few times, the incredible community we have, and it really is incredible. And it filled me with hope.

I’m beyond proud of my customers and incredible staff that made this possible. 

So! Just a heads-up that we had hundreds of orders to pull, pack and ship to you all. It is Friday now, and we are down to the last batch of those orders to go out – phew!

We really have been working flat out to get the things that you ordered out to you as fast as we can. We apologise for the little wait, and if anything wound up being sold in the shop before we could pick it fast enough to fill your whole order, we apologise again. 

Again, huge thanks to each and every one of you.

– Susan


A second big thank you goes out to all of you who entered our giveaway of our new Winter Whispers cardigan pattern. A PDF copy of the pattern goes to the three lucky winners Marybeth, Andrea and Louise – congratulations!



Don’t forget that we’ll be at the Edinburgh Yarn Fair with tons of gorgeous yarns and haberdashery in March. And another wonderful yarn we’ll be bringing is Wollmeise! We look forward to seeing you there!

16 Comments on “Thank you!

  1. Susan thats an awesome gesture and as you say the world is going through such tricky and scary times. I didn’t see anything earlier — so how can we contribute?

  2. That is so wonderful! It is amazing what the people of the world can do when they come together in solidarity. I am a Canadian but have been deeply troubled by the political climate from our southern neighbour. When we hear that “he” won the election, just get over it, “they ” do not understand, it isn’t that the other political party won that is making us upset, Trump is scaring us all, it is the ideology of this man in charge and his brash comments and his thoughtlessness of others that are not like him that is causing this uproar. My dear cousin is lgbtq and is marrying the love of her life who is an American. It is a very scary time for both of them. Thankfully they are marrying here, in Canada, and her love will be immigrating to Canada. Thanks for doing this for our friends in the US.

  3. Thank you so much for doing something like this. I am from Omaha, Nebraska and I can tell you personally that I have also contributed to the ACLU. You are right, these times are tricky. It is a time to take a stand for civil rights. You and all businesses that stand firm are appreciated. Best to you.

  4. Hello from New York, and many thanks to you all at Loop who organized and followed through on this fund raising project for the ACLU. Their attorneys are going to be kept very busy, I do believe.

    I have resumed contributing to Planned Parenthood as my small way of helping other women.

    You all might be interested to see the blog I wrote about participating in NYC’s Women’s March. My site is I also posted a March photo and video over on IG at

    There are, and will be, many ways for folks to get more involved in the future of our individual countries’ futures, and that of our shared world. Best wishes. xo

  5. I lived in London for several years, and Loop was one of my first homes away from home. Now that I am back in the states, I cannot thank you enough for continuing to care so much. You give me (and so many others) hope in so many ways!

  6. Thank you for standing with us and you great support in these terrible times we are going through. I love your store in Los Angeles, CA. USA

  7. From the bottom of my American heart, thank you! We are in a pickle and all help is gratefully accepted. Bless you and keep on creating peace.

  8. My Quaker ancestors fought in the War of Independence,the Civil War, I am proud of the part they played in helping to make America a great democratic country. I don’t have a problem with Donald Trump becoming Persident Trump, that is how a free society works What makes me angry is he appears not to have separated sufficiently from his business interests.This Muslim ban does not include Muslim countries that have Trump business .I feel Donald Trump and his family see his Presidency as a golden buissnes opportunity in which to make a financial killing! God help us. Xxx

  9. I found your site by accident – a good accident – and then saw your post about donating to the ACLU !!!! What an incredible gesture and so appreciated. You are a new “favorites” in my bookmarks !

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