Brooches and Shawl Pins Summer Giveaway!

Brooches and Shawl Pins Summer Giveaway!

We know many of you knit shawls for your special events during the summer. Have you seen our large selection of specialty Brooches and Shawl Pins? We’re always on the look out for lightweight, decorative pins to keep your shawls fastened in place.

Here at Loop, we’re crazy about haberdashery and the prettiest of these comes in our huge selection of brooches and shawl pins. Sourced from around the world, from the delicate handmade beauty of Sophie Digard’s crocheted and embroidered ones to others made of metal, wood and horn, they’re the easiest way to add a fun finished touch to your handmade project. Loop has a large selection of different styles, colours and shapes to suit everyone’s taste. Whether it’s a dainty posy in a subtle, moody colour or a cheerful, retro-style bird on a branch, Loop is sure to have the perfect accessory for you.

The sweet Posy brooches quickly became a favourite when they arrived in the shop. They come in loads of different colours and two sizes; small or large. They are made of tinted enamel metal and can be used as either a brooch or shawl pin. They make the loveliest gift.

shawl pins at Loop London
Clockwise Top Left: Posy Brooches in Silver, small Posy Brooch in Red on Spice Market Shawl, coloured Posy Brooches, Metal circles shawl pin in light brass on Pennae Shawl knit in DyeForYarn merino silk fingering in “Golden Beehive” and “Ghost Under a Cold Moon”, small Posy Brooch in silver-rose with Isager Spinni Tweed and Daisy Scissors, Metallic Kilt Pin in gold on Piccadilly Shawl knit in Eden Cottage Hayton 4 ply.

These beautiful brass brooches are made from pressed brass sheets using antique plates so the designs are all vintage. The details pressed into each brooch are intricate with so much attention to detail. They look fabulous on shawls adding a touch of romance and vintage appeal. So charming.

Vintage style brooches
Vintage Style Brass Brooches: Bronze Birds on an Arrow,  Bronze Scissors, Bronze Bee, Bronze Hare and Bronze Oak Leaf and Acorn.


These absolutely beautiful natural horn shawl pins come in several different colours and their unique shape make them a stunning addition to any shawl or cardigan. They come in four different colours in a natural, muted palette. The perfect shawl accessory.

Horn Shawl Pins - Loop
Natural Horn Shawl Pins in great colours
Sophie Digard Velvet Jonquille Brooch at Loop London
Sophie Digard Velvet Jonquille Brooch in Colour RR

The great thing about shawl pins, is a small collection can accessories all of your shawls; you could wear a plain pin one day to and dress it up another day with something much fancier. They’re also wonderful to hold a cardigan closed at the top instead of a row of buttons.

brooches at Loop London
Clockwise: Sophie Digard Jonquil handmade Velvet Brooches , Vintage style Brass Bird Brooch on Acorns and Arches Shawl by Kirsten Kapur (Through the Loops) in mYak handed cashmere lace, Acorn & Will Squirrel Brooch on Sophie Digard crochet shawl, and Acorn & Will Louis Outdoors Brooch.

We also sell a few clasps that can be sewn on to garments. They aren’t as versatile as a shawl pin, but sometimes you just need a simple fastener.

Celtic Clasps at Loop London
Celtic Clasps on Honeyblossom cardigan knit in BC Garn Semilla DK

Posy Brooch Giveaway

We will giveaway 6 small Posy brooches to 6 lucky winners ( 1 each) for their Summer shawls. To enter leave a comment here on the blog or follow us on instagram, reposting our image or a shawl pin of your own with the hashtag #LoopLovesHaberdashery. We will announce the winners next Friday, July 28th. Good luck and happy knitting!

Brooches -Loop
Plenty of pins in different styles to choose from










137 Comments on “Brooches and Shawl Pins Summer Giveaway!

  1. Beautiful pins…and they make such a difference when you wear your shawl or just as brooch on a jacket x

  2. Wow!I would love to wear one of these beauties with my shawl I have bever seen such a big and lovely variety of shawl pins!!Fingers crossed

  3. These are so pretty! I am working on my second shawl at the moment so will perhaps treat myself to one of these lovelies when it’s done! x

  4. Wow, they are beauties, that’s for sure!
    I should really get some, I have so many shawls and also cardis without button closures, on which pins would surely look great, too!

  5. What a generous giveaway from my very favourite yarn shop! What a treat to win such a special brooch! ❤️☺️✨➿

  6. I love these, I’m making my fist woven shawn on my weaving loom. I think these are so clever and sweet, LOVE ever one of them. Thank you for the chance to win.

  7. I love these, I’m making my fist woven shawn on my weaving loom. I think these are so clever and sweet, LOVE ever one of them. Thank you for the chance to win.

  8. So, so pretty. And yet another excuse to pop into Loop next time I’m in London; if I don’t win I’ll simply have to buy one (or three)!

  9. The shawl pins are beautiful, I’ve just finished knitting the Through the Loops MKAL and one would look great on that.

  10. I can never resist a shawl pin; I always get seduced into buying just one more in a different colour/size/shape whilst I’m at the till in Loop!

  11. Such prettiness all in one place . A great range , so hard to find something for fastening fine silk yarn .

  12. I have just started using shawl pins and love them. These little pins look so delicate and such lovely colours.

  13. I love your haberdashery department just as much as the rest of your shop! Thanks for the giveaway — I’m always drooling over those pins!

  14. They would be perfect to go with my ‘Thank you’ shawls I’ve been making for my lovely friends who have been helping me through a tough time.

  15. The pins are beautiful, I would love to win one, but happy to buy one when next visiting Loop. Thanks for the opportunity.

  16. I have espent some time coveting the lovely brooches at loop, and these are so pretty! Please save my bank account and let me win one!

  17. What a beautiful selection of shawl pins. I am addicted to knitting shawls and wraps and a pin would be well used!

  18. Now that was what I forgot to pick up when I was in your store at the beginning of April! I will need a pretty shawl pin to go with my Picadilly Shawl that I am knitting! Gosh! How I would love one to go with it!!! This Canadian sure loves Loop London!

  19. I love shawl pins! So far I have two – one metal with a celtic design, one just a simple plain brass. I use them to close my open-front cardis as well as to keep my shawls tidy. I’ve had my eye on your silver posy brooches for a while now – if I don’t win I will treat myself for my birthday in September. The kilt pins with the circular motif are lovely, too, though!

  20. Hands down, you always have the prettiest, most crave-worthy shawl pins. They really do add an extra touch to handknits.

  21. I almost bought one and should have while visiting Loop on my holiday a couple of weeks ago. I ended up buying a pin and lots of other stuff but I still regret not getting one of the lovely shawl pins.

  22. How beautiful they all are and the perfect accompaniment to a shawl! Thanks for an opportunity to win one of these unique pins.

  23. I plan to visit your lovely shop from Vancouver, Canada at the end of September and one of the items I have on my list to see is your collection of beautiful brooch pins.

  24. I never can resist shawl pins and brooches. You can never have too many and they always add that “certain something” to shawls and woollens. Am keeping my fingers crossed!!!

  25. Oh my! Would just love ❤️ one of these shawlpins from @looplondonloves.
    Susan, your instagram feed is like a beautifully curated art exhibition x

  26. I love your pins and I use them on bags I’ve made as well as shawls. They get lots of compliments!

  27. These are so beautiful ! They are amazing works of art that take my breath away – gasp !!

  28. So pretty. Would look lovely on my URSA wrap (blue/purple/green). Wish they had been there on my last visit to the UK.

  29. I’m making a shawl with the beautful DyeForYarn tussah silk lace I got from Loop in the Spring. A new shawl pin would set it off nicely!

  30. Beautiful handmade haberdashery! I love Loop, it’s my favorite yarn store… and I live in California! I visit Loop every time I visit the U.K.

  31. Usually a sock person, I am dipping my toe into the shawl pool and finding the water is fine! Those pins are gorgeous!

  32. A shawl pin would be a welcome accessory to keep my myriad of shawls done up tight during the long Canadian winters (not to mention looking stylish as well which is paramount!)

  33. These are the loveliest shawl pins ever! So dreamy…thank you for the chance to win a posie!

  34. Love these shawl pins–especially the lilac colored ones. Six people are going to be very happy!

  35. I had seen these posy pins before at Loop and sighed deeply and thought, if only…so, you can seem they are much coveted by me!

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