Rosy Green Organic Wool

Rosy Green Organic Wool

We are delighted to add another yarn that is 100% organic GOTs certified to our growing group of organic yarns. Rosy Green Wool Merino d‘Arles is 100% French Organic Merino. The Merino D’Arles is a specialty sheep originating from the Alpine meadows of France; often considered to yield the finest Merino wools in Europe.

rosy green Merino d'Arles at Loop London
We have all Eleven Colours of Rosy Green Merino d’Arles

During the winter the flocks stay in the valleys of France, where there’s plenty to graze and they’re safe from mountain conditions. As it gets hotter, and the grazing thins, the shepherds walk their flocks to high mountain pastures.
This 5 day walk, to over 2000m passes through local towns and villages, the numbers of sheep swelling as more flocks join along the way. This hardy breed then stay in the high regions until the weather starts to turn, before they are once again led back to the valleys.

This beautiful Sportweight yarn has been developed in collaboration with Melanie Berg and Loop is the exclusive London stockist.

The yarn is sold in 50 gram skeins that has a 200 metre (218 yards) put up. It is good value for an Organic Yarn. Perfect for large jumpers.

Melanie Berg has designed a few stunning shawls with this beautiful yarn.

La Crau Shawl by Melanie Berg in Rosy Green Merino d’Arles: Mistral, Camargue, and Ochre

Melanie Berg’s Verdon and La Crau both use this gorgeous yarn!

Verdon Shawl at Loop London
Verdon Shawl in Rosy Green Wool Merino d’Arles in Mistral, Montagne, Roulette and Rivière

Melanie Berg Workshops

Melanie is coming to Loop next Spring to repeat some of her popular workshops.

During the weekend of April 21-22nd Melanie will be teaching workshops on how to design for the construction of shawls in her Shawl Construction Class.

Or you might like to taste a variety of ways to add color to your knitting with her  Colourwork Shawls class.

Colorwork class with melanie Berg at Loop London
Melanie Berg Workshops: Shawl Construction and Colourwork Shawls Class

Melanie’s workshop are very popular, so if you are interested you may want to add one to your Christmas Wish List!

Pinwheel Mittens Giveaway

Pinwheel at Loop London
Pinwheel Mitten pattern in Isager Highland Wool

We can see that a lot of you loved our newest pattern done with Ella Austin – the  Pinwheel Mitts. We ran low on some Isager Highland colours, but they should arrive back in the shop very soon.

Huge congratulations to Elaine Kemp who left a comment on our blog and won the prize giveaway of a copy of the pattern as well as the Isager Highland Wool to make them! We’ll be in touch Elaine.

Next week we’ll show you some of our wonderful gift ideas for the holiday season. In the meantime, happy knitting!

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