Cohana ~ Haberdashery from Japan

We love haberdashery that showcases traditional craft! Like Sajou, from France, who make beautiful sewing items using designs from their 150 years of business. We also carry Buaisou and Temaricious hand-dyed threads from Japan. These are used in traditional embroidery and for making Temari balls.

Now, we have another beautiful supplier from Japan~ Cohana! They provide high-quality, handmade tools selected from regional products and craftsmanship throughout Japan.

Cohana measureing tape at Loop London

These Yuzen Leather Tape Measures from Cohana are made by a special method of dyeing created by Mr. Takeguchi in Kanagawa. He has adapted the craft of Yuzen dyeing (often seen in silk kimonos) for the leather cases. Special dyes are used to bring out the unevenness of the leather surface. They look and feel very special.

Cohana Tape Measures at Loop London

The tape measures inside the leather case come from a company in Osaka called Hara Doki, who make high quality fibre glass; they won’t stretch or contract, giving you an accurate measurement every time.

Cohana measureing tape at Loop London

Cohana have brought together the leather craftsmanship of Kanagawa with the technical excellence of the fibre glass tape measure from Osaka to make an unique and excellent product.

Japan is also well know for its excellent quality blades. These Shozaburo Thread Clips are made, one pair at a time, by a family company in Tokyo, who descend from the original master, Miura Shozaburo.

Shozaburo thread Clips at Loop London

The handles are wrapped in silk Iga braids from Mie. Iga braids are primarily used for armour-making since before the Nara period.

Shozaburo Thread Clips at Loop London

Shozaburo Thread Clips  from Cohana and Julie Arkell doll

The silk threads are gentle on the hands. The  snips come with this  soft leather sheath.

Shozaburo Thread clips at Loop London

Like all of our Japanese products, the Cohana items are beautifully packaged, so make an excellent gift.

Cohana packaging at Loop London

We’re always on the lookout for unique haberdashery and we have some very special things to show you over the next few weeks!

Edinburgh Yarn Festival

We’ll be at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival again this year from March 15th-17th. We had a great time last year.

Look out for more hints about what we’ll be bringing over the next month!

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