Zabadoo ~ New Loop Shawl Pattern with Kits

Zabadoo ~ New Loop Shawl Pattern with Kits

We have a lovely new Loop pattern for a long, cosy Double Knit wrap. And there are kits too!

Zabadoo, designed by Libby Jonson, is made with sumptuous Uncommon Thread Light DK ~ a Loop favourite. Super squishy and cosy!

Zabadoo at Loop London
Zabadoo in Libby colourway

We love Zabadoo’s long triangular shape and tasseled ends as they’re perfect for tying around the front.

Zabadoo at Loop London

Zabadoo uses four skeins of Uncommon Thread Light DK; 3 of the main DK colour and 1 of the contrasting colour, so it’s a generous knit with plenty of texture.

Zabadoo at Loop London

Panels of garter stitch alternate with bobbles and simple, slip stitch colourwork. The asymmetrical angles of each point create an interesting shape to knit and wear.

Zabadoo at Loop London

Did we tell you how much we love tassels? Adding tassels to the end of shawl points, makes them so much easier to wear, as the extra weight means the points stay over our shoulders and wrap nicely. We have a tutorial for making the tassels here.

Zabadoo in Juju at Loop London
Zabadoo in Juju

Zabadoo kits come in three Uncommon Thread BFL Light DK colourways:

Zabadoo Kit Libby at Loop London
Zabadoo Kit Libby: 3 skeins of Golden Praline and 1 of Robin’s Egg
Zabadoo Kit Juju at Loop London
Zabadoo Kit Juju: 3 skeins of Spumoni and 1 of Peony
Zabadoo Kit Juliet at Loop London
Zabadoo Kit Juliet: 3 skeins of Confetti and 1 Seascape

Libby Jonson aka Truly Myrtle is a New Zealand designer who lived in Cambridge for 12 years. We’ve long loved and admired her patterns at Loop and it was a dream when she agreed to create a pattern with us.

Zabadoo at Loop London

It’s great that Libby chose a British hand-dye yarn to use (and in a base that’s exclusive to Loop!) When in the UK, she visited Loop in London and fell in love with The Uncommon Thread yarns.

Libby Jonson at Loop London
Libby Jonson

It was their fun name that first made me smile and I was captivated by their beautiful colourways. I simply couldn’t resist the opportunity to have a a play once I had the chance!

I’ve grown fonder and fonder of large squishy wraps and shawls to wrap up in and I love the happy, fresh colours that we chose for Zabadoo – it’s impossible not to walk with a spring in my step and a grin on my face with such zingy colours around my shoulders!

Zabadoo Pink Juju at Loop London
Zabadoo Pinks in ‘Juju’ at Loop London
It took a while to get a feel for exactly what the yarn wanted to be in terms of texture and line but in the end it sang when it was allowed to bounce into the wee dotted pattern, slip into angled lines and relax into a large snuggle. Zabadoo’s cosy with just the right amount of pizazz :)
We love this new pattern and hope that you do too! You can find the PDF of Zabadoo over on Ravelry in Truly Myrtle Designs and we have both the printed pattern and the kits in our London and online shop.
The kits include all of the yarn that you need, a copy of the printed pattern and it all comes in a Loop cotton shopper/project bag!
Thanks so very much to both Libby for the beautiful design and Ce Persiano for dyeing the yarns for us. Happy Knitting!
We also carry patterns for Libby’s Cloud Kisses, Flindra, and Joss shawls.
Libby Jonson shawls at Loop London
Libby Jonson shawls: Cloud Kisses, Flindra and Joss

If you like the idea of knitting from a kit (perfect for taking away on a summer holiday) we’ve added a kit section to our website! We ensure you have the right quantity of yarn and they all comes in Loop project bags.

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