Beautiful New Wools from Denmark ~ CaMaRose

Beautiful New Wools from Denmark ~ CaMaRose
CaMaRose Hverdagsuld swatch

We love bringing you new yarns from all over the world ~ Japan, India, Denmark, USA, Canada and France among other places, as well as our own native beauties. Our newest yarns are two irresistible wools from Denmark made by CaMaRose: Yaku and Hverdagsuld.

CaMaRose colours at Loop London
CaMaRose colours

The CaMaRose range of yarns are designed by Trine Bertelsen and named after her 3 children ~ Carl-Emil, Mathilde and Anna-Rose. They are the reason she started knitting and her daily inspiration.

CaMaRose HVERDAGSULD at Loop London
CaMaRose HVERDAGSULD at Loop London

We couldn’t resist stocking CaMaRose! Look at that stunning palette! Pretty Bon Bon colours and soft Greys: Loop favourites!

CaMaRose swatch in HVERDAGSULD at Loop London
CaMaRose swatch in HVERDAGSULD, colour Mork Okker (37)

We have two bases: Yaku fingering weight and Hverdagsuld DK.

CaMaRose yellows at Loop London
CaMaRose yellows:  Yaku in Broendtkarry/1989 and Sennepsgul/1990 & Hverdagsuld in LYS Okker/35Mork Okker/37 with Cohana handmade leather tape measure in yellow


The Yaku is a 100% mulesing free merino wool, which is made specially for CaMaRose. (Mulesing is the cruel process of removing wool-bearing skin from the buttocks of sheep.)

CaMaRose Yaku in 1020 Stovet Rose at Loop London
CaMaRose Yaku in Stovet Rose/1020 and Cohana Yuzen Leather tape measure in pink

This yarn is a super soft, superwash merino in 4 Ply/Fingering weight. Perfect for baby projects and soft colourwork. Loop stocks the full range of 35 colours, although we currently have 30 in stock, with the rest top follow shortly.

Hydrangeas in Yaku at Loop London
Hydrangeas Shawl in Yaku


Hverdagsuld is a very beautiful (mostly!) organic DK/sportweight wool in an array of 32 wonderful colours. We love the happy colours these come in as well as the range of beautiful neutrals and greys.

Begynder Taeppet Blanket in Hverdagsuld at Loop London
Begynder Taeppet Blanket in Hverdagsuld

Hverdagsuld is soft and machine washable.

Hverdagsuld at Loop London
Begynder Taeppet Blanket in two colours of Hverdagsuld

CaMaRose is switching fully to organic yarn! Most of the range is already organic but there are a few colours to still be changed over. Check our website for a complete list of the organic colours.

CaMaRose Hverdagsuld swatch at Loop London
CaMaRose Hverdagsuld swatch

Soft and machine washable. Perfect!
A wonderful new DK weight yarn that can also be use as a sportweight yarn.


Trine Bertelsen has designed a lovely range of patterns for her yarns. Not surprisingly, with her children as her inspiration, she has many adorable children’s patterns. You can find a few patterns in stock to tempt you.

Viggo's sweater in Yuku at Loop London
Viggo’s sweater in Yuku
Or try substituting these yarns for children’s knits in fingering, sport or DK.
We hope you find these yarns as special as we do!


Under Milky Way At Loop London

We’re very excited about the new pattern we are releasing next Friday. Above is a little sneak preview. Join us next week, on the blog, for a full reveal of this gorgeous new shawl pattern by Melanie Berg for Loop!


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