Naturally dyed loveliness from Woolly Mammoth Fibre Co.

We have a brand new yarn! Woolly Mammoth Fibre Co. was debuted at Loop during Edinburgh Yarn Festival, and we now have it in our London store as well as online. We have two different yarns from Woolly Mammoth, and we’re so happy to welcome them to the selection of wonderful naturally dyed yarns we already have in stock at Loop. We are also running a giveaway this week, with a beautiful bundle of Woolly Mammoth Natural Sock minis up for grabs! Keep on reading to find out more.

Woolly Mammoth at Loop London

Photo credit: Emma Robinson

Woolly Mammoth was founded in 2017 by Emma Robinson. All of the beautiful yarn is hand dyed by Emma in Northern Ireland, on the North Coast.

Woolly Mammoth at Loop London

Natural Sock in Peony. Photo credit: Emma Robinson

Emma is passionate about unusual or interesting sheep breeds, and this is reflected in the yarns she chooses to dye and to work with. All of the Woolly Mammoth yarns we have at Loop are non-superwash and breed specific. Both of the yarns we carry are a Blue Faced Leicester/Cheviot blend, which is soft and springy.

All Woolly Mammoth yarns are naturally dyed. Emma uses plants that have been foraged from her local area or home grown in her garden, or scraps that have been salvaged from kitchen waste.

The soft colour palette is inspired and informed by the Irish landscape on Emma’s doorstep.

Woolly Mammoth at Loop London

Photo credit: Emma Robinson

Loop is carrying two yarns from Woolly Mammoth Fibre Co. We have the Natural Sock minis, which are sweet bundles of five 20g mini skeins, each a different colour, wrapped with a small piece of Irish linen. We also have the Natural Sock, which comes in 100g skeins, with 400m per skein, so there’s plenty to play with in just one skein.

Woolly Mammoth Natural Sock at Loop London

The Natural Sock minis shown with Natural Sock 100g skeins in OOAK 4, Orchid and Faded Peony

The fibre for these yarns is 50% BFL and 50% Cheviot, and has been sourced and spun in the UK. It has a high twist, which means it is comfortable to wear against your skin, but it’s also very durable.

Woolly Mammoth Natural Sock is of course perfect for knitting socks, but it would also be wonderful knitted into a lightweight sweater or cardigan, or a beautiful shawl.

There is a wonderful write-up all about Woolly Mammoth yarns, and Emma’s practice, in the newest issue of Laine Magazine, which we have just restocked! Jonna of Laine came to visit us at Loop this week, and we were so thrilled to see her!

We’ve put together a few pattern suggestions for our newest yarn; we think these would be wonderful knitted up in the Woolly Mammoth!

First up, our Loop Toe-Up Socks are perfect for the Natural Sock base. This is a free pattern for toe-up socks with an afterthought heel, and is a go-to in the shop when we want to knit a sample in a new sock yarn. How cute would a stripy pair be, knitted with the Natural Sock minis?

Toe up socks at Loop London

Our Toe-Up Socks, shown in the Madeline Tosh Twist Light and Lang Jawoll

The Under The Milky Way shawl would be gorgeous knitted up in the subtle shades of the Natural Sock – there are so many colour combinations to choose from!

Under the Milky Way at Loop London

Under The Milky Way by Melanie Berg shown in Plucky Knitter Primo

And how about a breezy top for the Spring? We’d love to see an Ara Tunic knitted in one of the beautiful semi solid colours from Woolly Mammoth. This lightweight top from Quince & Co would be a great choice with the springy Natural Sock base.

Ara tunic at Loop London

Quince & Co. Ara Tunic

As always, if you spot a colour from Woolly Mammoth that is out of stock while you’re browsing, please do send us an email and we can add you to our waiting list for the next delivery!

Now for our exciting giveaway! We will be giving away one set of the Natural Sock minis (previously pictured) to one lucky person this week. This giveaway will close on Thursday 11th April, and we will announce the winners on Friday 12th April. All you need to do is leave a comment on this post, and we will enter you to win! This is open to everyone, so no matter where you are in the world, we can post to you. Good luck everyone!

This giveaway is now CLOSED.

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    I didn’t make it to EYF this year but if I had, this is one of the yarns I would have tried to squish. Will just have to come to the shop to have a look instead.

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    I have used Emma’s yarn to make a shawl. I would love some more to add to my stash!

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    Here on the Isle of Man, we’re close to Emma’s home (can see the mountains on a clear day!) and I’m thinking of sourcing some of our local Loaghtan sheep’s fleeces to try out my own yarn next year. I’ll be ecstatic to develop anything as gorgeous as this.

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    Thanks for your guidence.

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    What could be better….100% British and 100% naturally produced and dyed?! Completely sustainable – Well done Loop for stocking this! X

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    To stroke to feel, and have a squish,
    Then dreamy socks, so soft to knit
    So ‘joy’ upon my face is writ.

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  89. Suzanne Lambert says:

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    This yarn looks wonderful – perfect for a bit of colourwork.
    As always, everything in Loop appeals – the difficulty is holding back ;)

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    Beautiful light colors.
    Happy Easter to all from Denmark

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    Thank you

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    So beautiful colours!! Love it!!❤️❤️

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    This will looks simply amazing and would knit up beautifully. I really hope I get a chance to try them out.

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    These colours are so soft. I’d love to add a bundle of these to my stash. There are so many yarns I want to try and Woolly Mammoth is high on that list!

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    Naturally dyed yarn is certainly taking responsibility for the future of our world. A very appealing concept.

  138. Alicia says:

    They looked beautiful at EYF as did everything on your packed stall. I would love a set of minis, please.

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    So beautiful! It’s tough to decide between socks or seeing the colours together as a shawl

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    • sue says:

      I love how no matter which shades you mix, all naturally dyed yarn works well together! I’m sure they’ll fly!

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  152. You find the colors of the earth + heart. Thank you. Cannot wait to be in camden Passage again and open your door.

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    So lovely and I bet it feels amazing to work with and to wear. Thanks for supporting and offering this beautiful yarn!

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    Thank you for this giveway! I would love to knit this beautiful wool

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    I love these beautiful colours and breed specific yarns. And it is wonderful that they come from NI.

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    I love the look of this yarn, and am impressed that it’s non super wash. Bravo for managing to get great colours from natural dyes, not easy!

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    I love the soft colours! Perfect for Spring time!

  159. Emily F. says:

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    The colours of this yarn are so delicate. I would love to make a special gift with this yarn.

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    I have admired Woolly manmoth yarns for ages such gorgeous blends and natural colours a real treat! I’m so excited to see you are stocking it! I’m in London in a couple of weeks so will be squishing the yarn at last. Loop you are the yarn space a real utopia for all of us. You make our yarn dreams happen!.

  163. Tara Hogan says:

    Oh I love woolly mammoths yarn … it’s so beautiful!!

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    These are the most gorgeous colours. I love all the projects you suggested but the shawl is calling my name.

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    These yarns are so gorgeous!! Thank you for putting on this giveaway, fingers crossed! ♥️

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    Evoking the colors of the Irish countryside in this yarn makes my heart skip a beat. Such lovely lovely colors. Thank you for this chance to experience them myself. Fingers crossed!

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    Lovely colors!

  184. Vincent Deslandes says:

    Non superwash and naturally dyed… What more can a guy want?

  185. Bordergirl says:

    Such beautiful, soft colors and combination of wool fibers. Looking forward to knitting with this yarn soon. Thank you for the giveaway.

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    These yarns look so soft I can almost feel them just by looking at the beautiful colours. Would love to knit a garment using all the colours because they are so gorgeous.

  188. Annie B says:

    Great looking yarn! Next pair of socks on the to-knit list. And definitely in this yarn, north coast in NI is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been.

  189. Helena says:

    Beautiful fibres in delicate colours and a lovely giveaway. Thank you.

  190. Alice says:

    So pretty!

  191. MaryAnne Jardine says:

    Love the colours. Wish my home dyeing came out like that.

  192. Carole Davies says:

    Yes, I can see my poor old feet snuggled up in a pair of socks made in this delicious wool.

  193. Nico says:

    Those naturally dyed colors are so lovely!

  194. Anne Skirving says:

    I loved the sock yarn yesterday. Considering I live in London Ontario Canada, it will be a little difficult to visit your shop. I would love to knit with it though.

  195. Kelli Winter says:

    What beautiful work, both the yarn and the patterns are lovely. I would be gifting this to my Mom, if I were to be lucky enough to win. Thanks for the chance.

  196. Leonie Gunn says:

    Absolutely gorgeous yarn, would make a very special pair of socks

  197. Daphne says:

    Beautiful colours and an interesting blend!

  198. Linda says:

    I’d love to add these to my collection of yarn!

  199. Gayle Conover says:

    Looks lovely to knit visit I will stock up! And could it be true..a pop up in NYC in November?? I’m so there, yes!

  200. Lynn Anderson says:

    I just love the fact that Woolly Mammoth is not too far up the toad from me over here in Northern Ireland and is sourcing such wonderful yarn in such gorgeous colours locally!

  201. Sally Simons says:

    I like the whole wool and natural dye ethos here and would love to win the natural mini sock bundle, tied with Irish linen of course and it would be extra special as my mother’s mother came from Noethern Ireland!

  202. MJ says:

    The colours are so gorgeous! All the suggested knits are lovely but the shawl is calling my name.

  203. Linda Irving-Bell says:

    When Irish dyes are smiling, and yarns have bounce and spring,
    And Woolly Mammoth’s natural sock all this, to us does bring
    when knitters hearts are happy all the world seems bright and gay
    Knitting socks and shawls and other things to steal your heart away

  204. Tamara says:

    Emma’s yarns are so beautiful. I love that they are natural and non-superwash. I managed to snag a few skeins at Alterknit (a woolly shop near Bristol), when they hosted Emma’s trunk show. The skeins are some of the most special in my stash, and I’m hoping to knit them into a lovely sweater design, I’ve had my eyes on, later this year. Thank you for this great giveaway! I’m keeping everything crossed.

  205. Stephanie Hemming says:

    I love the natural colours that so positively represent and reflect our own natural environment. So harmonious!

  206. Vanessa B says:

    Am plucking up confidence to attempt to knit a pair of socks. Your giveaway wool looks perfect to use for this “beginner sock knitter.” Thank you.

  207. Lois says:

    Ahh these colours are so pretty! Would love to try these out on some socks or mittens!

  208. Peggy says:

    Beautiful yarn….you always have the most interesting patterns and yarn on your FB page

  209. Gale Organist says:

    Wonderful blog post!

  210. Kelly says:

    Oh these are just gorgeous! I’ve only worked with self-striping yarn with socks so I’m very excited to try working with these gorgeous colours to create unique socks.

  211. Tracey Haynes says:

    Those colours are just stunning. I love they are dyed in Ireland- I’m going to visit in September this year.

  212. Jennifer Meyer says:

    This would be amazing to win!

  213. Jonie Recchia says:

    I was lucky enough to do a test knit with Emma’s yarn. I absolutely love it! These shock minis would be a great addition to my stash

  214. kelly williams says:

    These look so squishy, imagining fabulous projects to use them for!!

  215. Cindi Brumpton says:

    I would love to win this. I am going to be visiting London in early December and will head to your store again. Love visiting your store! Cindi

  216. Gail L. says:

    Very pretty – looking forward to visiting your store in October this year.

  217. Laura Jones says:

    I love the delicate shades of plant dyed yarns.

  218. Yummy yummy yummy yarn…….and those colours(I must admit though….I wouldn’t use the yarn for socks….I‘d make a romper for one of my amigurumi dolls…….or a dress….or dungarees…..)

  219. Anna Sharp says:

    they are all beautiful

  220. Rene Walkin says:

    Gorgeous colours!

  221. Sigrun Bjarnadottir says:

    Ooooh what a wonderful bundle of beauty! I would probably go for a pair of stripy socks, or even my favourite mitten pattern :)

  222. Donna says:

    Beautiful soft colours, I would love to knit socks using these

  223. Margaret Paterson says:

    Beautiful subtle colours dyed by the natural fauna of the landscape – fabulous!

  224. Gisela Buitendag says:

    Such blissful colours! Would love to make stripey socks.

  225. Elena Vontzalidou says:

    Wonderful yarns, such beautiful colours!

  226. Melanie says:

    Absolutely gorgeous colours

  227. Robyn says:

    Love the colours!

  228. Kate says:

    How very lovely! She has such soft colours.

  229. James Curtis says:

    Gorgeous soft colours, hmm a colour work cowl perhaps.

  230. Paz says:

    These colours are so beautiful and calm, thank you for the giveaway, Loop!

  231. Alice L-A says:

    Beautiful yarns and colours.

  232. DgS says:

    These soft colours are everything and the base sounds very intriguing too

  233. Jools1962 says:

    well hello!!! Now these babies look delicious…. Mmmm I need to seriously learn how to knit socks these are madly gorgeous ❤️

  234. Annemarie says:

    Such beautiful colours!

  235. Allison Taylor says:

    Those colors- just so dreamy! They look so lovely individuals but so perfect together in the mini sock set!

  236. Luise Kuehne says:

    So beautiful colors and all natural!

  237. Lise Muxworthy says:

    Such beautiful colours and perfect for spring!

  238. asteride says:

    Love your blog, always inspiring.

  239. Mary-Lynn Dalrymple says:

    I have a couple of skeins of Emma’s yarn and it is beautiful!

  240. Ruth Wilson says:

    Love love love this yarn not least because its from my homeland. It is so squishy and knits up beautifully. So hope I am lucky

  241. Liv Brandstrup says:

    Love the colors ❤️ They are beautiful.

  242. Lulu says:

    Thank you for another wonderful giveaway!

  243. Karen says:

    Love that this is a British yarn
    I shall get a skein for socks next time I’m at Loop because then I’ve always got a new pair of socks to cast on.
    Thank you, Susan x

  244. Avalon Johnson says:

    Such a soft, beautiful, and versatile colour palette!

  245. Brenda Fraser says:

    I have NEVER attempted socks-but this would force me to try them! !

  246. Giulia says:

    Lovely beautiful yarn! Thanks for the chance!

  247. Diane Oconnell says:

    I absolutely love these and would love to try this yarn. Very hard to get here in the states :(

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