Say hello to Dapple

Say hello to Dapple

What an exciting week! We’re so happy to welcome Brooklyn Tweed‘s brand new yarn to Loop! Dapple is a beautiful, squishy blend of 60% Colorado Merino and 40% Texas organic cotton, in a DK weight.

The Merino and organic cotton that makes up Dapple is entirely sourced, spun and dyed in the USA. The unique nature of the spinning and dyeing process creates subtle variations of colour and texture across skeins and dye lots, for a tonal dappled colour effect.

Dapple has a palette of 11 different bright, happy colours, and because of the variations between skeins, you can have fun putting together little ombrés or fades for your new projects.

Because of the 40% organic cotton content of Dapple, this yarn is fantastic for summer knits, but as there is also 60% Merino, it can be worn in cooler autumn weather too. It’s a wonderful year-round yarn!

With the launch of Dapple comes two great new patterns from Jared Flood, for Brooklyn Tweed; Ginn and Urtia.

Ginn – Ginn is a lovely top-down raglan, perfect for showing off the nuances of Dapple, and for creating an ombre as seen in the sample!

Urtia – Urtia is a sweet little half brioche beanie that uses 2 skeins of Dapple, so it’s a great project for being a bit more budget-friendly.

Tips for knitting with Dapple

Creating a fade – To make use of the tonality in your yarn to form a gradient, first take stock of the tones in your skeins by laying them out from darkest to lightest. You may find it helpful to untwist them so that you can get a sense of any variability within each skein.

Create rich, monochromatic fades with the wider range of saturation in darker colour ways, or playfully fade through multiple colours! Similar to hand-dyed yarn, make sure to alternate skeins as you transition from one skein to the next.

Mixing your skeins – For an allover blend of tones, try arranging your skeins randomly instead of by colour value, and work either one- or two- row stripes between skeins throughout your project.

When joining a new skein, ends can be easily felt-spliced together. Due to the high percentage of wool, this technique works wonderfully and cuts down the number of ends to weave in during finishing.

One more reason to love Dapple…

Brooklyn Tweed will be donating 3% of profits from Dapple to the National Black Farmers Association, and they will be donating these profits in perpetuity!

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