Gepard Kid Seta arrives at Loop!

Gepard Kid Seta arrives at Loop!

We have a new mohair silk blend yarn in store! Gepard are a lovely Danish brand, founded by Sus Gepard in 1989. Their Kid Seta is a great mohair silk that comes in 70 colours, and Loop is stocking all 70!

The Gepard yarns are milled in Italian family-owned mills, and use fantastic quality fibres. The Kid Seta is a blend of 70% mohair and 30% silk, so it’s the perfect balance of fluffy and silky! It’s a super soft yarn, and puffs up really nicely once knitted up.

You can use the Kid Seta either on its own, or you can hold a strand together with a different yarn, or even hold it double or triple to create a super light and squishy fabric.

Pattern ideas

Gepard have some great pattern support for the Kid Seta, and the patterns are all designed by Sus!

The Freja, Gefion and Idun patterns are all knitted in the Kid Seta, with a different number of strands held together for each project (Freja uses 6 strands!) to create different yarn thicknesses.

We also love Scandinavian Spring (originally from Laine issue 5, you might recognise it from there!), Spring V-Neck Sweater, Bobbly Sweater and Dragonfly Cardigan. These projects use the Kid Seta in combination with another Gepard yarn which we don’t carry at Loop. However, we think you could substitute the ones Sus uses in her patterns for either the CaMaRose Yaku or the Isager Highland Wool.

In addition to all the fab patterns Gepard have, there are so many out there now that use a silk mohair blend yarn, so you’re spoiled for choice! Some of our favourite designers that regularly use silk mohair like the Kid Seta in their patterns are…

PetiteKnit Sunday Cardigan Mohair Edition
The Sunday Cardigan Mohair Edition

PetiteKnit – we would recommend the Saturday Night Sweater, the Sunday Cardigan and Sunday Sweater Mohair Editions, but you could also try using it for the Stockholm Slipover, the Novice Sweater and the Copenhagen Cardigan.

My Favourite Things Cardigan No.6
Cardigan No.6

My Favourite Things – we especially like the Vest No.4, Vest No.3 and Cardigan No.6 from her – you could use the Kid Seta in combination with other yarns for the first two of these patterns, and then the cardigan uses a double strand of the silk mohair.

We hope you love the Kid Seta as much as we do!

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