A new textile workshop and an exciting giveaway!

A new textile workshop and an exciting giveaway!

For a real treat in this new year, we have organised a workshop with the very talented textile artist and author Mandy Patullo!
Mandy’s book Textiles Transformed has been especially popular with all of you this past year. It’s no wonder as it such a fantastic resource of information and inspiration for re-purposing our cherished fabrics into beautiful works of art. Currently on pre-order at Loop, we are expecting more copies in the next week!

Mandy trained as a surface pattern and textile designer and now works from her studio at a small arts centre in Northumberland where she creates works of art exhibited and sold throughout the UK. She nearly always sews by hand using patchwork, appliqué and hand stitching.

“I treasure the old and worn, refashioning vintage textiles into new collages embellished with stitch and appliqué. I re-cycle and reuse very old and often disintegrating materials which have been passed on or discarded. I particularly like to cut up and unpick utility patchworks and quilts made by women in domestic settings. I consciously relate to the thrift and ‘make- do and mend” culture of past times and folk art traditions and techniques. My collages, large wall quilts and garments bring together precious fragments to form evocative compositions. The viewer is forced to re-examine fabrics that have become flawed through wear and tear, to find in them a new beauty.”

Sketchbook study of wrens -mixed media © Mandy Patullo

Join Mandy Pattullo and us on the 12th and 13th of June for a full-day workshop to explore the potential of collaging with vintage fabrics. Mandy will provide you with a foundation to work on and a lovely old piece of antique quilt where you will be able to uncover the fabric archaeology yourself and mix it in with other vintage materials, including some of your own precious hoard.

She will show you how she builds up her compositions and sews them together and helps you design a textile collage that effectively mixes the quilt fragments with your own stash of old and worn fabric. She will bring some inspiring examples of how she uses stitch to embellish the collages and show how you can use the technique for other outcomes such as small pouches and fabric books.

To book a spot on the workshop, you can go directly to our website. You can also see some more of Mandy’s incredible work on her Instagram account @Mandypatullo

Recent Arrivals

Julie Arkell

Julie Arkell has sent us some more of her charming papier-mâché pieces. We have three new pieces; “be side myself“,”i spend my time elsewhere” and ” it takes time to arrive“. These quirky little creatures are one-of-a kind original and handmade sculptures using papier- mâché, embroidery and knitting and are signed by Julie.

Selvedge Magazine Issue 98 : Together

The gorgeous new issue of Selvedge Magazine is in the shop now. This issue focusses on the connection textiles have to the community. Textile work is an ideal catalyst for group projects; everything from a quilting bee to more ambitious projects like the furnishing of the Timberline Lodge undertaken by Margery Hoffman Smith and a team of untrained volunteers during the great depression in 1930s America. As always, fascinating reading as well as super beautiful photographs.


We have some gorgeous new straight needles in the LYKKE range in the shop. Named after the Norwegian word for happiness, LYKKE combines high-quality materials and thoughtful design to produce beautiful, durable and smooth needles. 
Made of birch wood and with a driftwood finish, they’re soft and warm to the touch and smooth on the yarn.

Madelinetosh + Shibui

We have all the beautiful Madelinetosh Merino Light and Shibui Silk Cloud in their hand-dyed collaborative colours available in the shop now. Held together they make the most luxurious drapey fabric and the colours are sublime!

Pattern Inspiration

We recently came across this beautiful new colourwork sweater from Nadia Crétin-Léchenne (NCL knits) knit by Rachel Schenk, @rachelsaysyepa on Instagram. Peeta is a graphic fair isle sweater with a simple straight shape. It is easily customisable with a myriad of colour choices from De Rerum Natura using Ulysse, the sport weight base. Check out Nadia’s Ravelry page to see some more lovely colour combinations!

Giveaway Time!

To celebrate all things stitching, we are very excited to announce we are giving away a copy of Mandy Patullo’s beautiful book “Textiles Transformed” along with one pack of fabric swatches from Minä Perhonen and a couple of naturally dyed wool thread cakes from Mette Mehlsen! What a lovely way to begin the year!

To enter on the blog, please leave a comment with an idea of how you might use your goodies.

To enter on Instagram, you will need to repost our photo from today (15th January) or post one of your own photos, using the hashtag #LoopLovestextiles, and you will need to be following our account, @looplondonloves.

(Your entry will not count if you only leave a comment on our IG post as it has to be on your own post. )

This giveaway will close on the 28th of January for Blog comments and IG users.

We’ll announce the winners on Friday, the 29th of January both here and on Instagram. We wish you all the very best of luck!

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88 Comments on “A new textile workshop and an exciting giveaway!

  1. I just love the idea that fabric has a second life beyond that for which it was originally intended. If I was to be lucky and receive these beautiful gifts, I would use them to create some art for the walls of the spate room in our new home. It’s a 300 year old Scottish steading which has been a home for 12 years. So it has also been repurposed from its original use as a cow Byrne and hayloft!

    • Amazing giveaway! In case I were the winner I would produce a pouch with these lovely materials to keep all my knittig stuff.
      Fingers crossed!

  2. What an amazing giveaway! I think I’d like to make a needle case so it will be something I can see and use regularly. I’m just starting out on embroidery this year.

  3. I’d use such lovely fabric in a quilt for my daughter, because we’ve been looking at Rosie Lee Tompkins’s work right now (see the online exhibition at BAMPFA, it’s incredible!) and she used the thrifted and embroidery technique, too! Gorgeous!

  4. Oh wow, Mandy’s work is amazing. I’m new to stitching and it has bought me great solace over the last few months.
    I’ve been thinking of making a linen “scrapbook” for a while now and think it would be a great way to try new techniques.

  5. My Nan recently gave me some of her old embroidery threads and fabric, some of which is dated 1927 judging by the information printed round the edge of the fabric. I’m planning on using them for a set of textiles collages (I already have a spot on the wall going up the stairs earmarked), if I won I’d use that lovely fabric and wool to mix in with my Nan’s pieces. And the book would hopefully help me overcome my fear of cutting into such old and precious items.

  6. I’d use the beautiful goodies to make a collage on a piece of vintage linen, incorporating the fabric pieces and some embroidered using the wool thread.

  7. I would use this to make a wall hanging in Mandy’s style of patchwork.

    I’ve got some bits of quilt and vintage fabric stashed ready.

  8. I would love to use the amazing prize to start doing some small artworks to liven up our tiny flat that we are spending so much time in!

  9. I really love Mandy’s work- first seen at Knit and Stitch show several years ago. I’ve actually visited her studio which is wonderful and full of delights and inspiration.
    I think I would start with a collage pouch, and then maybe try to fashion a bird using her techniques.
    This is such a lovely give away- guaranteed to bring the winner comfort, cheer and challenges!

  10. I am a beginner textile sewer but have been inspired to try to create a sewn memory of holidays in Greece as we have been in lockdown and unable to travel. Inspiration and material always welcome! I am also trying to extend my knitting techniques so late last year tried some Shetland patterns. I have my eye on a shawl pattern and wool is always gratefully received.

  11. I think Textiles Transformed might really help me! I have a potential ‘problem’ with collecting vintage textiles and haberdashery. And just recently, I have inherited a lovely old fire screen, but the embroidery is marked by age. I would love some ideas for how I might be able to retain it and enhance it, so it has a long new life!

  12. what a sweet giveaway!! I can imagine a lovely skirt enhance with swatches and embroidery, a sort of collage to make it unique and very personal!

  13. I’d love these beautiful fabric swatches and yarn to make a pouch for all my knitting notions to replace the battered old pencil case I currently use :-)

  14. I would use these beautiful materials to do a bit of slow stitching on a long linen length which I began during the first lockdown. A complete labour of love and most definitely key to my sense of self and sanity over the past year, the stunning threads and swatches, combined with a book full of inspiration would be the most welcome boost to 2021 x

  15. Ooooh, so exciting! I have admired Mandy’s work for a long time and it would be wonderful to win this giveaway! I have a few antique fabric pieces – quilt remnants mostly – that would be perfect to combine with the fabric from Minä Perhonen (my cat is Mina!) and the wool thread from Mette Mehlsen. My fingers are ever so crossed! :-)

  16. The last lockdown I started using my Singer machine that has a silver plate on it dated 1912. I hadn’t used it in about 30 years and it works perfectly.
    I would use it in combination with hand-stitching and embroidery to create a quilt incorporating your generous prize fabrics and thread, using the beautiful book for inspiration.

  17. I would love to be able to use these items to make a nature inspired panel to hang in my living room. I have become so much more interested in nature since we have been in our current situation and it has kept me going.

  18. I would love to be inspired by Mandy’s book to re-purpose some of the beautiful but everyday handmade household textiles that have come to me down through our family – and so that my own 5 little grandchildren can enjoy and even use them. Embroidered traymats, doilies, cutwork tablecloths and shawls that are hard to put into use in modern life but sad to leave in a drawer.

  19. What a wonderful giveaway! I’ve been admiring Mandy’s work for some time now and if I were to win this beautiful bundle of goodies, I would finally get going on my handstitching journey! Thank you so very much for the chance!

  20. where to begin? this is inspiration to savor and then plan a rewarding project. what treasures ❤️❤️!!!!!

  21. I’d make a fabric book what with the delightful fabric swatches, extra ideas from the book and I’d crochet trim and shapes for further pages with the wool thread.

  22. I plan on making a needle booklet for my granddaughter for her birthday. These little fabric swatches would be so perfect for this project. Love Loop and always visit when I am in London. Have missed being in London during this pandemic. Can’t wait to come back.

  23. Fascinated reading about Textiles Transformed and if I won, my daughter and I would love to create a collage based around nature, cats & teddy bears as my daughter is an artist and teddy bear collector.

  24. I have been collecting offcuts and samples for some time and would like to re-upholster my couch with hand stitched and embellished pieces creating a fabric collage of some size!

  25. What a wonderful giveaway to share with us! I hope to create small pieces that highlight the wildlife on our property. Foxes, loons, bluebirds.

  26. The book and samples are beautiful to look at even via my iPad screen. They must be a joy to see and hold. I would indulge in their beauty. The little wren reminding me of how nature kept going last year and is bringing us comfort this year too. Material things but not as the words would have meant. These would be treasures and a book to explore how to create my own treasures.

  27. Oh my – how I would love to win the inspiring ‘Textiles Transformed’ pack! It would be wonderful to combine my love of nature and of textiles to create small, simple, hand-worked designs to gift to others – if I could bear to part with them, that is :-)

  28. I’d like to enter the giveaway. I’d use the pack as a starting point for slow stitch. I have heard it is a good for one’s mental health and so I’d like to try it.

  29. I think that I would incorporate these lovely items into a shawl or wrap for my future daughter-in-law who is a nurse of the front lines of the Covid-19 battle…something to provide a bit of tactile comfort for her to wrap herself in when she comes home from the “war.”

  30. I would use these beautiful gifts to create an inspirational journal cover for a making journal. Thank you for the giveaway chance. ❤

  31. This us such a generous giveaway, thank you. I would use the fabric swatches for a textile collage for slow stitching, I love Mandy Patullo’s work. And the yarn- well it will come in handy for winter knitting :)

  32. I would so love to take your class but I’m in the US. I have both of your books and every time I look at them I see something different. Your work is wonderful.

  33. I would love to use these goodies to fix a quilt my mother made me as a child. She’s gone now and the quilt is desperately in need of repair. These goodies would definitely help!

    • Thank you. I would use the book for inspiration and use the yarn and fabric to carry forward the inspiration into a textile piece with memories attached.

  34. What a dreamy group of products. As we have been given even more crafting time, it will be great to do some fabric work after a winter of wool work. I think I would love to work the products into a project bag or maybe even onto an item of clothing. Thank you for your bright and calm posts all through this last year. I am sure many readers will agree just your posts evoke calm and normality. Regards Peta-Ann Cowan

  35. It would make a beautiful gift for my Mum, although now having read the blog post I’m thinking we might need to share it – it’s making me want to rummage through my draw of fabric already!

  36. I would make a picture to honour the birth of my grandchild.
    I have a fragment of my grandmother’s homemade lace to add to it and a tiny silver charm she gave me many years ago.
    My fingers are crossed :)

  37. These look so delightful. One of my teenagers is already adding her own flair to recycled clothing and I’d love to win this for her. She’s also a book lover too and I can just picture her entranced by this book.

  38. What a fabulously interesting way to create new textiles! I think I’d start with a cushion for my craft chair – it’d be seen and enjoyed regularly. And then probably move on to something bigger – a longer term project in the form of a quilt. The options are endless…

  39. Such a gorgeous giveaway, thank you. I‘m thinking about mending the seat of an very old chair or a cushion cover combining yarn and fabric. Seen how I‘m a beginner with fabric und sewing I‘m not sure. I have to hold the things in my hands to find out…

  40. I do not know at this point how I might use these goodies, all I know is that I will use them. I try to hand stitch most days, I love the textures, colours and tactile surfaces of cloth and hand stitches. I will see how the fabric swatches and dyed wool speak to me once I have them in my hand. They could be added to other recycled cloth pieces I already have. Much thought will be needed to respond to them and develop ideas. A cup of tea in a warm and quiet space with Mandy Pattullo’s Textiles Transformed book could help with inspiration, the hand stitched bird is such a lovely book cover hence very inviting to see what it inside.

  41. Thank you for the giveaway. It has been a long time since I did any embroidery and it is something I have been meaning to return to. A prize like this would certainly give you inspiration but for me I would probably start with a cushion or start a quilt.

  42. I have started repurposing clothing, as well as altering and adding embroidery and applique to clothes. I love the idea of nothing going to waste. This book would take me further on my journey and I would love to make a quilt or cushion cover from textiles that are special to me. Eventually I would like my wedding dress to be incorporated into something beautiful for our home.

  43. I would make a lovely reversible cushion. One side highlighting the beautiful swatches and the other using the gorgeous threads in freeform embroidery. I would snatch spare minutes to read Mandy’s inspirational book!

  44. Would love the opportunity to teach my daughter and I think these materials would catch her eye and spark her interest! So beautiful!!

  45. Would love to use this as a starting point to finally get me going on shielding memory quilt as I know I still have a few months more inside!

  46. I am an ardent fan of all things Loop and would love this beautiful giveaway myself. But if I won I would give it to my friend Susie who has just been diagnosed with cancer and currently undergoing chemotherapy hoping this would stimulate her interest in undertaking something creative she hadn’t tried before. It’s a gorgeous giveaway with lots of potential . Thank you Sally

  47. I would love to use her book of inspiration and lovely textiles to restore an old quilt my mother acquired. I would use it for a wall covering for my garret knitting room. I desperately need to warm up that room!

  48. It’s more important than ever in these curious times to stay focused and stitching is a wonderful way to help achieve this. If only to gain inspiration this would be such a generous giveaway. Stay safe and well.

  49. What a gorgeous giveaway! I’d love to use the supplies to patch up some of my rather-too-well-loved blankets around my home.

  50. Such an amazing giveaway! If I was lucky enough to win, I’d work on my meditation shawl which I bought during my yoga training, and which has now thinned and torn in several places after 20 years of daily use. I’m planning to repair and embellish it so that I can continue to use it daily for many more years to come!

  51. This book looks like such a treasure! I think I would try my hand at adding stitched patch to my daughter’s sweater that I am almost finished knitting. It’s my very first sweater and, once she outgrows it, I thought about putting in a glass frame to be cherished and protected until she wants to use it again for her own kids, or dogs! It has been a special labour of love.

  52. I would use the Mina P pieces at the end of a lightweight scarf skinny necklace and add accent stitching all around. Might have to fashion a brooch as well. Absolutely love Mandy Pattullo’s charming combinations of scraps and stitching, birds and the colors!

  53. I’d not thought to embroider with Mette’s wonderful fibers before, but I would love to try! This bundle would make something very special. perhaps a project bag!

  54. Looks wonderful! I love all things in miniature so I would love to create some mini nature inspired brooches, maybe with a spring theme as a bit of hope & looking forward to new things might be what we need just now

  55. What a wonderful give away! I would use it to make a pouch for all my knitting needles and crochet hooks. … or to add beautiful details to some of my older clothes, especially as I have decided to not buy any new ones this year. So many possibilities :)

  56. These are beautiful. I would love to make a small pouch for all of my notions. Or perhaps a needle roll with special detailing. :)

  57. How lovely! What a perfect union of goodies! I would make a wall hanging for our living room, mixing the Mina P with my collected textile scraps, embroidering with the Mette Mehlsen thread, and absorbing inspiration and techniques from Mandy’s book. Fingers crossed!

  58. I’d sit down with tea and admire the book, then I’d start stitching and relax even more. It might become something useful such as a needle case or just something I’d enjoy looking at…

  59. I bought a old chair I was going to try to reupholster but upon seeing your shop and insta posts I decided to mend and patch and just replace the foam! I loved the old worn fabric anyhow but now it will get to live on with extra pretty fabric and yarn! Thank you for a chance to win these fabulous practical treats❣️

  60. Gosh, what a lovely giveaway. I’ve seen Mandy’s work and it’s so inspiring. I’d love a copy of the book. I have been gazing greedily at the Mina P swatches for months and pondering what I might do with them if I had some. I think I would like to incorporate the fabric into the quilt I’m making for my daughter’s graduation, then use the yarn to make some woolly embroidery. Living in France means I can’t get to Loop as often as I’d like (and not at all right now) so having these lovely items to work with would be very comforting in these awful times.

  61. I am a magpie for material, wool, paper, beads, in fact anything that I think I can use in some other way. I love making books out of my pieces and think that Mandy’s book would be a total inspiration. The wool I would use for binding or stitching in my books.

  62. I would use the lovely fabric pieces by Mina P for repairing some clothes that need some love (visible mending of course). And I would make a patch out of them to put on my winter coat.

  63. this is wonderful for mother-daughter craft time together, mending our worn jeans. We love fibers, colors, yarns, threads, and we been saving fabrics, pieces of worn knits, anything for re-making our favorites.

  64. What a fabulous giveaway! I’m sure it is already a sell out!! I would love some inspiration for different ways of using a boxful of my late father’s cotton shirts to create some beautiful heirloom textile pieces to pass down to my son.

  65. I am creating a new bathroom curtain for my small window, if I won the prize I would combine the fabric pieces with other fabric, plus I have some beautiful vintage handmade crochet lace for the bottom edge, it is all in the planning! I know that the ‘Textiles Transformed’ book would help to inspire me for this and plenty more treasured projects :-)

  66. I have been in drooling over Mette Mehlsen’s awesome hand dyed yarn all year. Minä Perhonen is new to me. The textures in her fabrics are amazing…perfect to add a piece or two to a slow stitching project. I have been a fan of Mandy Patullo’s for years and since I have already purchased her book, please choose another name in the unlikely chance my number comes up. I would absolutely love the other items though and would use them in a slow stitching project with knitted flowers or edging.

  67. What an inspiring prize! I would probably make a concertina book from old linen. Then embellish some pages with birds using Mandy’s book as a guide and others collaged with Mina’s beautiful fabrics. All hand stitched with Mette’s lovely threads and my little box of Teinture Sauvage.

  68. Love the way she layers and provides textures to her work. I would like to use the prize to experiment with different embroidery stitches and of course try some of her great ideas. A great new craft to try during the pandemic.

  69. I would be inspired by any of these beautiful resources to work a ‘memory’ project using textiles connected in some way to my mother – who nurtured me, allowed me to make a huge mess as I explored my creative self and who made so many fabulous new outfits – often at short notice and in the midst of teenage angst and sulkiness. Rest in Peace Elizabeth Ann Priscott.

  70. Thanks for the giveaway, this is such a beautiful collection of treasures. I am planning to assemble a scrap curtain and would use the fabric and threads for that. And, oh, the book! Sitting and exploring for hours, I guess… and share with friends!

  71. I am (visibly) mending a coat for a friend I haven’t seen for almost a year. The Mina Perhonen swatches would make it extra special, and Mandy’s book would provide all the inspiration.

  72. I would add theses to jacket that is under construction with different textile peaces and use the threads to embroider it! Would love, love, love to win this!

  73. If I was lucky enough to win this give away I would pass it onto my friend Mary, as I feel sure that this would entice her to start stitching as I have had it out of the library.

  74. What a beautiful giveaway! I would love to create a special book sleeve for a dear friend to carry her book that she takes to read during her chemo. sessions. We are both avid textile lovers and crafters, and I just know it would help make the tough days a little brighter. Thank you!

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