Resilient Stitch : Wellbeing and Connection in Textile Art

Resilient Stitch : Wellbeing and Connection in Textile Art
Resilient Stitch:Wellbeing and Connection in Textile Art

Claire Wellesley-Smith is an artist, a teacher , a writer and researcher based in West Yorkshire.  

We have loved Claire’s work for a long time, and we have had some wonderful workshops taught by her at Loop. Her first book Slow Stitch is a beautiful book about the pleasures to be had from slowing down and valuing quality over quantity.

In her latest book, Resilient Stitch: Wellbeing and Connection in Textile Art, she explores the notion of resilience in textiles and its importance for mental wellbeing, community and engagement with the environment.

As a leading supporter of the connection between well being and the creation of textiles, Claire has included mindful and practical stitch exercises using techniques like piecing and patching, mending, tying and binding.

In her work, Claire often uses silk threads and repurposed fabric swatches dyed with homegrown plants from her backyard, allotment or compost bin waste like coffee grounds, onion skins or pomegranate rinds.

Resilient Stitch is beautifully illustrated with photographs of Claire’s work, some of today’s leading textile artists, and examples of community-based projects. Besides being beautiful to look at, the book is truly inspiring in its approach to linking textile practices to emotional health and making a connection with others. Claire gives us a way of thinking through making and finding meaning in stitching and repurposing fabrics.

Most of all, Resilient Stitch focuses on the joy and reflection that comes with creating through an intentional and thoughtful practice of stitching. Resilient Stitch, as well as Slow Stitch, are currently available in our shop and online.

Workshops at Loop

We have some very exciting news that author, illustrator and textile repairer Molly Martin will be joining us for a workshop on the 24th and 25th of July! Molly has recently released a book called The Art of Repair, a beautiful book that looks at the philosophy, history and techniques of textile repair and uses many of Molly’s original illustrations. We’ll have more details and information on the workshops soon! The Art of Repair is available online and in our shop.

Anne Kelly will also be back with a wonderful all-day workshop creating a folk art sampler based on her book Textile Folk Art. This should be a fabulous class, with Anne presenting some of her samples of folk textiles from around the world, demonstrating some of the stitching techniques and then spending the day with her at Loop creating pieces of your own. Anne’s workshop will be taking place in October as part of London Craft Week. Lots of great stuff in the works!

We also have some new dates for Richard McVetis’ Dictionary of Stitches workshop being held in our London shop. Richard uses a variety of media including drawing, installation, and textiles to explore our perception of space and time. 

Embroidery Threads

If you are looking for some threads to inspire you in your work, we have some beautiful silk, cotton and wool threads and some new threads from Ito of Japan.

Ito Gin and Ito San both have silvery and gold threads, with Gin being metallised with real silver! For gorgeous silk threads, we have the Au ver soie threads of D’Alger twists of seven strands twisted together, which are loosely plied and can be split. Finca Perle is a mercerised cotton thread from Spain, a super lustrous, strong and silky two ply thread. Sajou Laine St. Pierre threads are a beautiful wool alternative for mending knitwear or embroidery and we have over 75 colours to choose from! Lots more embroidery supplies including our large selection of beautiful scissors like our gilded rooster and antique style bird scissors, pictured above, can be found on our website.

Embroidery Magazine May/June

For more stitching inspiration, don’t forget to check out the current issue of Embroidery Magazine. It’s filled with inspiring features and ideas.

Wee Bears and Beds

Lesley McCormick’s charming Wee Bears are back in the shop with some new handmade beds. They really are too sweet! Each one is hand stitched with mohair fibres and dressed in vintage and recycled fabrics. The wire beds are sold separately and come with hand stitched bedding also made of the prettiest vintage fabrics. Each bear has a name and comes in a hand made paper box just waiting to be taken home. So much love and care goes into making these!


For yarn inspiration this week we have the beautiful Windy Fields Shawl kit in stock in three gorgeous colours. Windy Fields was inspired by the golden fields of grain waving in the gentle breeze of late summer. A single strand of Ito Sensai silk and mohair, creates a soft and delicate fabric. You can find the pattern in 52 Weeks of Shawls among many more stunning designs. Not to mention, the book itself is a beautiful keepsake!

The stunning Keseran Pasaran sweater kit has arrived! Using Ito Kinu, a 100% silk noil yarn held with Ito Sensai Silk and Mohair, it makes the most beautiful and dreamy fabric. The pattern, designed by Eri Shimizu is available in the current Laine Magazine issue 11.

Happy knitting and see you next week!

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