Twirl Yarn : Beautiful baby cake sets of naturally dyed yarn

Twirl Yarn : Beautiful baby cake sets of naturally dyed yarn

Here at Loop, we adore Twirl Yarns.  Twirl yarn’s philosophy is all about embracing the concept of “Wabi”- the rustic beauty found in imperfection, simplicity and serenity in nature. 

For over thirty years, Mary Pettis-Sarley has lived on her farm in Napa, California, raising cattle, sheep, goats, llamas, and alpacas. Over the years, she has also had the chance to observe the extraordinary floral diversity of the land she calls home.

With a background in textile design and working in a local co-op and mill, learning about fibre and the process of making yarns rekindled Mary’s desire for creating natural dyes from her surrounding area.
Years of experimenting, learning and Mary’s natural curiosity have resulted in an exceptional yarn made with a tremendous amount of care and love.

The individual characteristics of each animal’s fibres and the unique and sometimes unpredictable quality of natural dyeing all add to the beauty of the finished product. Each fibre takes colour differently, resulting in unique colours within each batch.  

“I strive to make a yarn that is luminescent, strong, and has a hand that you want to engage in using to create a garment that has a presence. Authentic to the animals that make this fibre. “

We recently collaborated with Mary to create some beautiful baby cakes of yarn in 12 different colours per set: Natural dyes, Indigo dyes, undyed naturals and acid brights.

These beautiful sets include Stamen, a laceweight single ply yarn, perfect for knitting, crocheting, stitching or mending. Each set comes with a lovely printed leaflet stating the name of the lamb, sheep or angora goat’s fibres used and the natural materials used for the dye.

Each set of yarns is a blend of different fibres from different animals. Helena the sheep and Elliot, the Angora goat, contribute to the base yarns for the naturally dyed and Indigo dyed set.

The undyed naturals consist of naturally coloured blends of wool, Alpaca, Cotton and Kid Mohair.

And the acid dyed version of Stamen is a blend of Helena’s fleece with her friends, sheep-wise, Alpaca and Baby Angora Goats (kid mohair). Helena is one of Mary’s favourite ewes, raised along with Hugo, her brother since they were one day old!

We feel very fortunate and honoured to be a part of Mary’s world and hope you’ll enjoy these sets of beautiful yarns made with love. We also stock a few other Twirl Yarn’s unique bases, which you can see on our website.

If you’d like to read more about Twirl Yarns, you can visit their beautiful website at Twirl and also on Instagram @twirlyarn.

Leroy Street Stoop Scarf Kit

While we’re on the subject of beautiful yarns, we have a new kit for you! Designed by Kirsten Kapur, the Leroy Street Stoop Scarf is a long narrow shawl with a curved bottom edge.  Our kit uses the sumptuous mYak Baby Yak Lace in the beautiful dusty pink for a main colour accented with mYak Ra-Ku Cashmere Lace in Zabaione and Rama. It’s so beautiful and feels totally dreamy! Each kit comes with a special Loop Anniversary bag and a PDF of the pattern will be emailed to you.

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