Cedar Shake-mitts-in-Minegold

Last week we auctioned off our last copy of Juju’s Loops to raise money for Shelter. Julia Fitzsimmons won with her contribution of £275, which we doubled to make a donation of £550 to Shelter, help with housing and homelessness in England, Scotland and Wales. Thank you to everyone who bid in the auction and made Juju’s Loops, such a success. This week, we’re releasing one of the most popular patterns from the book, The Cedar Shake Mitts.

We have all the Quince & co. yarns now that 4-ply Finch has arrived in the shop. We already carried their 4-ply Tern, but it has 25% silk and we fancied a bit of the plain stuff as well. Sometimes, what you want is a good basic wool yarn to show off your fancy stitch patterns. This is a versatile yarn that can do traditional or contemporary projects. It’s freezing in London at the moment. We’re all wearing fingerless gloves around the shop. My favourite pattern has to be Cedar Shake from Juju’s Loops. Well they would be, wouldn’t they. …

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