Cedar Shake-mitts-in-Minegold

Last week we auctioned off our last copy of Juju’s Loops to raise money for Shelter. Julia Fitzsimmons won with her contribution of £275, which we doubled to make a donation of £550 to Shelter, help with housing and homelessness in England, Scotland and Wales. Thank you to everyone who bid in the auction and made Juju’s Loops, such a success. This week, we’re releasing one of the most popular patterns from the book, The Cedar Shake Mitts.

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These are the much loved Ysolda Teague, Veyla mitts from Whimsical Little Knits Two. They are a great way to use-up left-over yarn, as they only take between 10-20g of yarn to complete. I made this pair before Christmas with some left over Old Maiden Aunt yarn in Dreich colour. I used vintage crystal buttons to finish the cuff. They were so pretty. We just got a fresh delivery of Old Maiden Aunt Yarns and this batch is really lovely! I’ve seen Veyla made up successfully, in all sorts of yarns. I really admired a pair by one of our …

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