Okay we got a bit excited about the Kozmos and Pearl combo, and knit up a shawl.  Susan adapted the Lala Scarf, from Greetings from Knit Cafe, into a shawl, by making it a little longer. She needed just under one skein of the Juno Pearl in Golden Peach and 1.5 skeins of the Alchemy Kozmos in Old Rose. We figure she could just as easily have made the edging a little less flamboyant and got it out of one skein, as it is in the book. Pretty, huh? I liked your suggestions for this yarn pairing as well. I …

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Back in the autumn we got a few skeins of Alchemy Kozmos. We didn’t get that many, because they were pricey, and we weren’t sure how well they would do. But they got snapped up pretty quickly, so we ordered more. When they came in the other day, Susan discovered they had a natural affinity with the Juno Pearl that we are so in love with.   Pearl Canopy and Kozmos mallard. Don’t they look pretty together?   I’m sure you play with your stash like this too. What should we do with them? Purlbee uses the Kozmos in a …

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And it’s amazing! The colours are good enough to eat. I’ve seen a swatch knit up, and it is really cosy. I want to make a sweater in this colour… Something with a little texture… or lace. Perhaps Peasy… What do you think? Also, new in for Easter, are these cute lavender filled bunnies by Catherine Tough. They make the shop smell heady. I love a nice bunny! ~Juju at Loop

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