We have such exciting news this week as we’ll be hosting Emily Foden of Viola yarns for the release of her new book Knits About Winter, published by Pom Pom Press! 

Long Live Print! Two weeks ago we invited you to peak at some of our latest books, which are part of our huge print section in the shop. This week we introduce you to some of the wonderful independently published magazines that have just come in! It’s a bumper week of beauty –  it’s such a joy to slowly turn the pages of a craft publication and savour the beautiful things we can make. The last five years has seen a rise in smaller, independent periodicals for crafters. At Loop, we seek to bring you as many good new magazines as we can.

After a long wait, we finally have some lovely spring weather. It seemed cruel to mention linen a week ago, when all we’d had was rain, rain, rain. But now I can say, “Look ladies, lovely linen!” (Who can resist a bit of alliteration, eh?) Quince & co’s Sparrow has arrived in colours. Well, it came in last week, but it seems to have gone out again, very quickly. We will be getting another shipment very soon. Let us know if you want a call when it comes back in. The Swatch above is in Artisan Linen Lace, which is …

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