I’m having trouble taking pictures, quickly enough, of all our new yarns! Last week this Sarah Tweed from BC Garn came in. Squeals of happy-knitter delight all down Camden Passage. It’s made up of 50% mulberry silk (which takes dye colour beautifully), 10% silk nubs (natures own nupps), and 40% wool. It has a lovely texture, unlike any yarn I’ve seen before. I’m knitting a shawl from it, for my Loop book (more of that in a future post). When I’m finished the Loop book, I’m going to do some selfish knitting and I’m going to finally have a Layering …

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And it’s amazing! The colours are good enough to eat. I’ve seen a swatch knit up, and it is really cosy. I want to make a sweater in this colour… Something with a little texture… or lace. Perhaps Peasy… What do you think? Also, new in for Easter, are these cute lavender filled bunnies by Catherine Tough. They make the shop smell heady. I love a nice bunny! ~Juju at Loop

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