Brand New Biches & Bûches ‘Le Cotton & Alpaca’ Is as Soft and Bright as You Can Imagine

Brand New Biches & Bûches ‘Le Cotton & Alpaca’ Is as Soft and Bright as You Can Imagine

Oh my goodness we are chuffed to bits to have a brand new yarn from Biches & Bûches in the shop. The just-released Le Cotton & Alpaca has been in the works for two years and it is worth every moment of the wait.

Loop’s lovely shipment of Le Cotton & Alpaca has finally arrived in the shop after a stay of a couple of weeks in customs, and we are so glad to finally have it! This yarn is so unique it almost defies description. It’s gorgeously light and soft, but drapes a bit heavier than wool. The top colours appear delicate and subdued, but they’re paired with such radiant undertones they read nearly metallic. We cannot get enough.

We couldn’t wait to get this on our needles. First, Loopette Carole made the gorgeous sampler you can see in the image above. This stitch wasn’t from a particular pattern, just from Carole’s brilliant mind. We’ll let you know if she ends up working it into something larger. Next, Loopette Juliet will cast on the sweet Felix Cardigan by Amy Christoffers. The loft of the alpaca lends itself perfectly to this cardigan, which was designed for an Aran weight mohair. It will have so much delicious warmth for the autumn ahead without being too heavy.

The Felix Cardigan by Amy Christoffers – Biches & Bûches Le Cotton & Alpaca is going to be a perfect fit for this cardigan.

Biches & Bûches Le Cotton & Alpaca is composed of 66% GOTS Cotton and 34% Super Fine Alpaca, spun and dyed in Italy. It’s perfect for any Aran or worsted weight project and pairs wonderfully with the other fine Biches & Bûches yarns in the shop. We can’t wait to see your projects!

Fabulous New Books and Favourite Returners

We have been blessed with a deluge of gorgeous books on knitting and crochet, with both old favourites and brand new volumes landing in the shop over the past few weeks. Our most recent arrival is a really special new how-to book from MDK (Modern Daily Knitting). “Skill Set” approaches the task of teaching to knit in a whole new way, breaking down all the essential skills into nine easy-to-follow lessons, from casting on to fixing mistakes. Along the way, newbie knitters will learn basic lacework, basic colourwork, and how to follow a pattern. By the end there is nothing you can’t conquer.

Another new how-to book that’s proving incredibly popular is the aptly titled “How to Knit” by Debbie Tomkies. Despite having only arrived in the shop recently, there are only two of these books left in the shop! Debbie provides helpful introductions to all the basics for brand-new knitters, and there are some fun embellishment techniques that can help experienced knitters take their projects to the next level.

Vogue Knitting’s Learn-to-Knit Book is an instruction manual from one of the standard bearers of knit publishing.

Anyone who has ever picked up a Vogue Knitting publication will need to hear no more about a new volume from the iconic knit publishing house. “The Learn-to-Knit Book” has everything we’ve come to expect from this authoritative source for all things knitting. Step-by-step guides accompanied by illustrations and photos will help novice knitters get the hang of the basics, and then 20+ accessible patterns will help put them straight into service.

These new volumes are joined by a range of how-to and pattern books we always love to have in the shop. As well as knitting books, there are some really lovely crochet books that teach both basic and advanced stitches. “The Crochet Book” teaches a whopping 130 techniques that the reader practices as they create up to 80 different projects, with no prior experience required. “You Will Be Able to Crochet by the End of this Book” keeps the promise of its cover by going all the way back to basics and providing 15 super stylish projects for the modern crocheter, from plant pot covers to a phone case. “Amazing Japanese Crochet Stitches” is a gorgeous resource for the advanced crocheter, with tons of different stitches and seven patterns to help you practice.

As with the volume for crochet, “You Will Be Able to Knit by the End of this Book” does what it says on the tin and leaves the newly minted knitter with a range of sleek projects to get started with. “Knit How” from PomPom Press also provides a great introduction to knitting, from your first stitches to your first masterpiece. Vogue Knitting’s “Ultimate Stitch Dictionary” now contains over 900 different stitch patterns pulled from patterns that have appeared in Vogue Knitting , including 100 that are new for the latest edition. These lovely swatches can be used to jazz up your latest project, inspire a brand new pattern, or to make a patchwork quilt. For knitters looking to make the jump to complex colourwork, the “Beginner’s Guide to Colourwork Knitting” is just the ticket. The techniques taught here bridge the gap between single-colour knitting and complex fair isle patterns.

Celebrating All Things Shetland

Shetland Wool Adventures Journal Vol 4

Summer may be coming to a close, but there’s still plenty of time for armchair travel. This month’s destination is Fair Isle. Through the latest gorgeous edition of Shetland Wool Adventures Journal, explore the legendary knitting heritage of this remote island through stunning photography, interviews, walks, and recipes, plus six knitting patterns from local designers. And when you decide which one to cast on first, we’ve got 24 new colours of Jamieson’s of Shetland Spindrift (in addition to our already mind bogglingly large selection) that should do the trick.

Happy weekend to makers of all stripes!

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