They say a poor workman blames his tools, so it must also be true that a good craftswoman venerates hers. From project to project, these loyal objects remain close at hand and always get the job done. Here are some of our most coveted and comforting tools of the trade. Darning Jellyfish You’ve heard of the darning egg, you’ve heard of the darning mushroom, but have you yet met the whimsical Darning Jellyfish by Hikaru Noguchi? This magical tool from this incredible designer at the vanguard of visible mending will surely not go amiss in your toolbox. Its flat bottom …

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This week we’re celebrating two incredible yarns that have just arrived in the shop! Mominoki German Merino Light and Hue Loco Backyard Chicken Phyllis Sock Sets are hitting shelves and we’re so excited to welcome them to the Loop family!

Tomorrow is the big day! Aimée Gille of La Bien Aimée and Sini Kramer of Laine Publishing are on their way to the shop to celebrate two phenomenal books. Here’s a closer look at some of our favourite patterns from ‘Worsted’ and ‘Contrasts’ that you’ll be able to see in person this weekend!