Harlequin Blanket – a new kit and a giveaway!

Harlequin Blanket – a new kit and a giveaway!

We’re bringing you a short post this week, to tell you about a new kit we now have at Loop. The Harlequin Blanket Kit is brand new from CaMaRose, and we are so pleased to have it at the shop!

CaMaRose is a favourite brand of many members of staff at Loop; the Danish brand is a lovely supplier of wonderful wools at very reasonable prices. They have a big colour palette with lots of beautiful shades. We stock the Yaku, Hverdagsuld and Lama-tweed, and the Snefnug, which has just arrived!

Harlequin Blanket Kit at Loop London
The lovely Harlequin Blanket

The Harlequin Blanket is knitted up in CaMaRose Hverdagsuld – which we have in store and online too.

Harlequin Blanket Kit at Loop London
Details of the Harlequin Blanket

The Hverdagsuld is machine washable and organic! It feels a little more ‘rustic’ than some of the other yarns we stock, but after its first wash it becomes considerably softer. It’s a hardwearing yarn, perfect for a blanket to have on your sofa or on your bed!

Our new kit for the Harlequin Blanket includes 19 balls of yarn, plus the printed pattern.

It’s a lovely big blanket, we have some more lovely photographs over on our Instagram account, so you can get more of an idea of how the blanket will look in your home.

Harlequin Blanket Kit at Loop London
Some of the beautiful colours used in the Harlequin Blanket

We spoke to Trine of CaMaRose about her inspiration for this design, and she wrote to us with some lovely thoughts…

The idea for my Harlequin blanket (in Danish ‘Tivoli tæppe’) goes back to memories from my childhood. I was born in Copenhagen, and in the heart of Copenhagen is this old and beautiful amusement park called Tivoli. When I was a little girl my grandmother once took me to the park and I still remember my first impression of this wonderful garden full of flowers, colours and people.

One particular thing really impressed me and that was the pantomime, were I could watch Pjerrot, Harlequin and Columbine. Especially Harlequins beautiful dress caught my eye. I just loved watching all the harlequin in so many beautiful colours. I moved away from Copenhagen 10 years ago and sometimes I really miss the old garden and the visits with my family, so that is why I wanted to design something that can refresh my sweet childhood memories. I hope you will like my Harlequin blanket and all the lovely colours. Love from Trine x

Harlequin Blanket Kit at Loop London
A little detail of the crocheted border

The ‘Harlequin’ pattern on the blanket is created using intarsia. This is a simple but very effective pattern, and the lovely muted colour palette lends itself very well to it. The blanket is finished with a crocheted border, which is added last.

This kit is great for beginners with intarsia. The pattern has been carefully written and has very helpful instructions for working the intarsia design. It also has some tips for making the process of intarsia a little easier for you.

Harlequin Blanket Kit at Loop London
Intarsia has a beautifully neat finish

Our Harlequin Blanket kit comes in the colour palette shown here, but as we stock Hverdagsuld in individual balls you could also put your own kit together! The printed pattern is also available separately, if you have some stash yarn to use up.

We hope you like this lovely project as much as we do! And because we love this Harlequin Blanket so much, we’re giving one person a chance to win one of the kits. The yarn for this kit was generously donated to us by Trine of CaMaRose, thank you Trine!

The giveaway is running on Instagram ONLY. To enter, use the hashtag LoopLovesHarlequin on your own post, or repost our photo with this hashtag. You must be following LoopLondonLoves and CaMaRose.

The giveaway will be for one Harlequin Blanket kit, and because it’s such a wonderful prize we are running it for two weeks. It will close at midday UK time on Thursday 30th May, and we will announce the winner on Friday 31st May.

Finally, we want to let you know we have a brand new CaMaRose yarn, just arrived at Loop!

Snefnug (snowflake in Danish) is 55% Alpaca, 35% cotton and 10% extra fine merino, and is truly beautiful. We are in the process of photographing all the lovely colours, but all the information about the yarn is online now, so you can start planning your projects.


Images copyright of Trine Bertelsen Susan Cropper.

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  1. This is absolutely gorgeous, the thought all that intarsia makes me smile! I think it would be lovely scaled down as a babies’ cot or pram blanket too. Fabulous ice cream colours!

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