Pearl + Kozmos = Gorgeous

Pearl + Kozmos = Gorgeous
Juno pearl in golden peach and Alchemy Kozmos in Old Rose.

Back in the autumn we got a few skeins of Alchemy Kozmos. We didn’t get that many, because they were pricey, and we weren’t sure how well they would do. But they got snapped up pretty quickly, so we ordered more. When they came in the other day, Susan discovered they had a natural affinity with the Juno Pearl that we are so in love with.


Pearl Canopy and Kozmos mallard.

Don’t they look pretty together?


Pearl Velvet and Kozmos Sweet Berry Pie.

I’m sure you play with your stash like this too. What should we do with them? Purlbee uses the Kozmos in a simple Mobius twist which is very pretty. It would look lovely striped with two different yarns.

They would also look great in a stripy shawl or pair of fingerless gloves. I think Susan is knitting a petite shawl with them at the moment. I’ll post a picture when it’s done.

Any other ideas?

~Juju at Loop

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