The textile history of a country is as rich and varied as the garments and fabric produced. It is always fascinating to discover the traditional crafts and costumes that are part of everyday life and to be inspired by the skill. In the shop we have books and yarns from all around the world and now we have the textile history of Muhu Island, Estonia to show you.

Last night at Loop we had the pleasure of welcoming Eline Oftedal, talented author of Knit Nordic, for a little show and tell. Accompanying her was a cameraman from the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation! We sure gave him a lot to take in as it was one of our busiest knit nights in a long time! We were so inspired by Eline, and the wonders of Scandinavian knitting in general, that we decided to devote today’s blog post to the quite large library of Scandinavian knitting resources at Loop, and some of our favourite Scandi yarns!

Spring is fast approaching and what better way to get in the mood than with some stunning Mulberry silk? This gorgeous 100% silk DK yarn from Louisa Harding comes in 15 jewel-like colours and is perfect for projects you’ll want to wear when the weather finally warms up. Equally stunning in stocking stitch or lace, you’ll enjoy making every shimmery, smooth stitch whatever project you choose! Here we’ve chosen to do a swatch (in colour 36 Golden) of our free pattern, the Beginners Lace Shawl – absolute luxury knitting on some rosewood needles (try our short ones for swatching and …

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