The new collection from Sophie Digard is here!

The new collection from Sophie Digard is here!
Supernova shawls in the new spring collection

Oh là là ! A treasure trove of exquisite shawls and scarves from French Designer Sophie Digard has arrived this week.

Sophie Digard creates all sorts of wonderful accessories from large wraps and scarves to delicate jewellery and heirloom dolls, all beautifully crafted with incredible attention to detail and care.

Not only are her designs sublime, Sophie also provides a valuable source of income to a local cooperative of women in Madagascar who she employs to crochet and embroider her designs and at the same time, fostering the practice of traditional textile skills. 

Her team of skilled artisans use very fine plant-dyed threads for the merino wool crocheted scarves and beautiful embroidery on the linen scarves and Alice dolls.  Sophie’s creations are all one-of-a kind.  

If you’ve ever been in Loop, you will most certainly have seen Sophie Digard’s beautiful work dotted around the shop.  

Les Primitives

The latest collection of scarves to arrive includes Les Primitives in three beautiful colours in dyed linen; lichen with abricot, hague blue with ecru and parma grey with pink. These are generously sized embroidered linen shawls ready for you to wear over a dress or jacket, just stunning! 

Each one uses threads, dyed with natural vegetable dyes, and then embroidered with whimsical motifs of botanical images. Matching bits of linen fabrics add more texture to the edges of the scarf. They are incredible pieces of artistry and so beautiful!

Slow Sunday

Hand crocheted with merino wool threads, the Slow Sunday scarf is a large scarf with geometric shapes in a rich and varied colour palette. The crocheted shawls and scarves frequently use more than 60 fine threads together to create Sophie’s unique and beautiful colour palettes.

The Dusty pink + Earth colourway has been specially developed for Loop by Susan with Sophie.

Super Nova

Supernova is another style we haven’t had before and is a stunning hand-crocheted shawl with tiny geometric circles and diamonds in tiny sections – it’s a beautiful example of Sophie’s design and colour aesthetic. Supernova comes in five gorgeous colourways.

We have also received some new colours for spring in some of the other designs like Pastille Pop and Sealife in Green.

Alice Dolls

Sophie Digard’s Alice dolls are delightful little dolls that make a lovely gift for a child or display of a beautiful work of textile art. Each doll is handmade, crocheted and embroidered with meticulous detail and charm. As is frequently the case, these one-of-a-kind pieces sell quickly but rest assured we are having more made for us, and they should be with us around mid-July. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed a little peek into Sophie Digard’s beautiful world of textiles. They always brighten our day, and we hope yours too!

Loop Wildwood Crochet Scarf Kit

If you fancy having a go at your own crochet scarf, we have our lovely Loop Wildwood Crochet scarf kits. Each kit includes 25 bundles of plant-dyed threads by Mette Mehlsen in Denmark. Each colourway is carefully curated to create a palette for you. We’ve also just received the new ‘lilac’ colour to add to the collection. We also have the similar Loop Flower Power Crochet Kit which has been restocked in the lovely Rococo and Spring colourways.

Loop News

Loop has recently featured as one of the world’s best shops on The Shopkeeper’s website! What an honour! It is one of Susan’s favourite websites for inspiration on travel and all things retail. You can read the interview with Susan were she muses on her deep love of textiles, navigating through the pandemic as a shopkeeper, personal inspirations and favourite shops (other than Loop!), Japanese candy wrappers and the future of retail.
See their beautiful website and get inspired by their amazing instagram account. We’re incredibly proud to be one of their selected shops of the world.

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  1. Congratulations on your appearance on The Shopkeepers website, that’s awesome! Not surprising though, it’s all so beautiful!

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