This Just In: A Billowing Bounty of Delightful Yarns

This Just In: A Billowing Bounty of Delightful Yarns
Photo courtesy of Spincycle

We love nothing more than a delivery from one of our favourite yarn makers. And when four come all at once? Well that’s just heaven. Here’s what you need to know about our wonderful recent arrivals.


Spincycle’s yarns are beautiful explorations of colour and texture. Pictured here: Dyed In The Wool in Ghost Ranch

We just love the yarns that come out of the two-woman team behind Spincycle. The self-styled “spinsters” have somehow managed to produce a mill-spun yarn that maintains the feel and unique charm of its hand-spun progenitors. Their yarn ‘Dyed In The Wool’ has arrived in a brand new colour, Absolute Zero, and it is heavenly. We’re dreaming of roiling, moody summer storms and midnight tiptoes along lavender-lined garden paths. There are plenty more beautiful, evocative colours of Spincycle’s gorgeous yarns in stock at Loop. Sport weight ‘Dyed In The Wool‘ and worsted weight ‘Dream State‘ are both beautiful, 100% wool, muelsing free yarns you’ll keep being inspired by over and over.

Spincycle Dyed In The Wool in the colour Absolute Zero


Woolfolk’s wonderful range at Loop London

Have you ever seen a softer-looking stack of skeins? Woolfolk absolutely delivers when it comes to the squish factor. The secret is the fibre they use, Ultimate Merino® from Ovis21. This is the result of the doting attentions of farmers in Patagonia, who also ensure they are taking care of the land. Woolfolk’s yarns bring the unique attributes of this exquisite wool to the hand knitter. These yarns feel like cashmere and wear like merino. Perfection. And we couldn’t be more delighted to be their UK stockist. Whether you’re looking for an ethereal halo effect or a marled twist, you won’t go wrong with Tynd, Luft, Sno, and Far.

Blue Sky Fibres

Here it is, the one so many of you have been waiting for! Our latest delivery from Blue Sky Fibers is chock-a-block full of some of our favourites from this home-grown yarn producer, including the hotly anticipated Organic Cotton in Bone, a naturally occurring shade free of bleaches and dyes. Woolstok and Woolstok Light are fantastic go-to yarns whether you’re planning for a project or just bulking out a diminished stash. Woolstok Bundles provide a fantastic way to add splashes of colour to any Woolstok project without buying a whole skein, perfect for patterns like Andrea Mowry’s Throwback Cardigan or Isabell Kraemer’s Gryer Shawl.


Our rainbow of Spindrift in the shop at Loop

All hail the many hues of Jamieson’s of Shetland Spindrift! This is the only yarn on our website we’ve had to split into multiple pages because there are just so, so many colours — we have more than 176 different ones! And believe it or not, our latest delivery brought even more shades to the shop with the addition of several new colours. The tonal treasure-trove makes sense when you know this yarn is traditionally used in Fairisle knits — very fitting for a yarn spun and dyed in the Shetland Isles. Any colourwork project will shine in Spindrift, but it’s especially good for jumpers.


Ito yarns

There’s nothing quite like an Ito yarn. Everything this lovely Japanese company makes is just a bit brighter, just a bit silkier, just a bit more sparkly than its counterparts. With the fibres they start with it’s no wonder these gems stand out. Karei is made of 100% grade A Mongolian cashmere; Sensai is made of goat mohair and silk; Kinu is a silk noil or organic silk yarn made from the leftovers of spun filament silk. Plus, all their products are so textural. Each of the traditional yarns can be combined with other strands to play with weight or add a zing of interest to any project, and their incredible thread and ribbon-style yarn are perfect for finishing with flair. For an extra shiny effect, Ito San and Gin metallic threads are just the ticket.

Casting on ‘Traditions Revisited’

It has been a week since Aleks Byrd’s Traditions Revisited hit the shelves and we are loving the excitement for this incredible book combining Estonian tradition with modern sensibilities for a truly original collection. We still have a few copies of this remarkable ode to cultural roots and contemporary practices in the shop and online. What will you cast on first?

Have a woolly weekend

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