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Pop Spots Tutorial

Pop Spots Special Techniques

Here are  detailed explanations and step-by-step pictures for dropping and laddering Pop Spots Stitches.

dlk and dlkyok

Knit 3 stitches, drop the stitch on your left hand needle until it unravels all the way down to the main colour

drop stitch and ladder

- you will have one stitch of your main colour floating, ready to be caught by your needle and six strands of unravelled yarn in the garter stitch colour.

knit into stitch

Poke your right-hand needle into that lone stitch in the background colour, from front to back, under the lines of unravelled knitting. Wrap your yarn round your right-hand needle as if to knit a stitch, pull the yarn through the background stitch, catching all the unravelled ladders. That completes the dlk stitch.

Knit into dropped stitch, catching ladders

To complete the dlkyok stitch, continue by making a yarn over above the ladders

Yarn over above ladders

and then make another stitch in the front of the dropped stitch, including all the ladders.

Knit another stitch under the ladders ~ three stitches in one

Three stitches have been made from one stitch.

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