A Wonderful Wintertime with Dee Hardwicke

A Wonderful Wintertime with Dee Hardwicke

It may only be November, but here at Loop we are dreaming of winter with our dear friend Dee Hardwicke!

The holiday season is definitely in full swing here in London. The smoke is still clearing from last weekend’s fireworks displays and twinkling lights are starting to appear on our favourite shopping streets and lovely back alleys. Our very own Camden Passage is no exception, and we are definitely feeling the spirit! Anyone who walked past the shop earlier this week would have been treated to the lovely sight of Dee painting our Christmas window with a wonderful wintery scene.

Dee hard at work on our wonderful Dreaming of Winter window for the holiday season.

We’re so glad that Dee will feature in our holiday festivities this year. Not only will her artwork be literally front and centre on our window, along with her beautiful shawl, ‘Dreaming of Butterflies’, but also she’ll be joining us in the shop on Saturday 26 November to launch her new book, The Knitted Fabric. We are so excited to welcome her and Laine Publishing’s Jonna and to bring together our community to chat about patterns, sign books, look at samples, and generally relish in Dee’s company.

Don’t forget to pre-order a Dreaming of Butterflies Kit. These wraps are amazingly cosy and so clever in their design. We’re so glad Dee designed them for us, based on some of the work and charts used in her new book and we can’t wait to warm up with them this winter! Knit in John Arbon’s Knit by Numbers DK, they are absolutely beautiful. The kits come with all of the yarn, the printed pattern (and a bonus pattern for any scraps of yarn leftover!), and a special bag designed just fir the for the kit!

Mina Perhonen Fabric Sets

Mina Perhonen Fabric Swatches at Loop

We have a new batch of gorgeous Mina Perhonen Fabric Swatches! These random collections of six to seven pieces of beautiful and unique fabric are always a joy to behold. They’re also a fantastic way to ensure your creations are sustainable, as all of the swatches are made from the precious leftover bits from Akira Minagawa’s incredible work in Japan. Whether you’re patching an old favourite shirt or slipping something extra special into your patchwork quilt, these incredible swatches will slot right in.

Nathalie Lété Washi Tape

Nathalie Lété’s Washi Tape is just the whimsy your holiday season needs!

If you love Nathalie Lété and you love Washi Tape (and, honestly, who doesn’t love both) have we got the thing for you. Our favourite French folk illustrator is at it again with yet another whimsical addition to your craft basket. In “Circus”, “Forest and Friends”, and “Toys” patterns, this bright, easy-to-use tape will be the perfect addition for any holiday wrapping job, scrapbooking project, or any craft that requires a bit of adhesion. We have also just received another delivery from Nathalie in Paris, of her silk scarves, and jigsaw puzzles. All of them make very beautiful gifts.

More from Sophie Digard

Sophie Digard’s Double Floral 7 Merino Brooch in Autumn Heath

We’ve added more of our incredible new items from Sophie Digard to the website. Her work is just so exquisite it’s hard to describe how much we love it. Her Floral 7 Merino Brooches in Double and Single varieties are wild and tame at the same time, and her velvet-budded Alpine Brooches are soft and warm as a winter’s eve by the fire after a long day of wilderness adventure. Truly all of her work astounds us.

Naturally Dyed Beauties on Preorder

Well it’s clear you all love the Enneste Natually Dyed Thread Boxes as much as we do! These sweet little collections — which are perfect holiday gifts — sold out so quickly after we first introduced them on last week’s blog. But you’re in luck! We have a whole new batch heading our way, and they’re available for preorder now! We also have preorders available on four different colours of Mette Mehlsen’s sublime Geranium Scarf Kits. both of these wonderful things are due in at Loop in the next week or so. If you love them and covet one, try and order them soon as they really do sell out quickly. We are so happy to have more of these truly delightful items celebrating all the beauty and variety of nature.

Happy tidings, friends!

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