Amirisu Has Arrived! Plus Delightful Deliveries of Delectable Yarns

Amirisu Has Arrived! Plus Delightful Deliveries of Delectable Yarns

Amirisu issue 24 is out today! This issue for spring/summer 2022 plays on the theme of heritage, drawing inspiration from the personal history of each talented contributing designer. It also happens to play with some lovely, luscious yarns available at Loop. Here’s the lineup.

Conflux – Isager Highland Wool

This long vest designed by Susanne Sommar is a dramatic use of Loop staple Isager Highland Wool. We love the details here—the varied stripes, the broad lapel, the defining line around all the edges. You could curl up and read on a window seat or head to a summer fete in this piece. And we’ve just received a huge delivery from Isager, fully stocking up on Highland Wool as well as their other gorgeous yarns in old favourite colours as well as some exciting new ones. More on this below!

Saltkaret – Brooklyn Tweed Loft

Helsinki-based designer Sari Nordlund is bringing serious Scandi vibes to this issue in the form of her Saltkaret sweater. The shoulder-skimming Nordic-inspired colourwork gives way to a flattering and modern dotted torso and arms, and best of all the whole thing is designed in Brooklyn Tweed Loft. This airy 2-ply with a delicate twist creates gorgeous, sturdy fabrics with an ethereal feel.

Madara – Biches & Buches Le Petit Lambswool

Stripes in opposite directions, peaks and valleys, little bobbles, and texture to boot—this shawl has tons of interesting elements but somehow manages not to cross the threshold into being too busy. We love this lacy use of Biches & Buches Le Petit Lambswool. We’re so much more used to seeing this yarn from a family-run mill in Scotland put to hardy use, but it’s just as well suited to the light, delicate nature of this piece.

Moonrise – Brooklyn Tweed Shelter

Another fantastic Brooklyn Tweed yarn is Shelter, which forms the base of Moonrise, designed in-house at Amirisu for Issue 24. This slouchy cardigan is no slouch, and it does a phenomenal job of showing off all the depth of colour in this glorious yarn. Shelter can do anything from cables to garter, but we think it’s just perfect here in stockinette. The arm band colourwork here is such a unique and unusual approach to bringing a bit of spark to a garment. This is one of those pieces that feels familiar and brand new all at once.Shelter is also interchangeable with Brooklyn Tweed’s Tones base, a super fun approach to colour play by applying the same dye to a light and dark base, creating an ‘under tone’ and an ‘over tone’. We love these colours, especially some of the upbeat ‘over tones’ that are super bright and happy.

An uplifting pile of Brooklyn Tweed Tones at Loop London

There are a total of 12 patterns in Amirisu 24 as well as some fun non-knitting projects like a machine quilted tote bag. The main feature is a craft guide to Toronto by local creators Laura Chau, Kiyomi Burgin, and Sachiko Burgin, and there’s so much more in this issue to explore. Pick up your copy online or in the shop today!

All of Our Favourites from Isager

We’ve had a huge delivery from Isager, the Danish producer of fantastic yarns including Spinni, Highland Wool, Silk Mohair, and Alpaca 1, all of which are fully stocked! We’re so excited to introduce some incredible new colours of Silk Mohair and Spinni.

Isager Silk Mohair in Hot Pink and Orange

Isager Silk Mohair is super soft and furry. It’s great for light, fluffy stand-alone projects or combined with one of Isager’s other yarns. These brand new colours really bring some brightness to this incredible base. We can’t wait to start knitting with them!

Isager Spinni in Royal Blue and Yellow

Spinni is a delightful lace weight yarn which can be held double and used as sport-weight. These two new rich tones bring bold, assertive hues to this range. This yarn is a fantastic candidate to be held double with Silk Mohair. Its delicacy won’t overwhelm the fluffy counterpart, but its sturdiness will add considerable heft to any garment.

Pinwheel Mitts at Loop London

Of course a delivery from Isager also means a new batch of the ever-popular Pinwheel Mitt Kits will be with us any day now! These playful hand warmers are a perennial Loop favourite. Any combination of Highland Wool colours shine in this kaleidoscopic pattern. Those wanting to mix and match can also buy the Pinwheel Mitt Pattern as a stand-alone item and let their imagination run wild!


Mominoki German Merino Light in brand-new colours Lavendar and Nutmeg

We’ve had an exciting delivery from Mominoki, including two new colours of German Merino Light as well as select skeins of Mominoki Silk Mohair. Both of these yarns are hand-dyed in Berlin, and together they form the glorious combo used in Midori Hirose’s Snowy Forest Sweater. We don’t normally stock Mominoki Silk Mohair outside of the Snowy Forest Kit, so it’s a real treat to have it as a stand-alone item! Midori Hirose also designed special Project Bags to go with our Snowy Forest Kits, which are now available for a-la-carte purchase. Why not design your own Snowy Forest colour combo and keep your project in this adorable fit-for-purpose project bag?

Scheepjes Maxi Sweet Treat Cotton

Scheepjes Maxi Sweet Treat (formerly Bonbon)

There are so many colours of this high twist lace weight cotton it’s hard to pick between them! The options for single hues or complementary combos of Scheepjes Maxi Sweet Treat are just endless. The yarn is mercerised to improve dye uptake and strength and reduce shrinkage. This is perfect yarn for finishing touches. These yarns come in the same colours as Scheepjes Catona Cotton to perfectly match or offset your project’s main colour.

Malabrigo Rios

Malabrigo Rios Pink at Loop London
Malabrigo Rios pink hues at Loop

Vibrant and vivacious Malabrigo Rios yarns are the right choice for just about any worsted weight job, and we’ve just stocked up on all our favourite colours. This is a washable yarn whose plies help resist pilling. Great for any high-touch projects, like household items, or garments likely to see some mess, like baby clothes. This durability doesn’t come at the cost of beauty though. Each skein is hand-dyed and feels as luxurious as anything.

Happy crafting!

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