Hue Loco’s Exquisite Skeins Land at Loop!

Hue Loco’s Exquisite Skeins Land at Loop!

You’ve already met Backyard Chicken, now get ready to be introduced to the rest of the Hue Loco crew—brand new to Loop!

Loop is so proud to be the London stockist for this incredible yarn all the way from Colorado, USA. Proprietor Nicole Clark is an independent dyer with some really unique colour ideas, and we are in awe of them all.

Hue Loco Merino Sock Singles in Beatnik (marled), Pear (left), Spruce (centre), and Sage (right)

We are just wild about all of these colours and bases. The Merino Sock Singles is an incredibly soft, high twist, superwash yarn that’s just as well suited to shawls and socks as any other project. It may be unseasonable but we can see these making fantastic shawlettes, wraps, socks and sweaters. This yarn is so soft you won’t want to save it for only your feet! Nicole’s colours really just sing on this base. So vibrant, so inviting!

Hue Loco’s 50’s Merino Sets at Loop London

We totally adore Hue Loco’s clever 50’s Merino Sets made up of colours that work together seamlessly. The “50” in the name refers to the grams in each skein rather than the decade, but the retro vibes in some of these sets might have you fooled! The 80/20 blend of merino and nylon in this base gives this yarn a bit of oomph. It’s a robust choice for harder wearing items, but it’s also so pretty you’ll want it on display. We can’t wait to cast on a shawl to make the absolute most of the colour transition here. The sets are very beautiful on their own, or paired with a full 100g skein pulling out one of the colours in the set. They’re also gorgeous for crochet granny squares.

The colours of Hue Loco’s 50’s Merino Sets work beautifully with the colours of their other bases. Combining the 50-gram skeins with Sock Singles or Merino DK by striping or holding double is a great way to extend the reach of these gorgeous colours.

Finally, the Merino DK is a fantastic workhorse yarn that shows off the subtle variations and depths of Hue Loco’s colours astonishingly well. The plies give this yarn gorgeous stitch definition, and the colour variations bring lovely texture whether you’re working in stockinette or patterned knitting.

Like most hand-dyed yarns, each of these skeins is unique, so we recommend striping your projects. We are just so happy to have these wonderful wools in our shop. We hope you can stop by in person or online to see them in all their glory.

Fabulous Project Bags

We’re sure your mind is already whirring at the thought of all the projects you want to make with Hue Loco, and we’re so happy to have some of our favourite project bags in stock to give all those projects a home! Miesje Chafer’s Project Bags were a huge hit when they first landed in the shop last month, and we are so so happy to have more of them in the shop! These groovy patterns and funky colours bring a hip attitude to crafting that we’re always happy to embrace. Likewise, the nature-inspired Anemone Project Bags designed by Dee Hardwicke present the perfect complement to the prettiest projects. Featuring Dee’s original watercolour that inspired the Anemone Shawl, we can’t get enough of this one.

Summer Sale Yarns

Every once in while we have to say goodbye to some of our most treasured yarns to make room for new ones, and, lucky you, that usually means we offer them at an unbeatable price. Balayage and Manada by Pascuali are currently on sale, along with Kokon Chunky Mohair and Shibui Silk Cloud Mohair. These dreamy yarns can be yours for a fraction of our normal price—but only while stocks last! And there’s no time like the present, because these lightweight yarns are perfect for floaty, airy summer knits.

Cast-on happily!

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