Celebrating #ShopIndependentDay!

Celebrating #ShopIndependentDay!
We love Rebecca Strickson's original artwork for Shop Independent Day!

As an independent, woman-owned wool, textile, and crafting shop, small businesses are important to just about everything we do. Most of the creators we work with are small businesses, and of course we are surrounded by lovely local shops in Camden Passage and on Upper Street in the beautiful neighbourhood of Angel in London. That’s why we’re so happy to be supporting Shop Independent Day 2022 on Saturday 25 June!

Loopette Tilly in our lovely shop! #ShopIndependentDay

Almost everything at Loop comes from independent makers, dyers, designers, publishers, and artists working in textiles. This is something we are passionate about. As an independent shop, showcasing the incredible work of the best of others that we can find in both the UK and around the world, this whole campaign is so close to our heart. 

We also feel strongly that independent shops are the heart of communities. That when people visit us, or make the effort to visit any independent and unique shop, it very often has a knock-on effect that is supportive of the whole neighbourhood, and keeps the areas healthy. They’ll browse the markets, stop for lunch or a coffee and cake, see other shops they might not have known about. It all helps communities stay vibrant. After the past couple of years, this is even more vital, as more people have been isolated. It’s nice to have small interactions with people in and out of shops. And vital for our mental health and happiness as well. 

Shop Independent Day is part of Holly Tucker’s Shop Independent Campaign. Holly founded Not On The High Street and has always been a huge supporter of independent businesses. The Shop Independent Campaign aims to support the 99.9% of private sector businesses in the UK that are small- and medium-sized. Between the pandemic and Brexit, these businesses have been among the hardest hit by the financial difficulties of the past few years and Holly wants everyone to reflect on how their spending can make a difference to the businesspeople who keep our high streets and our homes lively and original.

“We’re spearheading a movement, calling on consumers to understand the value of their pound and where they spend it,” she explains, “encouraging everyone to vote with their money for the kind of world they want to live in.” At Loop, the kind of world we want to live in is filled with beautiful things made by crafters from around the globe. It’s a world where serendipitous encounters lead to creative inspiration and lifetime friendship. It’s a world we’ve tried to build in our little corner of London, and it’s one that you support every time you shop with us, whether you buy a single button or several Loop Shopper Bags full of yarn. This Saturday 25 June we will be flinging open our doors from 11:30 am to 5:00 pm (we’re closing our doors a wee bit early due to the train strikes to ensure our staff can get home) and as a special treat, we are offering 10% off everything at Loop. This is for in the shop, as well as online! 

We thank you so much for all your wonderful support the past 17 (!) years. We thank our customers, as well as all the makers, suppliers of beautiful yarn, designers, teachers, and incredible staff — everyone involved makes Loop what it is. 

Thank you to Holly Tucker, MBE for being such a champion of small business, and to Rebecca Strickson for the beautiful artwork.

We hope to see you at Loop in person or online! Happy crafting.

x x Susan and all of us at Loop

Ironna Happa

Ironna Happa’s beautiful hand-stitched brooches at Loop London

Speaking of supporting independent designers and makers from all around the world, we are so delighted to have lovely creations from Ironna Happa back in the shop after a two-year hiatus! Based in Japan and using Oehlenschlager Cotton Threads from Denmark, these hand-stitched brooches truly embody the global community of crafters we want to support. Each gorgeous item is hand-stitched on linen with a pin backing. The Pear Brooch and Flower Bird Brooch currently at Loop are just to die for and would make a great addition to any décolletage or even a hat.

New Selvedge Magazine – High Summer

Have you ever seen a more joyful image? Surrender to summer with this new beautiful issue of Selvedge magazine.

Selvedge 107 celebrates linen, the undisputed queen of the warmer months, and looks at what the fibre has meant culturally throughout history. Come explore this ancient sustainable fibre with textile makers, artists, and agrarians for inspiration on how to bring its beauty into your own life. This issue of Selvedge also includes a closer look at Caroline McQuarrie’s new art collection entitled ‘The New Sun’ and at sun worship among Mexican and Indian communities, plus much more. Don’t leave home without it!

New Wee Dogs + Beds 

Lesley McCormick’s Wee Dogs and Wire Beds at Loop London

Lesley McCormick’s sweet creations from Northern Ireland are among our very favourite little bundles of joy. We are so so happy to have more oh so cute Wee Dogs in the shop as well as Lesley’s Handmade Beds with so many wonderful little details. She really crafts each of her beautiful items with such care and they are just a sight to behold with all their darling little details.

Brooklyn Tweed – Nature’s Palette Shelter

Brooklyn Tweed Shelter – Nature’s Palette at Loop London

Brooklyn Tweed’s Shelter has long been a staple here at Loop. Easily handling everything from textured stitch motifs to open work to plain old stockinette and garter stitches, you really can’t go wrong with this soft, worsted-weight yarn. That’s why we’re so happy to welcome a whole new palette of Shelter to the shop. Nature’s Palette Shelter includes 12 solid hues inspired by nature have arrived to energise and complement our existing range with vibrant brights, delicate pastels, and pure neutrals. We just love this range and we know you will too.

See you in the shop!

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