Anne Kelly Brings a Folk Fable to Loop

Anne Kelly Brings a Folk Fable to Loop

Fans of lore and tradition and Anne Kelly take note: one of our favourite artists and crafters is coming to Loop with a totally unique class and kit designed just for us.

We have long been fans of Anne Kelly’s incredible textiles and books. She has even visited the shop for a few workshops. Now we have a very special collaboration with this brilliant woman: A whole new Americana design based on some of Susan’s favourite cushions that are in her home, full of stitched flora and fauna to inspire the imagination.

The Americana cushions at Susan’s house upon which Anne Kelly based her design. We were inspired by how evocative and beautifully stitched these are.

The Folk Fable Kit (which is on preorder now, shipping in June) includes all you’ll need to create a beautiful stitched scene, and in a one-day Stitching the Folk Fable Class (which includes the kit, so no need to order separately) Anne will even show you how to stitch and embellish your design with embroidery.

The printed template upon which you’ll create stitching magic

The Folk Fable Kit includes a high-quality printed linen template of approximately 10.5 by 11 inches, 11 spools of Finca Perle cotton threads, a printed booklet of the embroidery stitches used in the pattern, and a special Loop cotton project bag designed just for this kit.

Finca Perle Threads are among the finest embroidery threads on the market.

The class includes the kit as well as hands-on instruction from Anne Kelly herself and a wonderful creative afternoon at Loop. We are so excited to get together and get crafty!

Smilga Shawl Kit Preorder

The Smilga Shawl by Inese Sang

Another incredible kit available for preorder is the Smilga Shawl Kit by Inese Sang. We love this tactile and colourful shawl using mYak Baby Yak Lace, an incredible yarn using baby yak down from Tibet spun in the finest mills in Italy. If you haven’t worked with mYak yarns before this shawl, which includes fully written as well as fully charted instructions, is a perfect opportunity to try it out. We love mYak so much we made a video about the incredible creators behind it. The Smilga shawl is a triangular shawl that begins with a garter tab cast on and increases evenly along the edges and the central spine. Cables and diamond-shaped sections filled with colourful bobbles worked using the intarsia technique make for plenty of technical interest for the knitter and visual interest for all who behold this wonderful piece. The kit includes a total of seven skeins of mYak Baby Yak Lace as well as a Loop cotton project bag. The pattern can be purchased from Inese’s Ravelry page.

New Wee Bears

Wee Dogs, Bunnies, Bears, and Kittens are sweet furry figurines to bring out the child in all of us.

New Wee Dogs, Bunnies, Bears, and Kittens have pranced into the shop and this batch of cuties is winning our hearts! Lesley McCormick’s magical creations always find a way to weasel themselves in, and the latest arrivals are no exception. Each one is lovingly crafted using specially selected mohair fibres and given a special name by Leslie before making their merry way to our shop and then into your hearts and homes. Bring home yours today!

More 52 Weeks of Socks Volume II en Route!

Our first delivery of 52 Weeks of Socks Volume II flew right off the shelves! But fear not, there are more on the way. Those who didn’t get in on the first round can now preorder a copy from our next shipment, which should be arriving within the next couple of weeks. We’re so glad you’re as excited about this book as we are!

Lovely Yarns Arriving

There’s more La Bien Aimée loveliness at Loop!

Our big restock of La Bien Aimée ahead of our 29 April Trunk Show with Aimeé Gille has started to arrive and my oh my is it glorious! If you’ve had your eye on any of the patterns in Neons & Neutrals you can start stocking up now! We’ve also had deliveries of Zauberball Sock Yarn and (Vi)Laines yarns. So many gorgeous options to choose from! 

A Bit Quiet on Instagram

You may have noticed we haven’t posted on our Instagram page for a wee while. Nothing to fret about, just a slight technical difficulty on our end that the lovely people at IG are working to get sorted. We should be back online soon, but in the meantime you can always find the Loop inspo you love here on the blog, in our newsletter (you can subscribe in the right hand column above), and on the website!

Easter Hours

We’ll be open on Good Friday (7 April) and Saturday 8 April but closed on Easter Sunday (9 April). As usual, the shop will be closed on Monday and Tuesday. Hope to see you this weekend or next time you’re in town!

Have a happy weekend!

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  1. Best wishes to you and all the Loopettes! Thank you so much for this post’s introduction to the incredible designs of Inese Sang. What an artist she is!
    I am still hoping to get back to London…meanwhile it’s grand to be able to see these wonderful posts.
    Frances xo

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